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"Qingfeng Li, what you did was shameful! You put a steel plate in your shirt which broke my fist." Chuang Zhou covered his broken fist and said with rage.

Chuang Zhou used all of his power to hit Qingfeng Li with his fist. It felt like hitting a steel plate. No, Qingfeng Li's skin was harder than a steel plate. It was like an impregnable iron block and it broke his fist directly.

After he heard what Chuang Li said, Yijian Zhou also became mad. He knew that his son's punch was about two hundred pounds in strength. How could it be possible that it would not break Qingfeng Li's bones? It turned out to be this bastard wearing a steel plate.

Qingfeng Li was filled with joy right now, feeling excited, so he didn't even hear what these guys said.

Qingfeng Li never thought about being so powerful after becomin a master at ancient martial arts. His skin was like iron that is impregnable and invulnerable.

The fist of Chuang Zhou though carried two hundred pounds of force. It was like an egg hitting iron as it was hitting Qingfeng Li. He didn't even need to attack to break Chuang Zhou's fist. This felt amazing.

Qingfeng Li felt that from now on, he didn't need to take any action to fight with some ordinary guys. He just needed to stand there and let everyone else hit him and they would get hurt themselves.

Thinking about his skin becoming impregnable, Qingfeng Li couldn't help himself from grinning.

Seeing the smile on Qingfeng Li's face, Chuang Zhou became more angry, believing that Qingfeng Li was mocking him, "Qingfeng Li, you are so heartless. Not to mention you are wearing steel plate, you are also laughing shamelessly."

Qingfeng Li heard what Chuang Zhou's was saying this time and suddenly looked indifferent and said, "Who do you think is shameless? I am standing right there and I didn't move but you still can't win. You are just garbage."

"No, you are garbage. If you are not wearing steel plate on you, how would my fist break?" Chuang Zhou was livid, still believing that Qingfeng Li won because of the steel plate.

"What a foolish guy." Qingfeng Li scorned and looked at Chuang Zhou, decided not to respond to this guy.

Was Qingfeng Li wearing steel plate? Naturally not. His skin was as tough as iron now. Chuang Zhou's fist was just looking for pain when it struck him and he could not blame anyone else.

"Son, how dare you curse at my son like that. What are you trying to do?" Yijian Zhou's face changed and his voice was filled with strong dissatisfaction. His son's fist was broken and will thus be permanently weakened. As the father, he was definitely in a very bad mood.

"It was your son that hit me. I didn't even move. Now that his fist is broken, he is still talking nonsense. Isn't he an idiot?" Qingfeng Li shot a glance at Yijian Zhou and said.

"Son, if you are that good, I will teach you a lesson today and let you know how powerful I am." Yijian Zhou was irritated by the way Qingfeng Li was talking and decided to teach this guy a lesson.

Yijian Li was the headmaster of the martial art school. Having the ability to be the master, there was no doubt that he was extremely skilled.

Yijian Zhou was actually very famous. He was the soldier king of the special force and had great strength. Although he became the headmaster of a school these years and had to engage in social activities very often, he was still very powerful.

Yijian Zhou, just like his son, thought that Qingfeng Li wore a steel plate on his chest, so he didn't choose to attack Qingfeng's his chest. He tried to attack Qingfeng Li's leg which was the most fragile part of the human body.


Yijian Zhou's right foot suddenly attacked with the wind that could tear the air and kicked towards Qingfeng Li's leg. This kick was very powerful and had once kicked down a tree. If he kicked a human, it would definitely break his leg.

Qingfeng Li was standing where he was, looking calmly at the right foot of Yijian Zhou that was snapping towards him, not trying to avoid it at all.

Seeing Qingfeng Li not avoiding it at all made Yijian Zhou madder. He thought Qingfeng Li was trying to embarrass him, the king of special troop and was trying to challenge him.

Yijain Zhou used all of his power and gathered all the strength to his foot. With three hundred and fifty pounds of power, he kicked at Qingfeng Li's leg.

"Qingfeng Li, you are going to die this time. My father will definitely break your leg." Chuang Zhou said with excitement. He felt that he already saw Qingfeng Li covering his leg and asking for forgiveness on the ground.

Chuang Zhou knew that his father was much more powerful than him. He kicked the leg of Qingfeng Li which would break his leg and he would end up sitting on a wheel-chair.


A sound of breaking occurred, just like the sound of Chuang Zhou's bones just now. Apparently, this was the sound of the bone breaking.

Xiaoyue Zhang used her hands to cover her eyes. She couldn't even take a look at Qingfeng Li because she was so afraid that his leg broke after the kick.

When Yijian Zhou kicked Qingfeng Li's leg, at first he was smiling, but right after that he cried miserably because what he felt was not the sensation of kicking a leg, but the pain of colliding with a metal pillar.

Yijian Zhou's foot was like an egg thrown at a steel plate. All of the bones on his foot were broken because he used too much power. Comminuted fractures of the feet happened and all of the bones on his foot were absolutely broken.

"Ah. It hurts so much." The huge pain made Yijian Zhou, the previous king of the special troops, cry miserably and could not stop himself from rolling on the ground.

What's going on? Father's foot was broken?

Looking at Yijian Zhou rolling on the ground, Chuang Zhou was so shocked that he couldn't close his mouth. It seems like his mouth could fit in a huge egg.

Other person might not know how powerful his father was, but Chuang Zhou clearly knew that he was the king of the special troops. But now, a person who was so powerful kicked Qingfeng Li's leg but broke his own leg. People would definitely laugh at this.

"Idiot, now you can see clearly right? There is no steel plate on my leg. I am standing right here to let you beat me but you can't even get past one strike. What a piece of garbage you are!" Qingfeng Li scorned at Yijian Zhou and despised him.

After jeering at Yijian Zhou, Qingfeng Li felt excited. He was so satisfied.

Ancient martial arts is so powerful! He was only at the beginning stage of Lower Heaven level but his skin was already impregnable. It was already okay for him to stand there, letting people hit him.

"You are… an ancient martial artist master?" Yijian Zhou looked pale and asked shockingly.


Qingfeng Li was kind of surprised. How did the headmaster of a martial art school know about Ancient martial arts?

"You know about ancient martial arts?" Qingfeng Li frowned and asked.

Yijian Zhou's face looked cloudy. Obviously, he never thought of meeting alegendary master of Ancient martial arts. There were only a few people who practiced Ancient martial arts and they normally didn't appear in every-day life.

But Yijian Zhou knew Ancient martial arts because his elder son Ying Zhou was now training in an Ancient martial art sect.

Yijian Zhou understood that since Qingfeng Li was an ancient martial master, there was no way that he could defeat Qingfeng Li. If he wanted to defeat Qingfeng Li and get revenge for his son and himself, he must find his elder son Ying Zhou.

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