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A+ A- Chapter 603: Killing the Eagle King

Iron claw weapon?

Looking at the iron claw weapon in the Eagle King's hands, Qingfeng Li's expression changed, his heart sank with a touch of heaviness.

This iron claw was attached to a iron chain that was about three meters long, emitting a chilling luster. It can attack from far away and cause Qingfeng Li a great deal of harm.

Qingfeng Li changed his mind, deciding to first kill Eagle King instead in order to eliminate the huge threat imposed by the iron claws.


With a swift move of his body, Qingfeng Li suddenly turned and charged towards Eagle King.

Seeing Qingfeng Li leave Hell King and coming to attack him made Eagle King jump. He quickly lashed out the iron claws in his hands, preparing for attack.


Qingfeng Li unleashed a wolf's cry. The wolf head pattern on his chest changed to crimson, exuding a murderous bloodthirst to kill.

His powers increased once more. He suddenly whipped out the Life-Reaping Dagger, and stabbed it directly at the iron claw. With a crisp clanging sound, the finely crafted iron claw fell to the floor, broken to pieces by the Life-Reaping Dagger.

Albeit its iron hardness, the iron claw wasn't crafted with meteor stone. It fell apart under Qingfeng Li's Life-Reaping Dagger.

My fine iron claw!

The expression on Eagle King's face suddenly changed, his mouth uttering a cry, his heart wrenched in pain. The iron claw was his prized ambush weapon. He had carried it for more than ten years, killing countless powerful men. He couldn't believe that it's been destroyed by the hands of Qingfeng Li.

"Wolf King, I want you dead." Eagle King sneered, eyes burning with murderous fire.


Although the iron was cut off, the three meter chain was still intact. The sight of Eagle King whipping the iron chain reminisced of dancing phantoms. He attacked Qingfeng LI relentlessly, forcing him to back away.

Clash, clash, clash~

Qingfeng Li's body dashed forward, lashing out his dagger relentlessly. With every slash a chunk of the iron chain broke.

By the end of his attacks, the once three-meter long iron chain was cut down to mere inches, its length as long as a small ruler, without a trace of intimidation.

"Eagle King, die." Qingfeng Li laughed coldly, waved his dagger, and stabbed it directly towards Eagle King's neck.

"Hell King, quick." Eagle King glanced at Hell King who was behind him and yelled.

The entire time that Qingfeng Li was attacking Eagle King, Hell King followed close behind. His blade inched up on Qingfeng Li's back, a couple of times almost wounding him.

Hell King's eyes were filled with murderous intent. The black meteorite blade extended out of his hands, pierced through the air, cutting a deep gash into the atmosphere.

Qingfeng Li sensed the blade behind his back, his expression changed minutely. If he attempted to escape the blade, he must stop his attacks on Eagle King. If he wanted to kill Eagle King's clone, he must suffer the blade attack from Hell King.

He decided to go all out. He must kill Eagle King. Qingfeng Li's heart became ruthless, relentlessly avoiding the blade attacks on his back, stabbing the dagger in his hands directly towards the neck of Eagle King's clone.


The Eagle King's clone was beheaded by Qingfeng Li's dagger, its head flying out instantaneously. At the same time, Hell King's blade had come in contact with Qingfeng Li's back. Qingfeng Li struggled to shift his body. He had avoided the blade from attacking his heart, but instead it had cut a deep gash under his ribs, tearing out his flesh.


Following the death of the clone, Eagle King's true body puked out a gush of fresh blood, his face suddenly as pale as snow.

The clone is connected to the true body. Once the clone dies, the true body is also wounded. Evidently, Eagle King's true body was now heavily wounded. Hi

s abilities were also decreasing at a quick rate, being cut to at least half of his original strength.


Eagle King wasn't the only one puking out blood. Qingfeng Li had also spewed out a mouthful of fresh blood. He had to suffer a stab from Hell King for the sake of killing Eagle King's clone. With the additional wounds to his already injured body, his face turned even more pale, without a trace of color.

Although his condition had gotten worse and he was spewing out blood, Qingfeng Li was delighted. He had killed Eagle King's clone and seriously injured Eagle King, debilitating him from battle, eliminating him as a threat. He now had only one true enemy left to face, Hell King.

 However, before killing Hell King, Qingfeng Li decided to finish what he'd started, to also kill Eagle King's true body.


Qingfeng Li suddenly shifted his body and charged at Eagle King's true body like a lightning bolt.

At the sight of Qingfeng Li charging at him, Eagle King's face changed dramatically. His eyes were filled with panic. His clone had been killed and his own abilities were cut down to half. He was no longer a match for Qingfeng Li. The powers of the Wolf King frightened him to his core.

Run, I must run, or else I will die here today. Eagle King's eyes flashed a trace of fear. Turning his body, he prepared to run away.

But of course, Qingfeng Li didn't allow him to run. He quickly arrived behind Eagle King in the blink of an eye. Afterall, dogging on enemy weaklings was one of his greatest strengths.

"Die." Qingfeng Li waved the dagger in his hands, stabbing it towards Eagle King's heart.

"Wolf King, my teacher is Gator King, it's better if you don't kill me." Fully knowing that he couldn't escape from Qingfeng Li's attack in his wounded condition, Eagle King threatened with the name of his teacher.

Gator King?

Qingfeng Li laughed coldly, eyes flashing a white light. He had heard of such a character from his teacher. The Gator King was amongst the greatest fighters in the same generation as Third Master Li, the great conqueror.

He was unbothered, however, not feeling threatened by Gator King.

So what if there is a Gator King? If he really comes, I'd just kill him.


Qingfeng Li whipped out his dagger and beheaded Eagle King. Up till now, doesn't matter which Eagle King is the real one or the clone one, they were all killed by Qingfeng domineeringly.

Even after death, Eagle King's eyes were still wide open. His death was in vain. The very reason to why he brought along his clone to Hua Xia was to kill Qingfeng Li. But in the end, it was him who got killed.

If it was just the clone that got killed, the true body would survive. But if the true body also got killed, then the being was truly dead. Now that Qingfeng Li killed both Eagle Kings, he could never resurrect.

At the same Qingfeng Li killed Eagle King's true body, Hell King's meteor stone mile blade also instantly pierced through Qingfeng Li, creating a gaping bloody hole in his body, blood spewing out instantaneously.

Qingfeng Li opened his mouth and spat out a huge gulp of fresh blood, his body trembled, almost fainting to the ground. He knew that he had loss too much blood.

He cannot faint right now, or else he would die, and Ruyan Liu would also die. He didn't care much about his own death, but if Hell King had complete control over Ruyan Liu, he'd definitely make sure wished she were dead.

Qingfeng Li bit into the tip of his tongue in an attempt to keep his mind awake. He suddenly charged towards Hell King, but his heavy blood loss had caused him to slow down, and his attack was easily avoided by Hell King.

"Qingfeng Li, you're heavily wounded and your speed has decreased. Today is the day you die." Hell King gave a cold laugh, eyes filled with delight.

Qingfeng Li was covered with injuries. The wounds on thigh, abdomen, and chest created by his own three stabbings, his shoulders wounded by the ambush of Eagle King's claws, his ribs and his back torn open by Hell King's blade. 

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