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Chapter 626: The Disciple Under the Iron Fist Sect

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At that moment, Yijian Zhou's phone rang. He took a look at the caller ID and couldn't help himself from showing the happiness on his face because this phone call came from his elder son Ying Zhou.

"Ying Zhou, are you at the hotel right now?" Yijian Zhou immediately pressed the dial button and said.

Today was day for the blind date of his second son Chuang Zhou. Yijian Zhou called his elder son Ying Zhou a few days ago and got him to come back from the Ancient martial art sect to attend the blind date of his second son.

"Father, I am already at the Zhang hotel. Which private room are you at? I will be there now." Ying Zhou's voice came from the phone.

"I am at private room No.1. Come immediately. Both me and your brother were hit by someone. Come avenge us!" Yijian Zhou stared at Qingfeng Li viciously and said to the phone.

After hearing Yijian Zhou, the look of Ying Zhou's face suddenly changed. He was the follower of an Ancient martial art sect and had a noble identity. Which asshole beat my father? He will definitely teach that guy a lesson after he got to the private room.

Ying Zhou arrived in front of the Zhang Hotel. He walked like a rabbit and ran to Private Room No.1. He was very fast and left an image in the air, shocking those around him.

"Qingfeng Li, when my elder son is here, you will definitely learn a lesson from him." Yijian Zhou covered his broken foot and sneered.

"Really? Now I am looking forward to seeing how powerful your elder son is." Qingfeng Li put his hands behind his back and said proudly.

No one could beat him before when he was just the Wolf King. Now he became an Ancient martial artist, and he definitely won't let anyone defeat him.


With a loud noise, the door of the private room was kicked open by someone big and tall, with big eyes and bushy eyebrows. This sturdy figure came in from outside.

This person was very powerful with a very strong aura. He only wore a tank top though it was winter. His skin was tan and radiated a sense of power.

"Father, what happened to your leg?" The young man saw Yijian Zhou's broken foot and asked.

"Ying Zhou, it was hit by Qingfeng Li and now it is broken. You brother's fist was also broken because of him. You must get revenge for us!" Yijian Zhou pointed at Qingfeng Li and said with rage.

The bad guy snitched first?

Qingfeng Li was dumbfounded for a moment. He never thought that Yijian Zhou would be so shameless. The truth was Chuang Zhou had hit him first, I didn't even fight back. It was them that were unable to fight against his iron skin which caused their bones to break.

Qingfeng Li was very mad because of the impudence of Yijian Zhou and his son. If he knew earlier, he would have fought with them more fiercely.

"Qingfeng Li, how dare you to fight my father and brother? Kneel down and apologize, then break your hands yourself." Ying Zhou sneered and looked at Qingfeng Li haughtily.

Kneel down and apologize?

Qingfeng Li was so angry that he laughed. This family was so shameless. The father hit him and got hurt. The eldest son came without knowing anything and demanded that he kneel down and apologize. Who did he think he is?

"Did you just tell me to kneel down and apologize? Who do you think you are? You are the one who should come forward and kneel down and apologize to me." Qingfeng Li said aggressively.

"Qingfeng Li, do you know who I am? How dare you talk to me like this? You are trying to get yourself killed."


Who are you? I want to know."

"My name is Ying Zhou. I am a disciple of the Iron Fist Sect of the Ancient martial artists. Are you afraid now? If you are afraid you should kneel and apologize." Ying Zhou looked proud and scorned Qingfeng Li.

The Iron Fist Sect was one Ancient martial art sects and was the most powerful one in Hujiang Province. Two of the three most powerful underground forces belonged to the Iron Fist Sect.

Regarding the Eastern Sea City's Martial Art School, it was not only a martial art school, it was also a place where the Iron Fist Sect raised their disciples. If there appeared to be a Martial art genius, they would be sent to the Iron Fist Sect to practice.

The Ancient martial art had rules. Those who practice Ancient martial art can't interfere with the lives of ordinary people. But if someone impeded the interest of the disciples of Ancient martial art sect or someone tries to harm the family of the disciples, the Ancient martial art sects would have the authority to use their power. Like now, Ying Zhou was using his skills for his father.

The Iron Fist Sect? It was the first time Qingfeng Li was hearing about this branch of Ancient martial art. He didn't know much about Ancient martial arts, only the levels of the disciplines and not much about the sects of Ancient martial art.

Although he didn't know what level the Iron Fist Sect was in Ancient martial art, Qingfeng Li wasn't afraid and wouldn't be threatened by him.

"You are just a disciple of Iron Fist Sect. Even the lord of the Iron Fist Sect doesn't have the qualification of asking me to kneel and apologize." Qingfeng Li sneered at Ying Zhou and showed his disdain for him.

In this world, except his parents, no one else had the qualification to ask Qingfeng Li to kneel down.

This Ying Zhou's cursing towards Qingfeng Li had already offended his bottom line. Qingfeng Li was so mad. The follower of an ancient martial art sect, so what? If he tried to mess with him, he will doubt fight back without a doubt.

"Qingfeng Li, how dare you insult our sect master? You are looking for death. I will teach you a lesson today and let you know how powerful Ancient martial art is." Ying Zhou laughed grimly and stepped forward towards Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li focused and looked at him and saw the skin of Ying Zhou illuminated with bronze gloss. This was the appearance of his skin becoming impregnable. This Ying Zhou was at the Lower Heaven initial stage.

After knowing the actual strength of Ying Zhou, Qingfeng Li was not worried at all, because the opponent had the same power he had.

Being on the same level of strength, he needed to depend on technique to win, which was the experience of battle. Qingfeng Li was the Wolf King and had experienced different kinds of battles hundreds of times. If they were comparing the experience of battle, he would definitely be at the top.

"Rock-Shattering Fist." Ying Zhou shouted. He swung his right fist with fierce power and directly broke the air with the power of two thousand pounds and smashed towards Qingfeng Li.

Rock-Shattering Fist, meaning that the fist would be able to break the stones with just the power of the fist.

In the Iron Fist Sect, everyone practiced their fists. They were used to using their fists to hit the dummies, stone and steel plates and so on, which made their fists tough and seemingly invulnerable.


Qingfeng Li's body moved, like lightning and shifted backward. He successfully avoided this attack of the Rock-Shattering Fist. He wanted to see how powerful the Iron Fist Sect was.


Ying Zhou's fist wasn't able to hit Qingfeng Li, but smashed the table behind him. The table suddenly collapsed and the plates and bowls fell on the ground, broken into pieces.

Such powerful strength!

Those around them were all astonished seeing this. The table of this private room was made of marble, which was very solid. Even when you smashed it with a sledge hammer, you might not be able to smash it. It can withstand a force of one thousand pounds. But now, it was destroyed by one fist of Ying Zhou. Everyone was shocked.

Xiaoyue Zhang, as an ordinary person was especially shocked. She had never seen any power like this. She was so scared that her face was pale and her body was shaking.

"Xiaoyue, stay back. This guy is quite powerful. Let me handle him." Qingfeng Li made Xiaoyue Zhang stand back, afraid that she might get hurt.

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