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Chapter 637: Going to Hospital With Ruyan Liu

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The next day, Qingfeng woke up and prepared breakfast. Then, he left the mansion with Xue Lin after eating breakfast.

When went to get the car, Qingfeng's phone rang. It was Ruyan Liu. She wanted him to accompany her to the hospital.

Qingfeng naturally could not say no since Ruyan Liu was pregnant with his baby. He could only tell Xue Lin that he had some matters today so he could not make it to work.

After Xue Lin and Ziyi Miao left for work, Qingfeng headed towards Ruyan Liu's mansion.

Ruyan Liu wore loose white clothing today. Her stomach was already very big and one could make out that she was pregnant.

Alice stood next to Ruyan Liu and accompanied her. Alice and Ruyan Liu had a good relationship. She already know that the baby belonged to Qingfeng. This made her very upset. However, her sadness lessened when the thought that she was also Wolf King's woman. She could also have a baby with him in the future.

"Ruyan, do you feel sick today?" Qingfeng asked as he walked to Ruyan Liu's side.

Ruyan Liu nodded and said, "Yeah, my belly doesn't feel comfortable. I wanted to do a check-up at the hospital. Since Jiaojiao Liu needs to go to work, I asked you to accompany me."

Qingfeng nodded in understanding. His eyes were filled with concern. He drove the Ruyan Liu's Maserati while Ruyan Liu sat next to him and Alice sat at the back. Then, they headed towards Number One people's hospital.

Ruyan Liu went to Number One People's Hospital for her check-ups as the hospital's genecology Department was very well-known.

The results of the medical exam said that Ruyan Liu felt sick because malnourished and had congenital heart disease.

Congenital heart disease?

Qingfeng was stunned. He finally recalled that Ruyan Liu had congenital heart disease when she was young. Her health was weak and she got a cold easily.

The problem was that congenital heart disease could be passed through generations. Qingfeng decided to use acupuncture to treat Ruyan Liu to prevent her baby from inheriting the disease.

The hospital also used an ultrasound to look at the baby. These were all things that required medical instruments; the naked eye would be unable to see the baby.

From the ultrasound, Qingfeng could tell that Ruyan Liu's baby was healthy. This made him slightly less worried. It was good that the baby was healthy.

"Ruyan, I will treat your congenital heart disease with acupuncture when we get back," Qingfeng said with a smile.

Ruyan Liu nodded. She was confident in Qingfeng's medical skills. 

The three of them left the hospital and headed towards the mansion.

"Boss, there is someone following us," Alice said as she looked at the rear mirror.

As the Intel Queen of Wolf Fang Clan, Alice was excellent in collecting intel. She quickly discovered that they were followed by a car.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows and looked towards the direction that Alice was pointing at. Alice was right, there was a car following them.

"Another person who wants to kill me?" Qingfeng said as his eyes flashed coldly.

He wondered if he was too kind or not vicious enough these days. Did these people forget that he was the Wolf King of Wolf continent?

Qingfeng glanced at Ruyan Liu and decided to head back home first. Ruyan Liu was pregnant and should not be frightened. He could kill the person following them anytime but It would be bad if Ruyan Liu was startled.

30 minutes later, they arrived at the mansion. The car which followed them also stopped in front of

the mansion. However, the person within the car did not get off the car. It was quite far away so Qingfeng could not make out the people within the car.

Qingfeng decided not to deal with them at this time. He chose to accompany Ruyan Liu home first.

When they arrived at home, Qingfeng poured her a cup of water and told her to take a rest.

"Ruyan, let me perform acupuncture for you," Qingfeng said. He wanted to treat Ruyan Liu's congenital heart disease soon so that Ruyan Liu would be safe when she gave birth.

Qingfeng asked Alice to stay in the first floor of the mansion. He then led Ruyan Liu to the second floor of the mansion.

In the bedroom, Ruyan Liu's charming face blushed heavily. Why? It was because she had to take off her clothes for the acupuncture. She felt slightly uneasy.

Even though Ruyan Liu had given her body to Qingfeng, but Alice was downstairs. She was still shy since there were outsiders around.

"Hehe, what are you shy about? I've seen everything already?" Qingfeng teased which caused Ruyan Liu to blush even more.

"Alice is downstairs. Don't do anything." Ruyan Liu has not have sex with Qingfeng for a long time. She was not afraid of Qingfeng, rather, she was afraid of Alice.

"Don't worry, I am here to treat you. I won't do anything," Qingfeng said with a smile.

Qingfeng asked Ruyan Liu to remove her clothes. Then, he took out nine silver needles and pierced the needles into nine pressure points. These pressure points could stimulate the blood in the heart and stimulate the heart's strength.

To fully cure Ruyan Liu, Qingfeng used his internal energys. His internal energys flowed through the needles into Ruyan Liu's body and fully cured her illness.

30 minutes later, Qingfeng finally used his strong medical skill to cure Ruyan Liu. Of course, he also sacrificed large amounts of physical energy. His face was pale filled with sweat.

But Qingfeng's breathing quickened when he saw Ruyan Liu's nude body. His eyes became bloodshot. Ruyan Liu was too beautiful. Her face was charming and her skin was silky white like pure jade. The was not a single flaw on her body.

Qingfeng looked like a wolf who was ready to pounce on Ruyan Liu.

"Alice is still downstairs, you said you won't do anything," Ruyan Liu resisted. Her face became flushed.

"It's okay. if we are quiet, she won't hear anything."

"NO, the baby…"

"it's okay. I will be gentle," Qingfeng said. Then, he ignored Ruyan Liu's pleas and had sex with her.

Even though Ruyan Liu wanted to resist him, she was not as strong as him. Furthermore, she did not really oppose his actions; she was only shy.

Alice was drinking tea when she heard a soft moan.

As a woman, she naturally knew what the moan meant. Her face flushed and she said in a low voice, "Wow, boss was supposed to treat her illness but they are having sex now."

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