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Seeing Xue Lin's pale face, Qingfeng Li didn't know what to say. Who said I killed my father-in-law? You can eat whatever but shouldn't say whatever.

"I heard mom said you killed my dad?" Xue Lin pointed at Xiaoyun Mu with her face still looking pale.

Xiaoyun Mu looked as pale as her daughter. She said with a shaking voice, "Qingfeng, it's his fault smashing your belongings but you shouldn't have killed him."

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes, "Mom, I did not kill him. He had just fainted."

"Fainted? Don't lie to me." Xiaoyun Mu looked suspicious. She didn't quite believe what she has heard.

"Of course I wasn't lying. I can wake him up if you don't trust me." In order for everyone to believe him, Qingfeng Li found a basin and filled it with water. He poured all the water in it onto his father-in-law to everyone's astonishment.


His father-in-law was suddenly awakened by the cold water all over him. He struggled to stand up. You have to admit, cold water was the best way to awaken the drunk. He was already half sober.

"Dad, you are alive?" Seeing Shi Lin waking up, Hai Lin asked in surprise.


Shi Lin slapped the back of Hai Lin's head and yelled, "Your dad is breathing perfectly, how dare you curse me to die!"

Hai Lin looked bitter seeing Shi Lin all full of energy again. I was worried about you because you looked pretty dead just now.

Shi Lin woke up and everyone was relieved. Xiaoyun Mu and Xue Lin knew that they wronged Qingfeng Li so they looked at him with a sorry look.

Qingfeng Li didn't care much about being wronged by his mother in law. However, Shi Lin wasn't very happy about being poured on a bucket of cold water out of nowhere.

"Son, why the hell did you pour cold water on me?" Shi Lin looked at Qingfeng Li from an angle. He felt even more angry seeing the empty bucket in his hand.

Qingfeng Li did feel sorry for Shi Lin. There was an obvious bump on Shi Lin's forehead from his punch and his clothes are soaked with cold water in this cold weather.

"Dad, you were too drunk so I was helping you getting sober."Qingfeng Li explained.

Shi Lin frowned and wanted to be mad at him but Xiaoyun Mu stopped him, "That's enough, look around the living room, you smashed the TV, the cups and the table. I'm pretty sure you would've set the house on fire if it weren't for Qingfeng."

Hearing this, Shi Lin turned towards the living room and realized there was indeed a mess. Almost everything has been broken.

Shi Lin knew that he tended to go berserk when he got drunk and apparently that was what just happened. He felt embarrassed doing this at his son in law's house and broke everything in their living room. Shi Lin felt so embarrassed that he wanted to find a gap on the floor and hide in there.

However embarrassed he was, Shi Lin would never apologize to his son in law. He knew it was all his fault but it was just too embarrassing to say sorry.

Xiaoyun Mu saw right through him and said, "You are soaked in cold water. Why don't you go get changed and get the rest so you won't get sick?"

"Ah..Ah..Son, I'll go get changed and get to bed then." Shi Lin smiled at Qingfeng Li and left in a rush.

"Qingfeng, I will pay you back the amount of money the damage costs." Xiaoyun Mu said after Shi Lin had left.

Qingfeng Li shook his head and said, "Mom, don't worry about it. We are a family so how could I ask for money from you. I can get some new ones tomorrow."

Of course, he couldn't ask his mother in law to pay him back. He had to take care of it himself because it would be bad for his reputation if people found out.

"Qingfeng, I'm going to go take care of your father-in-law. Have a good rest yourself." Xiaoyun Mu smiled and left in embarrassment as well.

Xun Lin looked around the living room and was upset about her beloved TV and teacup being smashed.

If it were anyone else, Xue Lin would've slapped them in the face. But there was nothing she coukd do now that it was her dad.

"Honey, don't be mad. I'll go shopping with you for a new TV and tea cup set." Qingfeng held her hand and said.

Xue Lin nodded. There was nothing she could say but to agree.

Due to the huge drama Shi Lin created just now, Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin were both feeling a little awkward after coming back upstairs and forgot about the excitement they were having.

Xue Lin lied in bed with Qingfeng Li holding her. He didn't take advantage of her since he knew that she wasn't in a good mood.

They both fell asleep without realizing.

In an everglade area in the Tiger continent forest.

The Gator king didn't kill a gator this time. Instead, he was standing on the back of a gator and commanding it to move forward.

To everyone's surprise, he was commanding a gator! Since gators were very ferocious animals, it was much easier to kill one then to control one.

No, not even control, he had obviously tamed this gator.

The Gator King's blue eyes shined with sharp rays of light. He looked undefeatable standing on the back of the gator.

He commanded the gator to walk around in the everglade and come back to the bank.

A young man walked to him as soon as he reached the bank.

"Gator King, King of Assassins Bach has been killed by the Wolf King." The young man said in a deep tone.

"Trash, how can he call himself the King of Assassins of the Tiger continent when he couldn't even take down the Wolf King." The Gator King sneered and scorned.

The man in black twitched his lips a little and said with his head down, "Master, there is another piece of news besides the death of Bach. The Wolf King has issued a challenge in the under world and claimed that he wants to challenge you in the dark world arena in three days."

Challenge me?

The Gator King was stupefied and then sneered, "What a fool. A king of the Wolf Continent wants to challenge me, an older generation king from over ten years ago."

"Gator King, the challenge has been issued. Should we accept it?"

"Of course we will. Go to the arena of Tiger Continent and make an announcement: Me, the Gator King will take the Wolf King's head down myself in three days."

"Yes, Gator King."The man in black bowed politely and left.

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