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Li Xie's face turned as black as the bottom of a pot. He never thought that he would get pushed back by a dog. Dammit!

The surrounding people were in awe after witnessing this scene. A dog had actually pushed back a half step Spirit Emperor!

Black Puppy reached out its right dog paw, pointed it at Li Xie with a look of arrogance, and said, "Bastard, your time is up. Let Grand Daddy Dog kill you with one slap."

It must be mentioned that Black Puppy was very arrogant and domineering. Other than Qingfeng Li, it called himself Grand Daddy Dog or, if it was feeling humble, just Master Dog in front of everyone.

"Puppy. You are looking for death," Li Xie scolded and pulled out a long black blade from his interspatial ring.

The width of this long sword was more than a meter long and pitch black in color. It was emitting a crispy black light; the light rushed into the clouds and pierced the sky.

"Li Xie pulled out the Wicked Emperor Blade. This is a powerful weapon!"

"Not bad. Li Xie hadn't used the Wicked Emperor Blade for three years now. If he uses this long sword, he must be using it to kill."

"The Wicked Emperor Blade appeared, so blood must be shed. Qingfeng Li will definitely die."

After seeing Li Xie taking out the Wicked Emperor Blade, the surrounding people were shocked, and they were all began commenting on it.

In the World of Self-cultivators, the Wicked King Blade was very famous. Many Self-Cultivators were killed by this blade. Many people had seen this blade, and their bodies grew soft because they were threatened by the power of the blade energy.

Although the surface of Wicked Emperor Blade was black, if one looked closely, the tip and the blade were dark red. The color came from excessive killing, where too much blood had gone into the blade and dyed the tip and edge of the blade.

Black Puppy's face became serious. It felt a sense of danger from the Wicked Emperor Blade. This was no ordinary sword, as it was an emperor level spiritual treasure.

Although Black Puppy did not have any spiritual treasures, it had superpowers.

"Bastard dog, go to hell." Li Xie shouted and swung the long black blade vigorously. It cut through the air, and a huge crack appeared. With magnificent power, it struck toward Black Puppy fiercely.

"If Master Dog doesn't show you some power, you'll think I'm just a weak Hello Kitty?" Black Puppy shouted as it opened its mouth and shot out a black light.

This black light was super strong, piercing a huge hole in the sky and colliding with the long sword. A deafening sound as loud as thunder was created.

The surrounding space cracked and disappeared, and a huge energy force was dispersed in all directions, causing rocks and sand to fly everywhere. It was chaotic, and the surrounding people retreated backwards.

"Shoot, this Black Puppy is strong."

The surrounding people were full of shock and surprise. They thought Li Xie's Wicked Emperor Blade would kill Black Puppy for sure.

But the situation ended in reversed, Black Puppy actually defended Li Xie's attack.

"Bastard dog, let's see how many times you can defend from my blade." Li Xie smiled coldly and waved the black blade in his hand once again. It pierced the air and turned into a black blade shadow, carrying forward a huge energy force and striking towards Black Puppy again.

 Black Puppy opened its mouth and shot out a black whirlpool. This was the superpower it had just comprehended, and it had the ability to devour attacks.

The Black Whirlpool contained a strong attractive force, and it directly sucked in the blade energy from the long black blade. It even wanted to suck away the long black blade, but the blade was extremely powerful and actually freed itself from the whirlpool.

"What, it even absorbed my blade energy?!" Li Xie's eyes were full of surprise when he saw his blade energy get sucked in by Black Puppy's superpower.

Li Xie knew that his long black sword was an emperor level spiritual treasure and was very powerful. What is this whirlpool from that puppy? How did it defend against an emperor level spiritual treasure?

Li Xie waved his longsword again and pierced the air, aiming toward Black Puppy once more.

Black Puppy was not showing any signs of weakness. It spat out a Black Whirlpool and used its dog claw against Li Xie at the same time. It was a terrifying fight between the two.

Qingfeng Li did not assist the puppy, because he knew that it had a huge amount of pride and that it did not like help when it was in a fight.

Qingfeng Li walked to the side and wanted to challenge the Grand Elder of the Sect. At this time, the Grand Elder was fighting with Sky-Devouring Snake. They were both half-step Spirit Emperors, and it was difficult to distinguish who had the upper hand.

But danger arose from Qingfeng Li's left side. He turned his head over to look and saw a man with a huge figure. It was a middle-aged man wearing a red robe staring at him heartlessly, full of killing intentions.

Qingfeng Li recognized this middle-aged red robe man. He was the Devil-Imperial Sect's sect master, Zhentian Mo.

The Devil-Imperial Sect was a strong emperor level sect. Their sect master, Zhentian Mo, was a half-step emperor level master and was very strong.

"Qingfeng Li, you killed many of us from the Unorthodox side. Today, I need to kill you to avenge those you killed," Zhentian Mo looked at Qingfeng Li and said heartlessly.

In the world of cultivation, Qingfeng Li's fame came from killing many self-cultivators of the Unorthodox Dao. Both the Crimson Blood Sect and the Demonic Blood Sect were eliminated by Qingfeng Li completely.

Qingfeng Li was not only the unorthodox's enemy but also the enemy of the Devilish Dao.

Zhentian Mo was very powerful. He took a right step, and a huge crack appeared right in front of him, which was more than a few ten meters long and extended to Qingfeng Li's feet.

Suddenly thorns shot out from the ground, lashing out at Qingfeng with spikes.

Qingfeng Li kicked his right fist at the thorns suddenly, cracking the thorn and turning it back into soil.

Earth elemental vital essence!

Qingfeng Li's face changed slightly. He did not think Zhentian Mo practiced Earth Elemental Vital Essence. It had the ability to freely transform soil and rocks in its attack.

Fortunately, Qingfeng Li comprehended the Gravity realm. The Gravity realm used the force of attraction, so it made Qingfeng Li extraordinary sensitive and responsive to his surroundings; he could defend against all that was coming his way.

"Not bad, little brat. You actually defended my earth thorn attack but let me see how many times you can defend it." Zhentian Mo looked at Qingfeng Li with disdain.

It was just a teaser since Zhentian Mo had not used many of his attacks yet.

Zhentian Mo stomped his right foot harder this time. Four thorns appeared around Qingfeng Li's body. Each of the four thorns spread towards the four different directions, front, back, left and right, all towards Qingfeng Li.

These thorns were earthy yellow and very sturdy, yet they were incredibly sharp.

Qingfeng Li did not want to be careless and pulled out his Fire Emperor Sword. He originally wanted to use the Golden Light Sword, but he figured Zhentian Mo was a half-step Spirit Emperor. Since his earth thorn attack was already extremely powerful, Qingfeng directly took out the Fire Emperor Sword.

The Fire Emperor Sword exuded a red flaming temperature of a thousand degrees. It was refined into a legendary sword by magmatic stone and meteorites.

Qingfeng Li swung the Fire Emperor Sword and sliced towards the front. He chopped the earth thorn in half, letting it fall to the ground. Next, he drew an arc with the sword and cut the four thorns around him into half as well.

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