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At the sound of Sky-Devouring Snake's voice, Black Puppy glanced at it and said, "You know nothing. There is far more than what meets the eye. When the soil of Hell changes, it means that the devils beneath the Netherworld are about to appear."

Black Puppy's words startled Sky-Devouring Snake. The latter asked, "Are you serious? Isn't the Netherworld beneath the third layer of Hell? It has never appeared before, how could the devils underneath the Netherworld appear in this world?"

With a face full of contempt, Black Puppy said, "How are you the ancestor of all snakes? The number one snake between the heavens and earth? You don't even understand something so simple. Devils should exist in the Netherworld, but Earth has already mutated. This means that the underworld and our world are slowly fusing together. If a devil comes out, you wouldn't even know what hit you."

Sky-Devouring Snake didn't like what it heard, saying, "What do you mean by that? There's no way that devils can kill me. I'm not afraid of them."

Qingfeng Li waved his hand and stopped the two from arguing. He said, "Stop arguing, hurry up and help me find the Saint Perishing Fruit."

As far as Qingfeng Li was concerned, the most important thing for him to do in Hell was to find the Saint Perishing Fruit. Everything else was secondary. Devils? If they dared to appear, Qingfeng Li would kill them without hesitation.

Black Puppy nodded and continued to lead the way. It had been here before and was very familiar with the area.

"Everyone, be careful. The second layer of Hell is even more dangerous than the first. There are many ferocious beasts, all of which had survived since the ancient era and are all extremely powerful."

Just as Black Puppy finished speaking, a three-headed black dog appeared in front of them.


Sky-Devouring Snake couldn't contain its laughter. It pointed at the three-headed black dog with its tail and laughed loudly.

"Little dog, your brother is here. It even has two more heads than you!" Sky-Devouring Snake began loudly teasing Black Puppy.

Black Puppy rolled its eyes and scoffed, "That's not my brother, that's the Three-Headed Hell Hound, a ferocious beast within the second layer of Hell. Its abilities are equivalent to that of a half-step Spirit Emperor Realm master."

The Three-Headed Hell Hound glowered at the two and said coldly, "How dare you make fun of me? Do you want to die? I can devour you both!"

Black Puppy reached out its paw and patted its chest. Pretending to be fearful, it said, "Your Grand Daddy Dog is so afraid! How do you plan on killing your Grand Daddy?"

For a moment, the Three-Headed Hell Hound thought that Black Puppy was afraid, but after hearing the latter's words, it realized that Black Puppy was mocking it. If Black Puppy was Grand Daddy Dog, what was the Three-Headed Hell Hound? Its grand child?

"Little dog, where are you from? How dare you mock me?" The Three-Headed Hell Hound glowered at Black Puppy.

Black Puppy wagged its tail and said arrogantly, "Didn't I already tell you? I'm your Grand Dady. Give it a try, call me Grand Daddy."

"Stupid dog, how dare you act so pompously in the second layer of Hell. Do you want to die?!" The Three-Headed Hell Hound looked murderous, glowering at Black Puppy with chilling eyes.

The Three-Headed Hound suddenly waved out its right claws, turning them into three gigantic hands and smashing them towards Black Puppy viciously.

Black Puppy was unfazed. It also swung out its claw, turning it into an enormous paw. With unmatched power, Black Puppy's paw collided with the three claws, creating a deafening blow, exploding the surrounding atmosphere, and leaving an uncountable amount of cracks in the sky.


The Three-Headed Hell Hound retreated a step, its three claws were also forced back.

"Stupid dog, you're quite powerful," said the Three-Headed Hell Hound, its eyes flashing cold.

"Grandchild, how dare you curse at your Grand Daddy?! Watch me teach you a lesson." Black Puppy was livid. It was infuriated by the words of the Three-Headed Hell Hound.

Black Puppy launched itself into the air, arriving before the Three-Headed Hell Hound instantly, as if it were a black lightning bolt.

This time, Black Puppy initiated an attack, wanting to kill the Three-Headed Hell Hound.

Black Puppy opened its mouth and spewed out a ray of black light. It was a unique superpower belonging to Black Puppy. 

The Dharma spell superpower was reminiscent of a black lightning bolt, reaching the body of the Three-Headed Hell Hound in a flash, shooting a black hole through one of its heads, and causing black blood to gush out furiously.

Although Black Puppy shot down one of its heads, the Three-Headed Hell Hound had two more heads to use. Its remaining two mouths shot out rays of black flames at Black Puppy, known as the fires of hell.

Black Puppy swung its giant dog claw first to put out the two black flames.

"Die!" Black Puppy roared furiously, unleashing two more rays of black light, shooting down the Three-Headed Hell Hound's remaining two heads and killing it entirely.


The Three-Headed Hell Hound fell to the ground, smashing a huge crater and dying instantly.

The surrounding self-cultivators were all shocked by this scene. Black Puppy was too powerful, killing the mighty Three-Headed Hell Hound almost instantly.

"And a piece of garbage like you wanted to fight me? What an imbecile!" Black Puppy spat on the Three-Headed Hell Hound's corpse and turned to leave.

Qingfeng Li asked, "Little dog, why don't you eat the Three-Headed Hell Hound's Demonic Pill? Wouldn't it elevate your abilities?"

Black Puppy wiggled its snout and said, "A Demonic Pill from such a piece of garbage? I don't want it. It wasn't as strong as me so its pill would be useless to me."

Truthfully speaking, Black Puppy had another reason to why it didn't take the Demonic Pill. Other than the pill being useless, both Black Puppy and the Three-Headed Hell Hound were both dog-type demonic beasts. No matter how much Black Puppy despised the Three-Headed Hell Hound, the former was still the ancestor of all dogs. It wasn't about to eat one of its descendants.

Qingfeng Li continued to walk, followed by Black Puppy and the rest.

Along the way, they were met with even more self-cultivators. These self-cultivators were all just making their way into the second layer of hell, and they were all huddled up in a discussion.

"Did you guys hear? A small black tree appeared about 70 kilometers north from here. There is a black fruit on top of it, and many self-cultivators are there fighting for it."

"Yes of course! But the small black tree can run, and the self-cultivators cannot catch it."

"Nonsense! How could a tree run? It's not like it's a human."

"I'm serious! The small tree was actually running! I saw it with my own eyes."

The self-cultivators all chatted as they walked, talking about what they had just seen.

Qingfeng Li just happened to pass by, and he heard their every word.

He turned to Black Puppy and asked, "Little dog, a small tree that can run? What is that?"

Black Puppy looked delighted and explained, "If I'm not wrong, the little black tree is called the Saint Perishing Tree, and its fruit is none other than the Saint Perishing Fruit."

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