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"Come on honey, get under the covers." Qingfeng Li got under the cover and said with clear excitement in his voice and his eyes.

The color of the duvet in the room was white velvet just like Xue Lin's silky pretty skin.

Xue Lin's long eyelashes jumped up and down. She was still reluctant to get under the same cover as Qingfeng Li but he grasped her arm and pulled her into bed while she screamed.

The velvet duvet was very large and comfortable and it was the perfect size for two people.

Qingfeng Li held Xue Lin's body up against his. They were so close that they can hear each other's breath and heartbeat.

Bang, bang, bang…

Xue Lin's heartbeat kept speeding up while her face was showing an obvious blushing like a ripped persimmon. She tightened up her body in scare.

"Don't you worry little red riding hood, the big bad wolf will be nice to you."Qingfeng Li smirked and reached out his wolf claw, grabbing Xue Lin's bum.

The seductive smell the Xue Lin emitted got Qingfeng Li very comfortable and dizzy.

"Big bad wolf, don't bully little red riding hood." Xue Lin whispered in a tiny voice. Qingfeng Li would have missed it if he wasn't listening carefully.

"Don't you worry. The big bad wolf won't bully the little red riding hood." That being said, Qingfeng Li's hands went all over Xue Lin sneakily.

Poor Xue Lin had been taken advantage completely ever since she got into bed with Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li was very happy about this. He wouldn't let the opportunity of taking advantage of Xue Lin slip away. And her face was as red as the sunset now.


Just when Qingfeng Li was having a great time bullying Xue Lin, they were shocked by a huge sound from downstairs.

Sh*t, earthquake?

Qingfeng Li wasn't very happy about it and cursed. No one would have been happy about being interrupted with a huge sound like that.

Xue Lin was also startled by the sound and it made her look pale.

"Honey, stay here and I'll go take a look downstairs and see which dumbass smashed things." Qingfeng Li got dressed up and walked downstairs in anger.

Qingfeng Li was going to teach the person a lesson but he was startled by what he saw downstairs. His father-in-law was smashing the TV and that was where the sound came from

Qingfeng Li was just cursing the dumbass who smashed thing and now he found out it was his father-in-law. I shouldn't have cursed. How could I curse my own father-in-law?

However, Shi Lin did look abnormal at the time. He kept screaming and smashing the TV, then the remote control, then the teacups, vase…it was a mess on the floor already.

Xiaoyun Mu and Hai Lin were too frightened to stop him seeing how crazy Shi Lin was going at everything.

"Mom, what is going on? Did he get kicked in the head by a donkey or is this an epilepsy we didn't know about?

Kicked by donkey? Epilepsy?

Xiaoyun Mu didn't know how to react to Qingfeng Li's remark. Yes, it is your father-in-law's fault. But how can you talk about him like that?

"Brother-in-law you are so brave to say dad 's head got kicked by a donkey." Hai Lin said with full admiration and worship in his eyes.

He is very scared of her dad so right now, he was very glad seeing dad's authority getting challenged.

"Qingfeng, he is your father-in-law. He is just drunk. Not that he got kicked or some epilepsy." Xiaoyun Mu looked at him and said with an unpleasant tone.

Hearing the unpleasantness in her tone, Qingfeng Li smiled in embarrassment.

Qingfeng knew he made an inappropriate remark just now, but he was pissed off by the fact that he was interrupted by the smashing right in the middle of bullying Xue Lin. And that set him off and made the remark.

"Mom, you heard me wrong. I didn't say he got his head kicked by a donkey. What I meant is he is such a great dancer. Look at the smooth moves and the agile steps. He must have smashed the TV by accident." Qingfeng Li glimpsed at Shi Lin bluntly and said.

The thing is, everything in this house was very pricey. Xue Lin spent a lot of money on them and have had them for a long time. Now everything was ruined by him.

If Shi Lin weren't his father-in-law, Qingfeng Li must have gone up and kicked his ass a long time ago. Bullsh*t, you think you can break everything we have just because you are my father-in-law?

Shi Lin ran out of things to break in the living room, he took out a wooden stick from behind the door and smashed it towards Hai Lin.

"Brother-in-law, help. Dad is going to hit me." Hai Lin cried for help towards Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li now learned that his father-in-law just couldn't take much alcohol since he becomes a complete asshole after a few glasses.

He promised himself to never drink with Shi Lin again because he was such a horrible drunk.

Shi Lin was running after Hai Lin around the room and Hai Lin has already gotten hit quite a few times since he was a slow runner. He looked very pathetic running around with several bruises on his face.

Qingfeng Li knew that this had to stop before Hai Lin got terribly injured. This is my own house after all and this shouldn't happen in here. It would be a giant joke.


Qingfeng Li went straight up to Shi Lin and caught the stick right before it landed on Hai Lin.

Shi Lin was drunk but he didn't lose his conscious. Seeing his stick grabbed, he turned and hit it towards Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li was aware that he is the father-in-law. But he wouldn't let Shi Lin hit himself. Therefore, he reached out his right hand and slapped it onto the back of Shi Lin's head.


Shi Lin rolled his eyes and fainted onto the floor.

"Brother-in-law, did you kill my dad?" Hai Lin shouted seeing Shi Lin fainted.

Xiaoyun Mu ran over in a hurry and said, "Qingfeng, your father-in-law was just drunk. But there is no need to kill him even if he smashed everything you own."

Xue Lin came downstairs after hearing the loud noise. She heard her mom saying Qingfeng killed her father right when she stepped into the room.

She wasn't close to her dad but he was her dad after all. The family bond cannot be weakened. She almost fainted when she heard that her husband killed her dad.

"Dear, you actually killed my dad?" Xue Lin asked with a completely pale face.

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