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Chapter 236: Growing Intensity
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Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo raised their heads and looked at Ye Futian.

Everyone else also stared at the figure immersed in flame.

This was the young man who created a miracle in the Ancient Barren World. Most of the young generation in the Eastern Barren Territory were somewhat curious about his combat powers.

"Such a strong flame intent."

Feeling the powers of fire contained in that flame-filled body, everyone muttered to themselves. Li Daoyun's look was cold: in the Ancient Barren World, one of his arms was burnt by Ye Futian with the help of the flame statue. Ye Futian's musical spells were very strong. However, was fire his most skilled ability?


"Attack," someone from the Donghua Clan said in a cold tone. Many spells bloomed directly and swept towards Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. However, at that moment, an extremely shocking firelight was radiated from the Sun Dharma behind Ye Futian, as if the light from the Sun itself was shining down directly. Many spells were burnt away in the void right away. Even more terrifyingly, several ancient characters seemed to bloom in the Dharma.

Fire, Flare, Blaze!

In the eyes of some low-level cultivators from the Donghua Clan, flame intent seemed to appear and the ancient characters turned into willpower, charging directly into them. They gave out a miserable scream and closed their eyes in pain as blood erupted from their eyes.

In the meantime, some people started to burn. The terrifying ancient characters, with the help of the willpower, charged directly into their bodies.

Some splashing sounds were heard. A few Donghua Clan cultivators skilled in water-elemental abilities cast water spells which enveloped everyone's body. Ice fell onto them to extinguish the fire, but a few people were still injured.


Everyone's heart trembled. The people who were injured even included one who was in the Sixth-level Dharma Plane. He actually could not even bear the light from Ye Futian's Dharma?

Bang! An even more violent flame breath was released. Magma seemed to have appeared in the sky and turned into a sea of fire. Golden divine flames started to burn on Ye Futian's body which was showering in an endless amount of fire. The light from his Dharma was similarly like divine flames; his Dharma had been fused with the Book of Flames from the Ancient Luolan relic in the Ancient Barren World.

All the ice seals in the place were lit with the light from the divine flames. Then, the power of the ice dissipated and turned into a sea of fire.

Ye Futian's body flashed and turned into an afterimage. He was skilled at using the noble will of different elements, including wind intent. Since he was able to travel with the wind, he was extremely fast.

A cultivator from the Donghua Clan felt the threat and backed away quickly. Then, the light of Dharma enveloped his body and the flames seemed to be engulfing him. Ye Futian slapped out with his palm, and the other person raised his hands in an attempt to resist. Following a loud bang, the cultivator was blown backward and a horrifying firelight glittered on his body. As the flaming ancient characters appeared faintly, his body began to burn.

"Be careful." A cultivator who was skilled in water-elemental powers instantly landed before him and used a water spell to seal his body with ice. Otherwise, he would be burnt to death instantly.

The Sixth-level Dharma Plane cultivator, who was two levels above Ye Futian, could not even withstand a blow from him.

Dong. Accompanying a loud bang, the huge clock struck towards Ye Futian and an incredibly heavy power pressured his body. Yu Sheng stepped forward, but other spells started to sweep towards him; there were other people who were attacking him.

Ye Futian looked at the ancient clock which was flying over, and a moon appeared behind him. The sun and the moon alternated, while coldness and hotness spread out simultaneously, turning into an appalling yin and yang vortex.

The ancient clock which was dashing over was sometimes filled with ice and sometimes with flames. The two different wills flew on the surface of the ancient clock and ancient characters seemed to appear vaguely on it. The expression of the cultivator who had released the ancient clock Dharma changed as he felt an extremely horrifying aura. He controlled his will and wanted to take his Dharma back.

The light from the sun and the moon poured down continuously and landed on the ancient clock Dharma. Gradually, the ancient clock froze and stopped. Clear cracking sounds could be heard as cracks started to appear on the clock.

"No..." a Seventh-level Dharma Plane cultivator from the Donghua Clan screamed. Just as his voice died away, cracking sounds started to spread out continuously. His Dharma crushed into pieces, and his Life Spirit which had been fused with the Dharma was also destroyed along with it. The Donghua Clan cultivator gave a miserable cry and spat out a mouthful of blood. His face turned completely pale as he fell down from the sky.

"So strong?" Everyone around could only feel their hearts trembling. Ye Futian crossed over three levels and used his Dharma to permanently destroy the Dharma of a Seventh-level Dharma Plane cultivator from the Donghua Clan. How overpowering… He had directly eliminated his opponent in an overwhelming way and was so decisive that the other people from the Donghua Clan did not even have time to react.

The grandson of the king of Qin, Qin Li, questioned Ye Futian's combat powers, and Qin Mengruo also incited him to fight. Now, Qin Mengruo and the people from the Donghua Clan had seen it for themselves.

This was Ye Futian's combat powers.

The looks of the people from the Donghua Clan were as bitter as it could possibly be. They had sent so many people jointly attack Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, but another person was actually permanently disabled by Ye Futian again. How embarrassing that was.

