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A+ A- Chapter 604: A Fierce Battle

There had been eight various wounds throughout Qingfeng Li’s body, each of which was badly serious with exposed flesh and bones. And due to the continuous bleeding, most of his clothes had become indistinguishable by their original colors since they were stained with blood.

Thanks to Qingfeng Li’s strong physical and mental fortitude, he stayed awake. If it were someone else who got such serious injuries, the person would have already fainted from the pain.

"Qingfeng, get out, don't mind me!" At the sight of Qingfeng Li covered in blood, Ruyan Liu’s charming face showed pity on him. Her pearl-like tears kept on rolling down along her face desperately.

Ruyan Liu had seen what Qingfeng Li did to save her just now, but she could not help him out because she was roped up. She was deeply moved, and at the meanwhile she felt worried about Qingfeng Li. She did not want him to die here.

Qingfeng Li gave a miserable smile to Ruyan Liu, saying weakly: "Today I’m getting you out of here, even if I have to die here."

"What an impressively affectionate couple! But it was shamed that you’re about to die." Looking at Qingfeng Li, Hell King said sarcastically, with a trace of jealousy in the sarcastic voice though.

Having found that Ruyan Liu was so concerned about Qignfeng Li, Hell King was mad with anger as he was still into Ruyan Li. Otherwise, he would have killed her earlier instead of taking her as the bait to hook Qingfeng Li.

Damn it, only thirty seconds left for Wolf King Totem?

Qingfeng Li’s face became pale with a flash of horror in his eyes, since the Wolf King Totem, of which the effect was limited within merely three minutes, had only thirty seconds left after such a long fight.

The reason why Qingfeng Li had been able to kill Eagle King and fight against Hell King was relied upon the blood power of the Wolf King Totem. His body would turn to be badly weak once the blood power disappeared, as a result of which even an ordinary people was able to kill him easily, let alone Hell King.

The Wolf King Totem was so powerful, it came along with bad consequences though, which was the reason that Qingfeng Li seldom used this sort of power. Back then, Wind-Edge Demon King, his master, had once warned him not to use the power of the Wolf King Totem unless he was in extreme danger.

The world obeys the law of conservation of energy, which meant gains would lose. As a result, you would have to repay for it when you obtain a sort of certain power that was mysteriously powerful.

Must end quick, Qingfeng Li had to kill Hell King within thirty seconds. There was a trace of cruelty flashing in his eyes, and he knew that he had only thirty seconds left.

I’ll kill you!

Qingfeng Li growled, bursting into his full strength and rushing to Hell King, in the hope of getting him done in the shortest possible time.


Hell King suddenly blew the long blade in his hand and crashed with the Life-Reaping Dagger from Qingfeng Li. With a vast noise of "boom", both of them took a step back, and neither of them won.

Although Qingfeng Li was equipped with the Wolf King Totem, he was injured so badly that he could merely give half play of its power. And Hell King was by no means ordinary as well, he was of course not afraid of Qingfeng Li since he had learnt a lot from his master Ghost King and he had the meteorite blade accompanied.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang....

The Life-Reaping Dagger in Qingfeng Li’s hand kept on colliding with Hell King’s meteorite blade, which made the loud bang noise and explosive air current.

Qingfeng Li intended to kill Hell King. And Hell King wanted to destroy Qingfeng Li as well. They both behaved murderously and unreservedly. The weapons collided into each other again and again, bursting into vast power.

The both kept on fighting in the living room that the hard granite floor had been shattered alo

ng with lots of footprint holes. As to the furniture like tables, chairs and stools, they were all smashed once being blown by the two people in an instant moment.

This had completely exceeded the limit of human body. Even if the King of Special Forces was here, he would fail to cause this sort of damage either. Perhaps only the monster had the power to cause such enormous damage.

Damn it, only ten seconds left for the Wolf King Totem?

A trace of horror flashed into Qingfeng Li’s eyes. He was not afraid of Hell King, but he was worried about the loss of the power by the Wolf King Totem, which meant he would return to being an ordinary people and dead for sure once the power disappeared at last.

Qingfeng Li knew that Hell King was tough, and his strength at the pinnacle tier of level SSS was absolutely able to be compared with that of a King. As a result, Qingfeng Li was unable to kill Hell King at all at this moment, if he merely relied upon the Life-Reaping Dagger or the power.

To perish together?

Qingfeng Li came up with the idea. It seemed that only perishing together could wipe out Hell King.

Since he had made the decision on how to fight, Qingfeng Li rushed into Hell King without any hesitates, regardless of the blow from Hell King’s long blade.

At the sight of Qingfeng Li running into himself, Hell King was happy that his opponent was rushing in the direction the same as that of the blade.

"Qingfeng Li, go to hell." Hell King shouted with rage, stabbing into Qingfeng Li’s chest with the blade which penetrated from his back.


Qingfeng Li spitted out a mouthful of blood, injured again. Even though his body was penetrated by the long blade that almost pierced his heart, he managed to slightly swing his body and have the blade go through along with the heart at the critical moment.

"What are you laughing at? Your body had been pierced, and you’re going to die at once." Having found that Qingfeng Li was still smiling, Hell King pulled a long face, and said in a cold voice.

He believed he was being mocked. It was obvious that he was the winner as his blade had penetrated Qingfeng Li’s body. This guy was still able to keep smiling, however, was he laughing at me?

"I’m laughing at you because you’re such a fool that being so close to me." Qingfeng Li sneered at Hell King, full of sarcasm in his eyes.

Was Qingfeng Li a fool? Of course not. Instead, he was very smart. The reason why he had chosen to get deadly hurt, even having Hell King’s blade penetrate the body of his own, was to lure Hell King to approach himself so as to give the opponent a fatal blow.

"Sh*t, I f*cked up." It came to Hell King at the moment that although he had penetrated Qingfeng Li’s body with his blade, he was standing too close that there was only twenty centimeters between them.

Hell King’s blood was made run cold. Having felt the sense of fatal threat, he intended to step back. But it was too late.


With his last strength, Qingfeng Li stabbed Hell King with his dagger at a thunderous speed, aiming at Hell King’s heart. As long as he made it, the opponent would be dead for sure.

Hell King’s face became pale and his eyes were full of horror. He knew that he was unable to dodge Qingfeng Li’s dagger at all because they were too close with each other.


At the critical moment, Hell King growled and gave full play of all his strength, ending up with moving to the left side by a few millimeters which had saved himself. Qingfeng Li’s dagger failed to stab Hell King’s heart, but penetrated his chest.

Hell King spitted out a mouthful of blood and stepping back swiftly with Qingfeng Li’s Life-Reaping Dagger in his chest, which looked extremely miserable.

The Ghost King team around them all had a shocked look on their faces because they thought Hell King was bound to win today. They had not expected that Qingfeng Li managed to fight back at the critical moment and nearly kill Hell King.

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