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Chapter 616: Women Fighting to Take Care of Wolf King

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If Xue Lin saw Ruyan Liu, what would happen? Monk had heard Qingfeng Li say that the two women fought like cats and dogs whenever they met.

The thought was so unsettling that Monk couldn’t move his feet. Xue Lin urged, "What are you waiting for? Please take me to Qingfeng."

It was a cold snowy day, but Monk began to sweat with agitation.

If it had been another time Monk would have immediately taken Xue Lin to the boss. But now was not the right time.

"The boss will recover in two days. I think it would be best if you just go back home and I will bring the boss to you." Monk said carefully.

 His small voice, tentative tone and cautious manner made Xue Lin more suspicious.

Xue Lin frowned with suspicion. She complained, "Monk, I drove for the whole night without a minute’s sleep to Wudang Mountain, and you want me back. What do you mean?"

Sensing Xue Lin’s anger, Monk was more agitated and the sweat began to flow down from his forehead.

Fine. I did my very best to avoid this. Boss, I can’t stop Sister from seeing you. Silently, Monk tried to comfort himself.

"Sister, I will take you to the boss. No matter what you see, remember to keep calm." Monk advised in a low voice, fearing Xue Lin would get mad when she saw Ruyan Liu.

Xue Lin nodded her agreement and followed Monk into the Temple. She still wondered why Monk tried to stop her from seeing her husband.

The moment Xue Lin pushed open the door, her expression changed. In the room a ravishing woman was nursing Qingfeng Li, gently rubbing his forehead with a towel.

And the charming woman was no other than Ruyan Liu, her rival in love and the woman she disliked.

Ruyan Liu, you seductive vixen. You are seducing my man again. Xue Lin narrowed her eyes. Her spirits dropped to the bottom and had a sudden urge to kill.

Xue Lin turned her head and glared at Monk. Apparently, he had known Ruyan Liu was here nursing Qingfeng Li and that was why he tried to stop her from coming in.

The embarrassed Monk was drying the cold sweat from his forehead. He was so frightened by the glare from Xue Lin that he retreated a step involuntarily. He knew Xue Lin was angry with his deception.

At the sound of door opening, Ruyan Liu turned to see Xue Lin at the entrance and noticed the chilling light in her eyes.

"Vix…Miss Liu, what are you doing here?" Xue Lin walked over to Ruyan Liu. She had meant to say "vixen" but changed her mind considering there were other people in the room.

Ruyan Liu smiled, "Qingfeng is hurt. I am here to look after him."

"I am his wife and I will take care of him. You’d better leave."

"I don’t think so. Qingfeng was hurt when he was trying to rescue me. It’s my duty to nurse him."

"Rescue you? What happened?"

"It’s a long story. I was kidnapped by bad guys and almost died. Qingfeng Li defeated those bad men and rescued me. During the process he was wounded. He is my prince charming and savior." Ruyan Liu looked at Xue Lin provocatively.

Damn! They are fighting again?

Qingfeng Li lamented silently. He had woken and prepared to get up when he heard Xue Lin’s voice which froze him in bed.

Whenever he was in the same room with these two women he would have a headache. He’d rather face an enemy than this situation.

Xue Lin was angry that Qingfeng Li got hurt because of Ruyan Liu. However, when she saw the wounds and scars on him, her anger turned into concern.

Qingfeng Li’s intern

al wounds had been cured while his injuries and scars still looked ugly and serious.

 The ugliest one was the round scar in Qingfeng Li’s chest which was caused by the piercing meteorite knife. When Xue Lin saw it, she felt a sharp pain inside.

She didn’t like Ruyan Liu but Qingfeng Li’s wounds were the top priority now.

Xue Lin walked over and began to clean the scar in his chest with a towel.

"Miss Lin, I can take care of him. Why don’t you return home?"

Qingfeng Li was wounded and almost died for her. Ruyan Liu was extremely touched and gratified. She was determined to nurse Qingfeng Li and she didn’t like the sight of Xue Lin.

"The one that’s supposed to leave is you. I am his wife and you have no right to look after him." Xue Lin sneered.

The competition was on. Ruyan Liu picked up the towel and resumed to rub Qingfeng Li’s forehead while Xue Lin cleaned his chest.

Nursed by two beauties, Qingfeng Li enjoyed their attentions on his body, but inside he was tortured. He desperately wanted to open his eyes, but he was frightened to face the situation. He was feeling both misery and pleasure.

In a basement hundreds of meters deep inside the ground of Ghost King Villa, Tianjing City.

Black Impermanence brought Hell King to the basement. The Life-Reaping Dagger embedded in Hell King’s chest had been pulled out by Black Impermanence. Due to the serious wounds, Hell King’s face was very pale.

Ghost King was doing some experiment with a red potion. His pale face looked pleased because his super cloning medicine had proved successful in experiment. He could clone four persons at a time and thus increasing fours times of battle force.

"I am sorry, Master. I failed." Hell King lowered his head. He was the powerful Hell King in front of other people; but before his Master, he felt as low as an ant because he knew how powerful his Master was."

"You are useless. Where is Eagle King?" Ghost King glanced at him. His voice was cold and merciless.

White-faced, Hell King answered with a faltering voice, "Master, Eagle King was killed by Wolf King."

Ghost King frowned. He had not expected the powerful Eagle King would be killed by Wolf King. It seemed he had to re-evaluate Wolf King’s combat strength.

"Black Impermanence, I sent you to kill Wolf King. How did you fail the mission?"

As the second student of Ghost King, Black Impermanence was very powerful at the Peak Stage of the Higher Heaven State. To kill a master and king of the ordinary people should have been a piece of cake.

"Master, I was stopped by Daocang Lu, the master of the Daoist Temple of Wudang Mountain." Black Impermanence explained with a changed expression. Even though he was one of Ghost King’s favorite students, Black Impermanence regarded his Master with awe and fear.

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