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(TL: you can google pengci for more details, but it's basically someone faking injury to get money)

The next day, Xiaoyun Mu got up early. Perhaps because Shi Lin smashed the TV and other electrical appliances last night, she felt sorry and got up a bit earlier on purpose, hoping to behave well.

"Mother-in-law, why did you get up so early?" Qingfeng Li found Xiaoyun Mu being busy cleaning the living room when he got up.

"Qingfeng, I just want to tidy up the living room." Xiaoyun Mu felt a little embarrassed. She had cleaned up everything that was broken last night. The glass fragments in the living room, such as broken TV, tea cups and so on, were very likely to injure feet.

Once she finished cleaning, Xiaoyun Mu washed her hands and went into kitchen to prepare breakfast.

At first Qingfeng Li wanted to do it himself so as to let her have a rest. But his mother-in-law disagreed and insisted on cooking, asking Qingfeng Li to get some sleep again.

Xiaoyun Mu was a good mother-in-law in fact. Every time she came to Qingfeng Li's place, she always cooked for them, unlike some mothers-in-law who took themselves as Queens and waited to be served at their sons-in-law's homes.

Could Qingfeng Li fall asleep? Of course not, he was also too embarrassed to go to sleep since his mother-in-law was cooking.

Qingfeng Li went into kitchen to help his mother-in-law with washing and cutting vegetables. Compared with one person, obviously two did cooking more quickly. Before long, they had prepared four dishes and two soups, which seemed a bit more than usual, because there were more people.

When breakfast was ready, Xue Lin had gotten up, and so had Hai Lin who slept on the couch in the living room. So everyone except for Shi Lin.

In fact, Shi Lin woke up long ago, but was too embarrassed to come out. After all, it was him who was so drunk that he smashed lots of things at his son-in-law's place. He felt himself look terrible when he sobered up.

Xiaoyun Mu knew what Shi Lin was thinking about, so she went into his room and asked him to have breakfast. But Shi Lin refused hard, no one could get him to come out unless they were kidnapping him.

Qingfeng Li and other people had to have breakfast first and left Shi Lin alone in his room. Shi Lin was lured by the good smell of the dishes from the living room, but still felt embarrassed and did not want to get out of the room to face his son-in-law.

After breakfast, Hai Lin went to school while Qingfeng Li was going to buy some electrical appliances with Xue Lin.

Shi Lin did not get out of his room until Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin left the villa. He asked, "Honey, have little Xue and son-in-law left?"

Xiaoyun Mu complained, "They've all gone, now you know the harm of drinking? How many times I've told you not to drink? You just don't listen to me. Look at what you have done to our son-in-law's house?"

Shi Lin gave an embarrassed smile, and said, "Let's go as well."

Xiaoyun Mu did not want to go in fact, but Shi Lin urged her to leave soon because he was afraid of facing his son-in-law and regarded last night as the most shameful day in his life.

Fortunately, Qingfeng Li was not narrow-minded and did not argue with Shi Lin. If it were someone else who dared to smash the things in his house, Qingfeng Li would teach him how to behave well by beating him right away.

Xue Lin went to to the garage and drove out the BMW. She had Qingfeng Li sit in the passenger seat, then took him to the electrical appliances wholesale mall.

Located at the crossing of the railway station and the bus station, the sixty-year-old mall was the largest electrical appliances wholesale mall. There were all kinds of electrical appliances in the mall, and you could find anything you wanted.

Wherever you were, railway station were always the most chaotic place around the country. There were commonly seen Pengci (fake-traffic-accident-fraud), theft and robbery, as well as prostitutes in hair salons and the ones handing out leaflets. In a word, this place was the paradise of bad guys.

Suddenly, a middle-aged woman ran out of the other side of the road and directly fell down in front of Xue Lin's car when she had just droven close to the railway station.

"Ouch, it's killing me. You're bad at driving. You've hit me." The middle-aged woman cried while covering her knees with her hands.

The voice of the middle-aged woman was so loud that the people around the railway station all gathered here, and some people even surrounded Xue Lin's car and did not let her go, asking her to come out of the car and compensate the victim.

"Honey, I've hit a person, what shall I do?" said Xue Lin, whose charming face paled.

Looking at the crowd outside, Qingfeng Li said, "Let's get off and check it out."

When they got out of their car, the middle-aged woman cried more loudly because she found out that Xue Lin was a wealthy person who wore luxury brand clothes and drove a BMW. Aha, getting a good target to rip off today, she felt very happy.

"Ma'am, are you all right?" Xue Lin was very kind-hearted, so she approached her and asked with concern when she saw the middle-aged woman crying miserably on the ground.

"Aha, this woman, beautiful though, seemed very easy to fool, she got hooked already." The middle-aged woman was so delighted that she almost wanted to laugh loudly. But since she intended to blackmail Xue Lin, she had to hide her laughter and put on a painful expression.

"Young lady, your car hit me and broke off my leg. How unlucky I am today! I just went out to buy groceries for my husband, but was hit by you." The middle-aged woman said, and kept crying miserably.

Xue Li paled and felt a little shamed. She thought she drove well, and she had no idea how she hit the woman.

The people around saw the woman crying so miserably that they started to comment.

"This beauty, you're pretty indeed, but you've hit someone. Hurry and compensate her."

"Yeah, haven't you seen how miserable the woman is?"

"Exactly, exactly, hurry to pay her and let her go see doctors. It'd be terrible if her broken off bones causes internal bleeding."

The crowd around were all blaming Xue Li and asking her to compensate the victim.

Xue Lin frowned and said slightly: "Ma'am, how much do you need? I can pay you."

The fish got hooked, and the middle-aged woman felt extremely happy. She said, "You've hit and broken my leg, resulting in arterial bleeding. I don't need much, just pay me one million."

One million?

Xue Lin frowned. She thought she could pay several hundred Yuan to solve the issue, but the middle-aged ma'am ahead her, beyond her expectation, claimed for one million, which was a bit more.

"Beautiful young lady, do you refuse to compensate me? You hit and broke off my leg. How can you be so cruel to refuse to pay me?" The middle-aged woman cried more loudly and complained to Xue Lin.

At the sight of the crying middle-aged woman, the crowd became angrier and asked Xue Lin to compensate the woman.

Obviously, it was the first time that Xue Lin had encountered such a situation, which was completely different from doing business. Those people were not only rude but also troublesome.

What's the f*ck, how dare you blackmail my wife and extort her to pay money. Qingfeng Li got angry with a trace of cold light flashing in his eyes. Xue Lin was pure in mind, so she had no idea about the mess around the railway station or the dark side of people's hearts. But Qingfeng Li knew very well, and the middle-aged woman was exactly the professional to do pengci, who cheated and blackmailed innocent persons.

"Hey, ma'am, you said your leg was broken off with arterial bleeding. But where's the blood? How can I not see it?" Qingfeng Li sarcastically said with a cold smile.

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