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A+ A- Chapter 617: Hell King Entering Closed-Door Training

Ghost King frowned and coldly said "Three years ago, Daozang was beaten up seriously, their ability weakened and he was almost at the brink of death. How can he stop you?

He thought Black Impermanence was lying, so his tone was very indifferent.

"Master, it was Qingfeng who cured Daozang's bad pulse, and his ability had recovered greatly, I am not the opponent here." Black Impermanence face changed suddenly, quickly explained him, afraid that his master might punish him.

A streak of cold light flashed across Ghost King's sight. What happened with Daozang, he knew naturally, it was the Temple Master on Wudang Mountain. Decades ago, he was once a phenomenal fighter, master of ancient martial, but he later was badly hurt during a blind raid.

"If Daozang is indeed the one that saved Qingfeng, he should be at Wudang Mountain now. We won't be able to kill him as of yet. Send the people of Ghost King Palace to spy on Qingfeng, once he heads back to East Sea City, we will send people to kill him." Ghost King let out a ghastly laugh with his tone full of killer intention.

"Yes, master." Black Impermanence gave a nod, turned and exited the lab. He started to get ready to send people out to spy on Qingfeng.

Hell King saw Black Impermanence left, he wanted to leave as well.

"Hey, did I let you go yet?" said the Ghost King with hostility, and an dissatisfaction in his tone.

Not being able to kill Qingfeng made Ghost King very unhappy, as he is the son of the tyrant Third Master Li, they are arch enemies. Although he had thrown tyrant Li down the cliff in the restricted area, he wanted to end his bloodline and kill his son and end his roots.

Ghost King had great expectation for Hell King. He even gave everything, his small personal team, the cloning potion, and even the power-strengthening potion. To his surprise, it all failed, Hell King is nothing but a failure.

"Master, why did you want me to stay, is there more you ask of me?" Hell King's face grew tense. After all he had failed this time, in the master's eyes, he must not have left a good impression.

"Go to Hell Training Arena for closed-door training, go through the eighteen levels of hell then come back." Ghost King said indifferently with a laugh.

Hell Training Arena

After hearing this place, Hell King's face turned pale, eyes filled with terror. No one on the outside know of this terror. Being a member of the Ghost King Palace, that fear is known.

Hell Training Field, just as it sounded, it wanted you to go through training in hell. There were eighteen levels, it wanted you to run through mountains of knives, jump through seas of fire, and pots of grease and etc.

Ghost King has so many proteges, but only few would make it pass all eighteen levels, you can count those who did with two hands. Out of all the proteges only master White Impermanence and two brothers of Black Impermanence were able to succeed, but even them were badly hurt after all of it and almost died.

"Master, the Hell Training Field is too terrifying, I am not going." Hell King shook his head, not wanting to go at all.

"You piece of trash, you lost your fiancée Ruyan to the Wolf King, your family was defeated by Wolf King, and you can't even defeat him. Now you don't even want to go to the Hell Training Field, you will be a failure all your life." Ghost King gave him the stink eye with a condescending tone.

When it comes to the terror of the training field, Ghost king is well aware. He was once there when he was young, he almost died going through the levels. He knows, however, if you complete all the levels, you would become invincible.

After hearing Master's reprimand, Hell tightened his fist and his nails piercing into this his palms. Fresh blood had oozed out from his palms, but he did not feel pain. Just the thought of Wolf King made him furious. He wished Wolf King were dead, and wanted to sever

him into eight pieces.

"Here, the book of Ghost King Technique, I will give you this now. As long as you practice your ancient martial arts technique to the third level, it would be so swift and easy for you to kill Qingfeng Li." Ghost King smiled indifferently and gave the black book to Hell King.

Ghost King Technique?

Looked at the book of martial arts in his hands, Hell King was full of joy. This book of ancient martial arts contained Ghost King's supreme techniques. As long as you train yourself well by this book, you would become the master of ancient martial arts fighter.

"Master, I will definitely train myself and learn "Ghost King Technique", and then pass the levels and kill Qingfeng." said Hell King with his face full of joy. Hell King bowed and saluted with his palm in fist. He turned around and headed towards the training field of hell, he was going to secluded himself and went on to practice.

Wudang Mountain, inside the a room in the Daoist Temple.

Qingfeng laid on his bed, felt like a pleasure and also torture.

Xue Lin's soft and tender hands, as precious as jades, with a hint of coolness. Being washed in the arms of Xue Lin, he could feel that wave of coldness.

Her palms were slightly red, as if there were a ball of fire burning within it. She washed Qingfeng forehead constantly, made him feel a rush of heat.

For these two women, not only their personality was different, their body constitutions were different too. One constitution was cold, icy all over, and the other was heated, hot all over.

The cuts on Qingfeng's body had turned into scabs on his body, originally, it was fine to just wipe it once with a hot towel. But, the two women were fighting as if they were trying to see who was better at looking after people, so, they ended up wiping him constantly with towels.

Wiped it once, wiped it another time and then continue and repeat.

Qingfeng's body was wiped down hundreds of times. One would enjoy it when wiped once, but when wiped hundreds of times; it is not enjoyment, it is torture.

Qingfeng cannot stand the wiping and cleaning of the two women, all he could do was reluctantly open his eyes and decide to wake up.

"Dear, you're up."

"Qingfeng, you're up"

"Boss, you're up."

Seeing Qingfeng wake up, Xue Lin and Ruyan and all the disciples lit up with joy and excitement in their voices.

Cough cough!!

Qingfeng could never say that he was actually awake all this time, he was pretending to be sleeping the whole time; otherwise, the people around him would definitely be angry. He could only cough two coughs and pretend that he had just woken up.

"I am a bit hungry. Both of you, stop wiping me clean, can you fetch me something to eat?" Qingfeng looked at them in misery, which made Xue Lin and Ruyan very confused. We took care of you with such devotion, what are you miserable about?

"Boss, this is some medical soup, since you're awake drink this as much as possible, it will help with your injuries." the monk brought the first bowl to Qingfeng at the soonest convenience. 

Qingfeng frowned and said, "I am hungry, I don't want medicine, go get me something to eat."

Last night when he was unconscious, the monk had already fed Qingfeng a whole stomach worth of medicine, so now he had it in his system. He is full from it that's why he cannot take in anymore.. 

Qingfeng wants to eat solid food, Xue Lin and Ruyan both stood up and walk towards the kitchen and want to personally make food for Qingfeng.

Qingfeng knows Ruyan is bearing child and Xue Lin did not sleep all night. She made it out here overnight in the snow, he felt very appreciative. He did not want either of them to make the meal, but the two were now competing with each other, insisting to make the meal for Qingfeng.

Xue Lin went to the kitchen, made Qingfeng eggs and tomato noodle soup, and Ruyan made him fried pork strips in noodle soup.

When both these women brought what they cooked in front of him, Qingfeng hesitated. Should he taste Xue Lin's dish first, or should he have Ruyan's dish first? That was the difficult question.

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