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A+ A- Chapter 606: A Battle Between Two Teams

Wolf Fang Team?

Ghost Two’s face paled. He knew about the Wolf Fang Clan that were Qingfeng Li’s men. But according to their investigation, those men should have been living in other cities except for only one monk in Eastern Sea City protecting Xue Lin. Why had they presented here now?

Having heard Death-God’s words, a pleased light appeared in Qingfeng Li’s eyes. It seemed to him that it was right for him to call Alice before he came. And now his men had come for him.

 "Ghost Two, don’t hesitate again, hurry to kill Qingfeng Li." With his facial expression changing greatly, Hell King said. At this moment his body was invaded by the dark energy of the Fatal Dagger, as a result of which he had no choice but to have Ghost Two kill Qingfeng Li.

Hell King knew that, today was the best chance to kill Qingfeng Li. The chance was so rare that if they missed it, it would be very difficult to wipe out Qingfeng Li in the future.

Ghost Two dared not to hesitate as he knew this was the opportunity of a lifetime. Once the Wolf Fang Clan managed to approach, it would be impossible to kill Qingfeng Li.


Ghost Two waved his fists and blew toward Qingfeng Li. Although his dagger broke off, he still had physical body and he could smash Qingfeng Li’s head with his fists.


But at the next moment, a black bullet, like a flash of thunder, shot from a distance, penetrated Ghost Two’s fists and made him scream out.

"You’re playing with fire, how you dare want to kill my boss in front of myself - Death-God." The voice of Death-God came with a hint of chill.

Actually Death-God’s original name was Tian Ye, but being called as Death-God was a kind of honor and fame which was obtained with his sniper rifle. On the Wolf Continent, no one was able to escape from Death-God’s shots. Even if the target was one thousand kilometers away, Death-go was also able to complete his mission.

Since Ghost Two’s fists was penetrated by the bullet, he had been unable to attack Qingfeng Li any more.

"Ghost Four, fight back against Death-God with your sniper rifle." Ghost Two turned his head back suddenly, said to Ghost Four.

The Ghost King Clan had their own sniper as well, and it was Ghost Four who was in charge of those. Ghost Four suddenly took out his gun from the living room and shot Death-God in the distance.

But it was obvious that Death-God shot better than Ghost Four as the former kept on knocking down the latter’s bullets.

Even though Ghost Four was unable to wipe out Death-God, he had pinned down Death-God’s gun, which afforded Ghost Two a chance to kill Qingfeng Li.

"Go to hell." Ghost Two’s right fist was injured, but the left one was still fine. So he blew his left fist brutally aiming at Qingfeng Li’s head, deciding that he have to get Qingfeng Li done this time


A loud noise came, and the living room gate of the villa was slammed open. You know, the pure iron gate weighed two hundred and fifty kilograms, but it now was slammed open, which had indicated how strong the guy walking in.

The guy who just opened the gate was a bald man with a height of 1.9 meters, who looked muscular and wildly powerful. It was not someone else, but Bald Man Chong Lu of the Wolf Fang Clan.


Having noticed that Ghost Two was about to blow Qingfeng Li with his left fist, Bald Man roared and raise the iron gate weighing two hundred and fifty kilograms, then threw it onto Ghost Two.

It was an iron gate with a weight of two hundred and fifty kilograms, along with Bald Man’s wild strength and impact force, which could weigh five hundred kilograms in total. If the whole weight was thrown onto Ghost Two, he would definitely be smashed into a pie.

Ghost Two paled and was scared, dodging away. Indeed he wanted to kill Qingfeng Li, but he did not want to die. If he got Qingfeng Li done with his fist, he would be smashed to d

eath by the iron gate at the next moment.

Ghost Two stepped back quickly and escaped from the attack of the iron gate at last. The iron gate was slammed onto the ground, and the ground was smashed into a huge hole which a proof of Bald Man’s incredible strength.

"Bald Man of the Wolf Fang Clan reporting to duty. If anyone dares to hurt my boss, I’ll smash them to death." Bald Man said in a loud voice that made the ceiling buzzing.

Hell King glanced at Bald Man with rage. He was very angry because Ghost Two should have killed Qingfeng Li just now if the bald man did not get in the way.

Hell King felt extremely angry at this moment. He was invaded by the meteorite energy from the Life-Reaping Dagger, as a result of which he was unable to fight back. On the other hand, Ghost Four was having a shooting contest against Death-God while Ghost Two was interrupted by Bald Man.

Yes, we still have Ghost Three, we still have a shot. A hint of bright light flashing in Hell King’s eyes. He was not only strong and powerful, but also very smart, so he instantly came up with the idea that they actually had more men.

"Ghost Two, go to fight against Bald Man, you must distract him. And Ghost Three, go to kill Qingfeng Li." Hell King assigned tasks with a cold smile.

Bearing the pain of his injury, Ghost Two nodded and rushed to Bald Man. He had got injured now, so he absolutely could not defeat Bald Man by himself. But if his role was only to distract Bald Man so as to create a chance for Ghost Three to kill Qingfeng Li, he believed he was able to do it.


At the sight that Ghost Two was running into him so as to stop him from rescuing Qingfeng Li, Bald Man roared and suddenly gave full play of all his strength like a beast, rushing to Ghost Two. They collided with each other with a terrifying force.

Dang, dang, dang, dang!!!!

Ghost Two was hit by Bald Man as if he had been hit by a beast. The strength was so strong that he was slammed to back up for a few steps.

In terms of strength alone, it was obvious that Ghost Two was unable to beat Bald Man. Apart from Ghost Two, even all the men around, except for Qingfeng Li at pinnacle tier, could not fight against Bald Man either. No wonder he was called humanoid tank.

Although Bald Man knocked Ghost Two to step back, he was pinned down by Ghost Two too, which had prevented him from approaching Qingfeng Li for the time being.

Ghost Three smiled brutally, walking toward Qingfeng Li, with an obvious murderous look.

""Wolf King, I’ve never thought you’d die in my hands rather than being killed by my second elder brother." Ghost Three took a cold look at Qingfeng Li with a touch of excitement in his eyes.

Killing the Wolf King would be a great honor, so every ambitious strongman wanted to do it.

"You aren’t qualified to kill me." Qingfeng Li smiled slightly, staying fearless even when the threat of death was close.

Qingfeng Li had conquered the Wolf Continent with hundreds of various battles, many of which were extremely dangerous that he nearly lost his life. Even so, he had defeated the enemies and won the victory at last.

He knew he should never surrender until the last minute.

"Go to hell, Wolf King." Ghost Three gave a brutal smile, suddenly blew out his right fist aiming at Qingfeng Li’s head.


At that moment, an air-shattering noise came. A tiny silver needle tore the air unexpectedly and shot Ghost Three on his wrist, which made him paled and cried miserably.

The silver needle was seven or eight centimeters long, with silver color and thin shape. But the tip of the needle was so sharp that it had directly penetrated Ghost Three’s wrist, leaving a tiny round hole there with a bleeding wound.

"Who, who’s sneak attacking me?" Ghost Three’s facial expression changed, and said with rage. He was about to get the Wolf King done, but was raided unexpectedly, which had enraged him.

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