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Chapter 632
Chapter 632: Challenging Qingfeng Li

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As a retaliation of her raping him, Qingfeng Li took Mengyao Xu ten times. Their bed sport lasted the whole morning. Their movements were so violent that they left a big crack in the bed.

The battle didn't finish until Mengyao Xu's phone rang in the noon. It was from the police station checking on her as she was late for work.

Mengyao Xu dropped onto the floor when she tried to get up. Their bed sport left her listless and bruised everywhere. It took her several times to stand up.

When she saw the big crack in the bed, Mengyao Xu rolled her eyes.

Qingfeng Li was a beast in bed. It was fortunate that Mengyao Xu had practiced martial arts before and was physically fit, otherwise she would have died during their bed sports.

"Animal." Giving Qingfeng Li a hard look, Mengyao Xu got dressed and walked out of the room with a limp. Every step was a torture.

Qingfeng Li felt wronged. I am the animal? It was you who started it. It was typical of women to act so contradictory. They were like fire when they are enjoying the pleasure in bed and cold when it waws over.

On the other hand, Qingfeng Li was aware that he had been too fierce

in bed with Mengyao Xu. If the hotel manager saw the big crack in the bed, he would be shocked.

Umm, am I reaching the breakthrough point to the next level?

All of a sudden, the strength inside him was expanding continuously, signaling a breakthrough.

He sat down on the bed cross-legged and chanted silently the words from the True Martial Emperor Technique. These words guided him through the second level of muscle exercise. He followed its practice of breathing and absorbed the special vital qi into his muscles.

Beginning stage of Lower Heaven focused on the exercise of skin while the mid-stage concentrated on muscle practice which would increase his muscular strength. Qingfeng Li's muscles were gaining power through breathing in the vital qi in the air.

His muscles had been red with slight traces of black which were the impurities and wastes. Qingfeng Li repelled the impurities and wastes out of his body with this special breathing method.

In the process, his muscles began to turn blue from red while his strength increased.

Eventually, Qingfeng Li's muscles had all turned into blue. Each of them was breathing in the energy from the vital qi.

The breathing exercise lasted three hours, three times more than when he exercised his skin. It showed the incremental difficulty of the Ancient Martial Technique practice.

Three hours passed.

passed. Qingfeng Li stopped the exercise and opened his eyes. His muscles were bursting with energy.

He gave a punch. The air exploded into three holes, signaling 3,000 pounds of strength.

With the completion of the muscle exercise, Qingfeng Li had reached the mid-stage of Higher Heaven.

Looking back, Qingfeng Li concluded that there were two reasons for his quick breakthrough. One was the battle with Guinsoo last night when he absorbed the latter's chilling qi and turned it into his strength. The other one was the virginity of Mengyao Xu. It complemented his yang qi by giving him vial ying qi. Both incidents accelerated the breakthrough.

Qingfeng Li stood up, feeling refreshed and wonderful. He was confident that before long he wound reach Higher Heaven Realm as long as he kept exercising. When he reached that realm, the first thing on his to-do list was to kill Hell King and destroy Ghost King Palace.


His pleasant musings were interrupted by the phone ring. He took his phone out and saw it was from King Kong.

"King Kong, what's the matter?" Qingfeng answered the phone.

"Grand Daddy Li. Four champions on the Heroes List have issued a challenge for you."

"Challenge me? What do you mean?"

"In Huaxia, there are four battle arenas for the Heroes List. They situate in Tianjing City, Jing Capital City, Xijing

City, Xijing City and Western Sea City. Since you defeated Hell King and became the champion of the battle arena of Eastern Sea City, they all want to challenge you."

"There are four champions in the four battle arenas. Why don't they challenge each other?"

"There has been a rumor circulating that you are the real champion on the Heroes List and others don't count. That's why they all came to challenge you in Eastern Sea City."

Qingfeng Li smiled coldly. Obviously it was someone's strategy to attract other martial players to beat him by circulating the rumor that he was the real champion of the Heroes List.

Heroes List?

They were lists for the ordinary people. Qingfeng Li had conquered the battle arenas even before he became an Ancient Martialist. It would be a piece of cake to deal with these fighters now that he was a skillful Ancient Martialist.

However, Qingfeng Li still had to answer the challenge, or people would think he was afraid of them.

Qingfeng Li asked King Kong to wait for him at the Eastern Sea battle arena. Then he walked out of the room to check out.

When the hotel employee checked the room, she was shocked to see the messy room and the big crack in the bed. She wouldn't let him go until the embarrassed Qingfeng Li embarrassed Qingfeng Li paid 10,000 yuan to compensate the damage.

King Kong was waiting for him when Qingfeng Li came to the battle arena. Black Panther, who was now the Guardian of the Qingfeng League, stood beside King Kong.

"Grand Daddy Li, please be careful. The challengers are all champions on the Heroes List." King Kong walked over and cautioned him respectfully.

Qingfeng Li waved his hand to stop King Kong. "They are just a group of weaklings. I can deal with them with one hand."

King Kong and Black Panther exchanged a look, and remained silent. They had just witnessed the battles of the four champions. They were really great fighters who could break a rock with a fist. However, in Grand Daddy Li's eyes, they became weaklings.

Though they thought him arrogant, they knew through years of working with Qingfeng Li that he must have been certain of his victory.

"Don't be so arrogant, young man. The four Champions on Heroes List are all top fighters, and you call them weaklings. If the word got out you would be crippled." A middle-aged man walked by and heard Qingfeng Li's conversation. He was quite incensed at his arrogance.

He complained because one of the four champions was his idol. It was natural for him to defend his idol when the idol was slighted.

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