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Chapter 58: Purplish-green Dark Light Exploded

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The three babies were just over half a month old. They couldn’t recognize humans but had an innate sense of danger towards life and death. The triplets did not allow any attacks to get close to them. Suddenly, as if by accident, their hands moved and touched each other in an instant.

Inky-black yin energy burst out from the three babies at the same time.

No one could see the purplish-green dark light exploding!

The strong force knocked the stone that was about to hit the second child’s forehead back!

The hard stone flashed and flew out from the broken window paper. With a bang, it smashed hard on the head of the excited Tie Wa!

He was just a child born in a farmer’s field. How could he injure King Hades’ true descendant?!


Tie Wa did not expect the stone he threw to attack back!

A fist-sized stone hit his head, and he was instantly in pain. Tie Wa instinctively covered his head and cried out.

Blood flowed down from his head, his fair flesh looking exceptionally miserable. A large bump immediately appeared on Tie Wa’s head.

Furthermore, with a strong force, Tie Wa was pushed back and fell from the stone!

His knee was also injured and his body was in pain from the collision. The first thing Tie Wa wanted to do was to open his mouth and cry loudly. However, perhaps because he had inherited this from his mother, he actually remembered that he might get caught. He swallowed his cries and held his bleeding head. He cried and ran away from Ye Lulu’s house.

Tie Wa’s howl near the window woke Ye Lulu up.

As the distance was too close this time, Ye Lulu instantly knew that someone was outside her window!

All of a sudden, her hair stood on end…

Ye Lulu looked first and saw that the three babies were still around. When she turned around, she saw that there was a huge hole in the window paper!

This was too terrifying!

What if someone had jumped in?!

The ancient windows were useless.

Besides, although she had heard that someone was outside, no one else was in the Guan family’s house except for Ye Lulu. No one saw who that person was!

Even if one saw them, they couldn’t stop them!

Ye Lulu looked around. Since there was someone around, it meant that Mother Rong and the rest had not returned. In a moment of desperation, Ye Lulu picked up the thin blanket and hugged her head. She opened the window and stretched her head out to take a look…

She only saw a chubby back.

It was a boy!

Ye Lulu was shocked and angry, but she heaved a sigh of relief. It was fine if it was a boy. At the very least, there was no other danger.

Pregnant women in the modern world knew that it wasn’t that they shouldn’t be exposed to the wind during confinement. It was just that although Ye Lulu’s body was gradually recovering, she had suffered too much previously and had even cooled down recently.

There were babies to be fed and the medical conditions in ancient times were poor. She was really afraid of catching a cold.

Ye Lulu only took a look and quickly closed the window, but there was a hole in the window paper that let in the cold wind.

The night in the mountains was very cold. She didn’t know what to do.

Ye Lulu sat on the bed and wrapped her arms around the three children. Her shocked heart could not calm down. She felt her heart skip a beat and did not dare to think about what kind of criminals would come knocking…

“What’s wrong?”

Footsteps suddenly sounded from outside the house. Just as Ye Lulu felt her heart skip a beat and her face tightened, Guan Chibei’s deep voice sounded from outside.

Ye Lulu gasped and shouted, “Guan Chibei? Come in quickly!”

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