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Xue Lin smiled tenderly and nicely, lifting the noodles from the tomato soup while Ruyan did the same for her pork noodle soup, both aiming for Qingfeng's mouth. This made him really depressed. All he can do is to open his mouth wide and finish both of the meals these two women made.

Xue Lin and Ruyan were not budging, even to give him food. They were constantly force feeding Qingfeng noodles.

The Monks beside them were covering their mouths trying hard not to laugh. This was their first time seeing their boss being treated like this by women, and not even being able to be angry by it.

Luckily Qingfeng had a big appetite. He finished both dishes the women had prepared, but still felt a bit full.

"Say dear, who do you think made the better dish?" Xue Lin asked blinking her eyes.

"Yeah, tell us whose cooking you loved the most?" Ruyan asked pouting her hot red lips.

Qingfeng rolled his eyes, feeling this question was a pain in the ass. "Could you two ask constructive questions? Asking me who made the food better, I am not a three year old child, I refuse to answer this question."

Qingfeng did not want to answer, but the two women disagreed. They wanted to compare and beat the other.

"Oh yes boss, I suddenly remembered. Master said when you're awake, you should go see him." The Monk said, saving him from this mess.

"The Master wants to see me, you two wait here." Qingfeng said to the two ladies.

After saying this, Qingfeng escaped the tangle that these two women had created. He walked with the Monk to the furthest part of the monastery. They ended up standing in front of the ancient minimalistic looking room, covered with green and blue bricks and tiles. It was a very simplistic unadorned room.

The Monk opened the door, and walked in with Qingfeng. The room was very simple, there wasn't even a bed in sight, just a zafu, a table, and an incense burner.

At this moment, Daozang Lu was sitting on the zafu. He heard footsteps approaching and opened his eyes.

"Qingfeng, you're awake. How is the recovery of your injury?" Daozang Lu asked.

"Thank you, Temple Master, for the medicine. I feel that I have already recovered a third of my energy. After a few days, I should be able to recover fully." Qingfeng smiled as he expressed his thanks to Daozang Lu.

Daozang Lu had a surprised look in his eyes. Had he'd known, if it were someone else to be hurt severely as Qingfeng was, they would not have recovered even after a few months.

"Lord, is there anything I can help you with during this visit?" Qingfeng asked without a clue in mind.

Daozang Lu's gaze appeared solemn, "Qingfeng, that Ghost King Palace is a force of the ancient martial artists. It is very strong. What you are now is just an ordinary king. When you return to the city of Eastern Sea, they will send higher level ancient martial art fighters to kill you."

Upon hearing Daozang Lu's message, Qingfeng became silent. He knew what Daozang Lu said was the truth.

No matter how good you are yourself, there was always someone out there better than you.

Although Qingfeng was the Wolf King, and he stood at the top compared to ordinary people, he was not boastful. There were other ancient martial arts out there, and other people that are stronger than you.

Not mentioning the other aspects, the Black Impermanence alone with one hit could generate five thousand kilograms of force, enough to defeat Qingfeng.

Qingfeng knew that if he wanted to defeat Black Impermanence and destroy the Ghost King Palace, he has to practice ancient martial arts. This was not something that he had a chance to do, which caused him to be a bit depressed.

As if he could see Qingfeng's gloominess, Daozang Lu said, "Qingfeng, are you upset because you don't know ancient martial arts?"

"Yes, Temple Master, those ancient martial fighters are all very strong, if you don't know ancient martial arts, you are not even an opponent." Qingfeng nodded, admitting that he was not fit enough to be an opponent of any ancient martial art fighter.

"Qingfeng, I called you in today to gift you this book of ancient martial arts." Daozang Lu said to everyone's surprise.

Give me a book on ancient martial arts?

Qingfeng froze for a second, his eyes filled with surprise. What you have to know is, ancient martial arts are one of the pillars of foundations of any martial art sect. It was usually not shared nor passed on and dealt with secrecy. Not being a Wudang mountain disciple himself, Qingfeng was wondering why the old Monk would want to pass on their knowledge?

"Qingfeng, I will pass you the ancient martial arts on one condition, it is not given to you for free."

"Please tell me Temple Master, what condition?"

"The patriarch of Wudang, also my own master, was trapped in the Forbidden realm of the Kunlun Mountains, unable to get out. The forbidden realm still has five months to go before it reopens. I wish that you can go and save him when you get to the forbidden realm." Daozang Lu said.

Forbidden realm of the Kunlun Mountains?

Qingfeng's brow moved, the forbidden realm seems like an unusual place. All things tended to point towards there.

Qingfeng's father went missing in the forbidden realm, and now even the patriach of Wudang Mountain was missing there.

Qingfeng was confused for a moment before wondering why Wudang Mountain's strength had decreased, since they were one of the pillars of ancient martial arts. Now, because their patriarch was hurt, their strength had decreased.

"Temple Master, I promise you, after five months when I enter the forbidden realm and see Wudang's patriarch, I will save him from there." Qingfeng said.

Daozang Lu nodded his head, with the look of relief. He turned around and walked towards a corner and took out a wooden box.

The wooden box was made of purple sandalwood, it's about half a meter. On the box itself was carved all sorts of complex patterns. It was an antique.

Daozang Lu carefully opened the wooden box. Inside contained a book. The book was black with aged yellow pages, seemingly from many decades ago.

"Here, this book of ancient martial arts is for you." Daozang Lu smiled slightly, and passed the book into the hands of Qingfeng.

Qingfeng looked at the aged pages on this black book. In detail he sees on the cover in big characters - True Martial Emperor Technique. When he opened the book, there were only three pages, nothing else after it.

What? Why only three pages?

Qingfeng had a look of surprise on his face. He knew that since it was Daozang Lu who sought him out, giving him the ancient martial arts book, this was for sure not a fake.

Qingfeng took a look at the first page. On it was described in detail the practices of the martial arts in the Lower Heaven level. The various stages included the early stage of strengthening the skin, mid-stage of strengthening the muscles, the late stage of strengthening the tendons, and the peak stage of strengthening the bones. Every stage allowed you to gain the strength of a thousand kilograms.

The second page introduced the Higher Heaven Level of martial arts practice: the early stage delt with refining the internal organs, the mid stage is to refine the meridian system, late stage, peak stage.

To practice the exterior tendons, bones and muscles are considered postnatal level. To practice internal chi is considered to be at the Higher Heaven Level.

The third page described the martial art practices of the grandmaster level. The stages are: early stage - to fly high through the skies, mid stage - to hurt with whatever is on hand (even with a leaf), late stage - to open and expand one's realm, and the peak stage - to kill and not be seen, decapitate within a hundred meters.

As for what's after the third page, there was nothing left, the pages were ripped out/

Just considering the content of these three pages, as long as you succeed in those practices, it was enough for you to become the ancient martial art grandmaster, and create your own school and style, allowing you to influence the world.

Qingfeng was smart, just by reading the title - True Martial Emperor Technique, he knew this was not a common technique. Thinking about it, to become and to be called the emperor, how many of those do we have in history?

Qingfeng had some knowledge in Daoism. Rumours had it that for the True Martial Emperor, he was the son of Pangu, the reincarnation of master Daode Tianzun, the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, the founding ancestral master of Dao, and one of the four saints of the north.

"This ancient martial art is not easy." He said bluntly to Qingfeng, this book had a great history.

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