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Chapter 631
Chapter 631: Mengyao Getting Bullied

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The woman on the bridge was very attractive. Even from a distance, Qingfeng Li could see that she had a striking face and sensuous curves. At the moment she looked drunk, swaying on the bridge.

She stood beside a bridge column with head lowered. She could fall into the river any minute.

Mengyao Xu?

Qingfeng Li had excellent eyesight. He recognized immediately the woman was Mengyao Xu, Head of the Criminal Police Brigade. They had worked together in many situations and he had a soft spot for this beautiful policewoman

At this moment, a thug found Mengyao Xu all alone on the bridge. He walked over to her eagerly.

A drunken woman on a bridge at midnight was always in want of the company of men. The thug was happy to oblige the beautiful woman by spending the night with her.

"Hey, Beauty! Are you lonely? I can give you some company." The thug offered with a smile.

Even drunk, Mengyao Xu was still alert. "F**k off! I don't need men."

Insulted, the thug's expression changed into anger.

"Beauty, don't stand alone. Let me pamper you." The thug reached for Mengyao Xu's arm. His hand was grabbed by a coarse palm.

The thug looked up. A handsome young man

was staring at him coldly.

"Hey, release my hand." The thug tried to remain cool.


Qingfeng Li sent the thug flying with a kick. The youth dropped and rolled down the bridge, screaming on his way.

Qingfeng Li turned to a drunken Mengyao Xu with untamed fury.

"Mengyao Xu, do you know how dangerous it is for a drunken woman to be outside in the midnight?"

"Who are you? You have no right to tell me what to do." Mengyao Xu said, swaying.

Qingfeng Li frowned. He wondered how much alcohol Mengyao Xu had drunk that night. She was so drunk that she couldn't even recognize him.

The bridge was obviously not a safe place for Mengyao Xu to stay at midnight. Qingfeng Li took her in his arms and walked to a nearby hotel.

"Let me go, jerk!" Mengyao Xu beat his chest. She was weak and the punch felt like a breeze.

Qingfeng Li checked into a room. When they were inside, he lowered Mengyao Xu onto the bed before feeding her a glass of warm water.

"Qingfeng Li, you are a jerk. I hate you…" Mengyao Xu muttered drunkenly.

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes. I've done nothing to offend you. Why do you hate me?

The next words from Mengyao Xu gave Qingfeng Li a

a start. She murmured, "Qingfeng Li, you moron, I like you. Why is it that you slept with Feifei Xie and don't sleep with me?"

Mengyao Xu had seen Feifei Xie and Qingfeng Li in bed together in a hotel. She felt hurt. She was prettier than Feifei Xie but Qingfeng Li slept with Feifei Xie instead of sleeping with her.

Oh jesus, please don't like me. Qingfeng Li was flattered and at the same time felt oblivious as to what to do.

He had too much luck with women. Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, Feifei Xie, Alice, Xiaoyue Zhang were more than he could manage. Now Mengyao Xu joined the camp. He felt a bit overwhelmed.

But to tell the truth, Qingfeng Li was quite fond of the pretty policewoman who had a strong sense of justice

Qingfeng Li was sure he could take her especially when she was drunk. But obviously, it was not the right thing to do. Besides, he had more women than he could manage, and it would be a crime to take this good girl.

 However, the decision was not his to make. Even if Qingfeng Li wanted to stay away from Mengyao Xu, she wouldn't let him off the hook.

After drinking some water, Mengyao Xu had gained

had gained some recognition of her surroundings. Still a bit disoriented, she recognized Qingfeng Li.

"Qingfeng Li, is it really you?" Mengyao Xu asked in disbelief.

Qingfeng Li nodded. "Yaoyao, you must stop drinking so much alone at night. It's not healthy."

Qingfeng Li's concern warmed her heart. She fell into his arms and kissed his face.

"Hey, Yaoyao, why are you kissing me?"

"I…I like you."

"I am married."

"I don't care. If Feifei Xie can be your woman, I want to be your woman, too." Determined, Mengyao Xu kissed Qingfeng Li on his lips.

Her lips were soft and sweet. Qingfeng Li felt so good that his brain went blank.

Mengyao Xu pushed Qingfeng Li underneath her on the bed. Their clothes flew everywhere. She took him with her on the top.

Qingfeng Li felt so good. It felt like a dream. Discomforted at first, Mengyao Xu gradually tasted more pleasure while her pretty face blushed a beautiful pink.

Mengyao Xu was a policewoman with good stamina. Their battle in bed lasted the whole night. She took Qingfeng Li five times.

The second day. Warm sunlight shone into the room creating light spots and shadows on the floor.

"I was raped." Qingfeng Li woke with a sinking feeling.

He felt unfair. Feifei Xie took him last time, and this time and this time he was taken by Mengyao Xu. Why was he always the passive one?

When he saw the red spots on the sheet, Qingfeng Li was unsettled. Mengyao Xu had been a virgin!

Qingfeng Li's head hurt. He had not planned to sleep with Mengyao Xu even though he quite liked her. It was she who started this.

Mengyao Xu opened her eyes and found Qingfeng Li was looking at her with a complicated expression. She blushed in mortification. "Didn't you have enough time to look last night?"

"Yaoyao, you were wild last night. You took me five times." Qingfeng Li said playfully. Mengyao Xu was his woman now, and he was determined to protect her.

"That's nonsense." Remembering what happened the last night, Mengyao Xu was pink with shame. She grabbed a pillow and threw it at Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li took the pillow and turned Mengyao Xu under his body. He said fiercely, "You raped me last night. Now it's my turn."

"Oh, but it's daytime…" Qingfeng Li stopped her words with a kiss.

Another battle was on. This time Qingfeng Li was the dominant one. He planned to retaliate by taking her ten times, twice the times that she had taken him.

Poor Mengyao Xu was thus ravished by Qingfeng Li.

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