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Chapter 627
Chapter 627: Beating You With One Punch

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Qingfeng Li asked Xiaoyue Zhang and Xiaojie Zhang to leave the room. Yijian Zhou and Chuang Zhou left the room as well. Xiaohong Wang left fearfully after seeing everyone else left.

They all stood by the door and looked at Qingfeng Li and Ying Zhou, who were in the room. Even though they were normal people, they could feel the air change inside the room.

The noise created from the fight was extremely loud, even Tianci Zhang was disturbed and notified. They all came here and wanted to see what was happening.

Tianci Zhang came and saw Qingfeng Li. He asked, "Big brother Li, what is going on. Do you want me to call the guards?"

"Don't. just stand at the door and don't come in. I don't want you to get hurt." Qingfeng Li shook his hands and told him not to come in.

This was a fight between two ancient martial artists and people like Tianci Zhang could not provide any help. They were all useless.

Ying Zhou's right foot stepped onto the ground and broke the marble floor into pieces. His body was quick like a monkey and appeared instantly in front of

Qingfeng Li. He punched brutally towards Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li was quick like lightning and dodged Ying Zhou's punch by ducking to the left.

Ying Zhou's punch didn't land on Qingfeng Li and hit the wall. It made a huge hole.

What the f*ck, are they filming a movie?

The crowd at the door was surprised. They couldn't believe that a punch was able to create such a huge hole in the wall. They had only seen it before in a movie.

"Big brother Li, you have to be careful." Tianci was worried after seeing how powerful the punch was.

"Father, big brother is so powerful. After all, he is a student of the Iron Fist Sect. Qingfeng Li is done." Wu Zhou said.

Yijian Zhou nodded and said, "After Ying Zhou defeats Qingfeng Li, let us go step on his body."

The father and son looked at each other and smirked. They hated Qingfeng Li.

"Qingfeng Li, do you only know how to dodge. Are you scared to fight me?" Ying Zhou looked down at Qingfeng Li because Qingfeng Li was only dodging.


Qingfeng Li laughed and said, "I only wanted to see how powerful your Rock-Shattering Fist was. I am disappointed."

"Then fight me and stop dodging." Ying

Ying Zhou smirked.

"Since you wanted to die so much, I will grant you your wish. Come, I will defeat you with one punch." Qingfeng Li said with arrogance.

Arrogance, power, and confidence were the feelings Qingfeng Li gave to Ying Zhou.

"Qingfeng Li, are you ok? Who do you think you are to beat me with one punch. I am an early-stage Lower Heaven tier master." Ying Zhou was laughing.

Most of the people at the door shook their heads and thought Qingfeng Li was boasting. They just saw how powerful Ying Zhou was and didn't believe Qingfeng Li could beat him.

Regarding everyone's thoughts and doubts, Qingfeng Li just stood still.

Qingfeng Li wasn't scared of Ying Zhou's attack when he was dodging them. He wanted to know other ancient martial arts and their power. After seeing it, Qingfeng Li confirmed that it wasn't as strong as his.

Ying Zhou was pissed because of Qingfeng Li. He was a genius of Eastern Sea City's Martial Art School. He only used three years to get to the early-stage of Lower Heaven realm.

Every time Ying Zhou went back to Eastern Sea City, he was respected by everyone. Qingfeng Li was the first one to humiliate him.

Ying Zhou


Ying Zhou looked down at Qingfeng Li because he thought he was a genius. He wanted to teach Qingfeng Li a lesson. If he were to know Qingfeng Li reached early-stage of Lower Heaven realm in only one day, he would feel shameful.

There was an important factor why Qingfeng Li was able to reach early-stage of Lower Heaven realm within one day: he was the Wolf King. He was already standing at the pinnacle tier of ordinary people and was above all others. It was only a matter a time and method before Qingfeng Li reached the early-stage of the Lower Heaven realm.

"Qingfeng Li, I am a genius. You are humiliating me by saying you will beat me with one punch. You are going to pay today for your words." Ying Zhou smirked and walked towards Qingfeng Li.

Ying Zhou was pissed and focused all of his power. With every step he took, a piece of the marble floor broke.

By the time he arrived in front of Qingfeng Li, most of the floor was broken. It was like an earthquake just happened.

Everyone was shocked. They never saw anything like it. It was outside of their imagination.

Everyone was worried about Qingfeng Li except Qingfeng Li except for Yijian Zhou and Chuang Zhou, but Qingfeng Li wasn't worried at all. He thought Ying Zhou was too weak.

"Rock-Shattering Fist." Ying Zhou screamed and punched with all of his power.

The punch was extremely powerful and even ripped the air around it. The crowd had to cover up their ears because of the sound the punch made.

Qingfeng Li was reciting "True Martial Emperor Technique" in his mind and his whole body became hard as bronze. He lifted up his right fist and focused all of his power into his fist.

"F*ck off." Qingfeng Li hounded and punched out. The punch whipped through the air and hit Ying Zhou's fist.


Ying Zhou's whole arm, including his bones, was crushed. It was gruesome.

Ying Zhou screamed, "My arm!"

His body flew back and collided with the wall. It created a huge hole and he fell to the ground.


Ying Zhou spat out blood. His whole arm was broken. Even if it was fixed, it would probably still be crippled. Even though his body was in pain, his heart was in more pain.

Scared and shocked, Ying Zhou looked at Qingfeng Li with a face full of fear. It was like he was looking at a monster.

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