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A+ A- Chapter 607: Alice In Danger

Ghost Three frowned his eyebrows slightly and grinded his teeth, pulling out the silver needle from his wrist, leaving it a bleeding wound. He was in a rage, for he had missed out the best chance to kill Qingfeng Li.

"Who’s hiding there? Since you dared to ambush me, just come out." Ghost Three said with a cruel look like a devil. The mask on his face was trembling because of anger, which seemed to be about to fall down.

"Alice of the Wolf Fang Clan comes to report for duty." A blonde charming beauty with big boobs jumped in from the window. Regardless of Ghost Three as if he was air, she quickly ran to Qingfeng Li with a concerned look.

"Are you ok, boss?" At the sight of Qingfeng Li’s miserable appearance, Alice’s pretty face was appearing hurt and plenty of tears bursting out of her blue eyes instantly.

When he saw Alice coming, Qingfeng Li shook his head, indicating that he was fine. It was a relief for him that the team members of the Wolf Fang Clan, except for Monk who was protecting Xue Lin, had been all here.

Neither Qingfeng Li nor Yama King was able to start a fight. Instead, they had to rely on their own clans. The winner belonged to the boss of the clan which won the victory. Therefore, this was not only a personal battle, but also a battle between the clans.

For the battle between Bald Man and Ghost Two, being called as humanoid tank on the Wolf Continent, Bald Man was incomparably strong that he was said to be able to overturn a tank. And many people would be thrown upside down by him after a physical collision. He was able to run after Ghost Two to beat him in retreat.

As for Death God and Ghost Four, their sniper rifles kept shooting in the air with scattered bullets.

It was apparent that Death God was superior to Ghost Four who had been repressed too much to look up. There were several times that Death God was very close to shoot Ghost Four. If it were someone else, he would have already been shot on head by Death God.

Next to Qingfeng Li, Alice and Ghost Three stared at each other, and the battle was going to break out at any time.

To be honest, among the team members of the Wolf Fang Clan, Qingfeng Li worried about Alice most, as Alice’s greatest ability was to collect information, and fighting was not her strength.

Although Alice was not good at fighting, she did very well in the raid with concealed weapons and body movement.

"Avoid direct head-on fight, Alice. Try to dodge his attack." Qingfeng Li told Alice in a slight voice.

Alice nodded, as she knew that she was not good at fighting. The reason why she was able to hurt Ghost Three just now was that the opponent failed to notice her and she attacked him in a sneaky way.

"B*tch, how you dared to attack me sneakily with a needle, go to hell." Ghost Three suddenly kick out his right leg with rage aiming at Alice’s body brutally.

The force of this move was so powerful that the air was tore up, leaving a trace in the air.

The team members of the Ghost King Clan were all masters of Level SSS, so was Ghost Three. But Alice was only at Level SS, obviously inferior to him by one level.


Alice moved, firmly treading on the ground, then gently stepping back to the left side, as a result of which she escaped from the blow of Ghost Three.

Ghost Three failed to hit Alice. Instead, he kicked hard on a chair in the back, snapping it and splitting the chair in half.

In terms of strength alone, it was clear that Alice was unable to defeat Ghost Three. But with regard to body movement, Alice obviously did better since she learnt that from Qingfeng Li.

At the sight of Alice escaping from the leg blow with his full strength, Ghost Three got angrier with the bitch who sneakily attacked him, even though the blonde foreign girl with blue eyes looked really pretty.

"Kill." Ghost Three struck Alice with his full strength continually, while

the latter kept on dodging in order not to be beaten.

Alice was a woman after all. She was weaker than the opponent, and worse still, she had to dodge ceaselessly. As a result she run out of her strength shortly.


After a few rounds, Ghost Three seized a chance and kicked out his foot. Alice was hit on the belly and kicked far away, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

"Are you ok, Alice?" Seeing Alice get hurt, Qingfegn Li asked her with much concern.

At this moment, Qingfeng Li was in an uncontrollable rage. It was a shame that he was unable to start a fight. Otherwise he was bound to kick Ghost Three to death since the guy dared to hurt Alice. Alice was his woman who devoted herself to him.

Alice’s delicate face was a bit pale, indicating that she had got badly injured. She said: "Boss, I’m ok, no worries."

"Bitch, you’re just a Level SS master, how you dare to fight with me. I’m going to wipe you out." Ghost Three gave a brutal smile, moving and rushing again to Alice in the hope of killing the woman when she was injured.

Alice could not run away as Qingfeng Li was behind her. Once she escaped, Ghost Three would run to destroy Qingfeng Li. As a result, Alice had to fight hard so as to protect Qingfeng Li.

Fighting depended on strength and power, however, not fighting hard alone. Ghost Three was obviously more powerful than Alice. He chased Alice step by step, with every blow to Alice’s clothes. There were several times that Alice was hit to the point of coughing up blood.

Qingfeng Li became anxious as he knew that the situation was dangerous. Alice was likely to be killed by Ghost Three if she went on fighting because she had to protect him in the front.

"Bald Man, finish Ghost Two right now, and come to help Alice." Qingfeng Li frown his eyebrows, said to Bald Man in the distance.

Honestly speaking, Qingfeng Li would rather not have Bald Man fight so quickly if Alice had not been in danger. Bald Man had injuries before, which meant he’d better not activate his full strength so as to avoid any after effects. But now he had no choice but to do this.

"Boss, let me just go beserk for just one time." Apparently Bald Man had realized that the situation was so dangerous that he could not waste time. Therefore he started to flap tapseveral acupoints on his own body right away, hoping to stimulate the blood power.

There was a Buddha Totem in Bald Man’s chest, but it was uncompleted with only one eye, lacking of the other eye.

The Buddha Totem was similar to the Wolf King Totem of Qingfeng Li, both of which were able to stimulate bloodline power. But since Bald Man’s totem lacked one eye, he had to suffer a worse sequel. And he was only able to insist on it for only one minute as it did harm to his body.

To save Alice, however, Bald Man had to do this, because the Wolf Fang Clan team members were like brothers and sisters, who had been very close with each other since they experienced a lot of ups and downs all together.

Bald Man murmured a short passage of Buddhist sutra that he learnt before from his master, the abbot of Shaolin Temple. He was told the sutra could activate the blood power in his body.

A golden light shone from Bald Man’s body along with fantastic colors. There had been a magical change in his body that he looked serious with compassion and fascination and his strength increased more than double before.

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