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At this moment, Qingfeng Li and Hell King both looked miserable. There was a long broadsword stabbing in and penetrating Qingfeng Li's chest while Hell King suffered the same by a dagger.

Too bad, the power of the Wolf King Totem had disappeared. Qingfeng Li's face became pale with a feeling of weakness, unexpectedly founding no strength in his body.

Damn it, am I going to die here?

Qignfeng Li's face paled and his body teetered, as if he had been about to slump to the ground. He was now supporting his body totally relying on the willpower of his own. If it were someone else, they would have passed out long ago.

Qingfeng Li gave a bitter smile. As the Wolf King, he had conquered the Wolf Continent invincibly with lots of strongmen and masters surrendering to him. Having come a long way, no matter how strong the opponent was, he was able to win at last. But today he thought that he would have to die here.

Honestly speaking, if Qingfeng Li did not stab himself three times at first to save Ruyan Liu, he would not have got injured so badly or have been on the edge of death.

If Qingfeng Li was given another chance, he would still choose to stab himself as he must rescue Ruyan Liu even if he had to sacrifice himself.

Hell King had noticed the pale face of Qingfeng Li who was so weak that he would fall over at any time, and a trace of complacency came into his eyes.

Hell King had once investigated Qingfeng Li, so he knew the latter's Wolf King Totem had a time limit. Now apparently, Qingfeng Li's power had disappeared, and the side effects emerged.

"Qingfeng Li, now you have no power at all, I'm going to cut off your head today." Hell King gave a brutal smile, stepping forward.

But after only a few steps, Hell King stopped and felt a sharp pain in his chest. The Life-Reaping Dagger stabbing in his chest was giving off a burst of dark energy, detrimental to his body.

Hell King's facial expression changed greatly, no daring to move. He began to gather all of the strength in his body so as to resist against the strange dark energy from the inner Life-Reaping Dagger.

He did so because he had a feeling that it was not a good time for him to start a fight. Otherwise he would be definitely killed by the strange force from the dagger, which was the dark energy that came with the meteorite.

"What happened to you, boss?" Having noticed Hell King stayed still with bleeding mouth, Ghost Two stood up and asked.

"There's the dark energy of the meteorite in the Life-Reaping Dagger, so I can't pull out the dagger. As I'm unable to start a fight for the moment, you have to go to kill Qingfeng Li." Hell King gave a brutal smile, saying to Ghost Two.

Although he was not able to kill Qingfeng Li, his man was able to do it for him and this was the power of teamwork. At this moment, Hell King felt lucky that he was smart enough to bring the Ghost King Clan with him. Otherwise he was not sure if he could kill Qingfeng Li today.

"Yes, boss, I'm going to kill Qingfeng Li." Ghost Two nodded and walked toward Qingfeng Li.

At this time, anyone was able to see that Qingfeng Li had been already a spent bullet without any strength, even if an ordinary person could destroy him.

As the Wolf King of a generation conquering the Wolf Continent, Qingfeng Li had to end up with such a sad end just because he wanted to save a woman. This made Ghost Two think and sigh. Even though he admired Qingfeng Li's spirit, he still had to kill him since this man was not only the one who had killed Ghost Five, but also the enemy of the boss.

Ruyan Liu suddenly rose from the sofa and rushed toward Qingfeng Li. She managed to stand in front of Qingfeng Li as his shield, even if she was still roped.

"To kill him, unless you kill me first." Ruyan Liu's charming face paled but without any fears at all.

She knew that Qingfeng Li ended up with such a situation merely because he wanted to rescue her. Otherwise, how was someone else able to kill the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent?

Admittedly, the people sieging Qingfeng Li today were all incomparably strong. Among of them, there were two clones of Hawk King with the strength of King Level, and Hell King, Ghost King's apprentice, who was as cold as a snake.

"Since you want to die, I can do it for you." Ghost Two gave a brutal smile and picked up a dagger, being about to kill Ruyan Liu.

"Stop it." Hell King said at this moment.

"Boss, why not kill her?" Ghost Two asked with a trace of doubt in his eyes.

Hell King looked at Ruyan Liu with complicated and even unmoved feeling in his eyes, then said coldly: "I've said, this woman can't be killed. I want her to watch Qingfeng Li die in front of herself, then I'll torture her slowly. It's too good for her to let her die."

Ghost Two nodded and certainly knew his boss hated Ruyan Liu, so he just rudely slapped the back of her head and knocked her out.

After beating Ruyan Liu unconscious, Ghost Two placed her on the couch and had Ghost Three and Ghost Four guard her, then he approached to Qingfeng Li with the dagger in his hand.

"Dear Wolf King, you're regarded as the king, the most powerful man. I haven't expected that you now have no strength at all, you're as weak as a chick." Ghost Two smiled brutally, with a trace of sarcasm in his words.

The Wolf King, as a elite of Level SSS, was the leader among the kings, who was not only the nightmare to everyone but also the target that everyone wanted to kill.

Having thought that the Wolf King, who conquered the dark world, was going to be killed by himself, Ghost Two was so excited that his hands were trembling. As long as he could kill the Wolf King, his name of Ghost Two would be definitely spread all over the world.

Qingfeng Li opened his eyes difficultly, breathing heavily, and said coldly: "If I didn't get injured, I could easily give you a slap to send you to the hell."

Having heard Qingfeng Li's words, Ghost Two became angry with his face color changed, for he had been despised by the opponent who was staring at him as if he had been looking down on a nobody.

"Wolf King, how you dare still act tough when you're close to death. Today I'm going to cut off your head." With a brutal smile, Ghost Two waved his dagger and chopped at Qingfeng Li's neck.

However, confronted by the sharp dagger, Qingfeng Li was motionless, without blinking his eyes, as if the dagger had not existed.


Ghost Two's dagger, which was only a centimeter away from Qingfeng Li's neck, clicked and cracked, then fell down to the ground, making a fragile noise.

What, my dagger broke off?

At the sight of the cracked dagger, Ghost Two found it hard to believe, as he had been sure that Qingfeng Li had no strength at all. But what happened to the broken dagger?

Ghost Two looked at the cracks of the dagger and found that there had been an extra round hole there with the shape of a bullet.


A black bullet tore through the air like the god of death, shooting toward Ghost Two.

The bullet was shot so fast that Ghost Two had been frightened and hurried to dodge. But it still blew along his scalp, shooting off parts of his hair and scalp, with bared blood and flesh of his head.

Almost, just almost, Ghost Two's head was about to be hit by the bullet. Fortunately he was fast enough to escape at the critical moment.

"Boss, Death-God of the Wolf Fang reporting for duty." All of a sudden, a cold voice came from a distance. It was apparent that Death-God was still a bit far away from here, as a result of which Qingfeng Li had been saved by shooting off Ghost Two's dagger with a sniper rifle.

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