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Chapter 633
Chapter 633: All Four of You, Just Come at Me Together

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"I called the four champions of Heroes List weaklings. And you don’t agree?" Qingfeng li gave the middle-aged man a cold glance The strength presence emitted from him was awe-inspiring.

The complainer was only an ordinary man. His face paled and his body trembled with fear when he sensed the power in Qingfeng Li. He lowered his head and kept silent.

"King Kong, Black Panther, let’s go in." Ignoring the middle-aged man, Qingfeng Li walked into the battle arena.

"Welcome, Grand Daddy Li." The two guards recognized Qingfeng Li as the man who conquered all the top fighters at Eastern Sea battle arena.

Qingfeng Li nodded at them and strode in.

The huge arena was filled with noisy crowds. Some were residents of Eastern Sea City, some came from other cities including super cities such as Tianjing and Jing Capital.

"Who do you think will win in the challenge?"

"Needless to say, the winner will be Yang Guan from Tianjing battle arena. His skills with his long knife are undefeatable."

"I don’t think so. Zhuiming Ye from Jing Capital battle arena is very good. His Wing Chun has reached a master level."

"Don’t forget Fenghuang Wu from Xijing city. Her techniques with Taibai Sword technique are masterful."

"You are right. Besides, Guiying Wu can defeat her opponent with one

move of her Eight-diagram Fist."

The audience were all talking about the four champions from the four battle arenas.

Guiying Wu had been the champion of Easter Sea battle arena and got a tie in the battle with Hell King. Then she went to Xijing to challenge Fenghuang Wu. If she had been in Eastern Sea City, she would have fought with Qingfeng Li.

The four champions sat in the four corners of the arena. Some of them had fought with each other in secret. For example, Guiying Wu had started a fight with Fenghuang Wu and tied.

Actually the four champions had almost the same level of power.

When the rumor came out claiming that Qingfeng Li was the real Champion of the Heroes List, they certainly wanted to challenge him and prove themselves.

 Qingfeng Li heard of the talks when he walked into the arena and caught the names of the four champions.

Heroes List were an honor among ordinary people. But for the challenge issued to him by the four champions, he would not have come. After all, he had entered the world of Ancient Martial arts, way beyond the realm of ordinary people.

"Sky Wolf! Here comes Sky Wolf!" Someone recognized Qingfeng Li and yelled.

He was call Sky Wolf at the Eastern Sea battle arena, meaning wolf from the sky. It was a perfect match with

with his other name Wolf King.

Seeing Qingfeng’s arrival, the four champions all looked toward Qingfeng Li. The closest was a pretty woman in her twenties. She had wheat-colored skin and pearl-like shining eyes.

Qingfeng Li was a bit surprised when he saw the woman. He had seen her punch some thugs who tried to hit on her.

The pretty woman recognized Qingfeng Li. She had not expected the man she met a couple nights ago was Sky Wolf.

"You are Sky Wolf?" The pretty woman stood up, her intention of fighting obvious.

"Who are you?" Qingfeng Li smiled slightly. He could feel a strong fighting air which signaled a level of SSS peak, equivalent of a master level.

It would have taken him a good while to defeat the woman if he had not gained his strength as an Ancient Martialist. With his current power, he could beat her with one punch.

"My name is Guiying Wu. I am here to challenge you." She walked forward, ready for combat.

"Guiying, I am here to challenge Sky Wolf, too. I’d like to see if he could live up his reputation." A cool voice said.

The owner of the voice was a woman of the same age of Guiying Wu. She had an oval face, arched eyebrows, cherry-red lips and a curvy figure. With a sword in hand, she was emitting a strong

a strong sword qi.

"Fenghuang Wu, I was once the champion of Eastern Sea battle arena. The win is mine." Guiying Wu told the other woman.

Fenghuang Wu was about to reply when another voice called, "I am Yang Guan of Tianjing. Please allow me to challenge Qingfeng Li."

It was a young man of 20 plus years. He could not be called handsome, with beard on his rugged cheeks. He looked older than he was.

The long blade in Yang Guan’s hand looked nice, kind of looked like Lord Guan’s Green Dragon Crescent Blade with a weight of at least several hundreds pounds. But Yang Guan didn’t seem to feel the weight at all.

"You are wrong, Yang Guan. I, Zhuiming Ye, am the champion of Jing Capital battle arena. It should be me to challenge Qingfeng Li." An aggressive voice sounded.

The young man was a median size. With a strong face, high nose, he looked much more handsome than Yang Guan. His name was Zhuiming Ye.

The audience were filled with amazement when the four champions fought the chance to challenge Qingfeng Li. How unfortunate Qingfeng Li was to be challenged by these four champions. He was dead meat today.

Qingfeng Li was amused to see the four champions arguing among themselves. He had seen that they were all at the level of SSS peak, masters among the billions of the billions of ordinary people.

If they had challenged someone other than Qingfeng Li, they would definitely win. But to challenge Qingfeng Li? They must have been kicked on the head by a donkey.

 "Did you consult with me when you decided to challenge me?" Qingfeng Li asked with a small smile.

Consult with you?

The four champions were stupefied. No, they had not asked Qingfeng Li’s permission when they decided to challenge him. But that was not important.

"My time is precious and I don’t want to spend too much of it on this. All four of you can fight with me together." With hands behind his back, Qingfeng Li said proudly.

He was telling the truth while with the four champions it was irony and naked contempt.

As famous champions on the four battle arenas of the Heroes List, they had defeated countless opponents. And now a young man told them that he would fight them all together. For them, it was definitely a contemptuous insult.

"Sky Wolf, you are too arrogant. I alone can deal with you. It’s no way that you can fight four of us." Yang Guan, the fierce one, spoke for them with fury in his voice.

"You are four weaklings. I give you the last chance. To save my time, four of you can fight me together." Qingfeng Li said impatiently, a cold smile on his face.

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