Many cultivators stepped out. Finally, the higher level Dharma Plane cultivators from the Donghua Clan stopped observing and decided to attack together.

Seeing so, Yu Sheng directly reached out his hand and took the battle ax, his ritual implement, from his back. He had been carrying his noble ritual implement all along. Noble will gushed into the ritual implement. Giving an angry roar, Yu Sheng struck towards the incoming cultivators from the Donghua Clan. His ax seemed to be cutting the void itself into two and the cultivators from the Donghua Clan all dodged the attack.

Then, Yu Sheng moved. He charged forward like a devil and swung his battle ax continuously. Each strike was as strong as the attacks cast by top-tier Dharma Plane cultivators. Noble will had been fused into the ritual implement, in addition to Yu Sheng's own strength. The power unleashed could thus be well imagined.

Ye Futian did not look at Yu Sheng as he had brought his noble ritual implement and he was very confident in Yu Sheng.

The twin Dharma—the sun and the moon—continued to release terrifying powers and strike at the few Donghua Clan cultivators who had previously fought.

Everyone around gazed at the battlefield and was shocked in their hearts. The Donghua Clan could not even defeat the two who were both in the Fourth-level Dharma Plane.

The Cottage was still the Cottage. It would probably be very difficult for the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan to crush the legend of the Cottage.

Qian Shanmu frowned gently and a tinge of disappointment appeared on his face. Then, he took out the bamboo flute and played it near his lips.

The music of the flute spread out and traces of invisible spiritual powers moved towards Ye Futian and Yu Sheng directly. In that instant, Ye Futian only felt traces of sharp noises piercing into his ears, disrupting his Spiritual Energy directly. He could not even form the spells that he wanted to cast.

He frowned tightly and glanced at Qian Shanmu, his look extremely cold.

Qian Shanmu was one of the two best geniuses in the Donghua Clan and was honored as the best musician among the young generation in the Eastern Barren Territory. He actually chose to attack at this moment.

An even more violent aura bloomed from Ye Futian's body as his Spiritual Energy resisted Qian Shanmu's musical attack. Stomping his foot, he did not use any spells but instead slapped his palm out at a cultivator from the Donghua Clan. The radiance of the ancient characters flashed on his palm which seemed to be able to melt everything. His palm collided with the fist of the Donghua Clan cultivator, after which the cultivator cried in pain as his arms started to burn.

Seeing the scene, the pupils of everyone contracted slightly. Was this his response towards Qian Shanmu's intervention?

The flute's music turned rapid. At this instant, Ye Futian felt like many green snakes had appeared and were biting him. His spirit felt a wave of numbness and pain which was extremely uncomfortable, while his head felt like it was going to explode.

He used his strong spiritual will to resist the music, but the musical attack was everywhere and undefendable, continuing to enter his ears. Even the flames around Ye Futian were dissipating and he stood stiffly in the air, as if he was suppressed by the musical attack.

At the moment, an attack spell from a Donghua Clan cultivator flew over. Following a loud bang, Ye Futian gave a muffled humph. Even though his physical body was strong, he still spat out a mouthful of blood uncontrollably as his body was blown backward.

Ye Futian was enduring both physical and spiritual attacks.

Yu Sheng gave an angry roar; he had similarly felt Qian Shanmu's musical attack. At the moment, an extremely terrifying light appeared around his body, as if it was the light from a devil. A set of barbed armor emerged from his body and slowly wrapped around him, covering his body and turning into real devil's armor. The pair of horrifying devil wings was attached to the armor as if they fit inside perfectly.

"This is..." Everyone looked at Yu Sheng in astonishment. Even his eyes were glittering with gloomy golden light as if they were the monstrous eyes of the devil. An incredibly appalling current flew on his body. At this moment, the noble battle-ax in his hand seemed to be totally activated and a shocking power spread from it.

Ignoring Qian Shanmu's music, Yu Sheng struck out with his ax. Immediately, a sky-severing beam of light appeared in the space before him. In just an instant, blood bloomed out in the sky. Several cultivators screamed in pain as they backed away hurriedly. Some got their arms cut off, while others had their Dharma destroyed.

Everyone was shocked by the attack. Even though Yu Sheng had used the noble ritual implement, he was in the Fourth-level Dharma Plane after all and actually managed to burst out such an incredible attack. The way he struck his ax out was still like he was cutting a piece of wood, but the cultivators from the Donghua Clan seemed to have become his wood and were easily cut apart.

Was he mad because Ye Futian was injured?

Qian Shanmu's look was finally no longer calm. Although he had participated in the fight, a few people from the Donghua Clan were actually still injured. As a top genius in the Donghua Clan, this was quite embarrassing for him.

At the moment, many figures were whizzing over from afar. The battle here had only gone on for a short period of time, but its effects were rather devastating. The people who arrived first were from the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan. Today Qin Mengruo and Qian Shanmu were meeting at the place and they were all paying close attention to it. Therefore, they were the first to reach. However, after they arrived they realized that this was not like a guqin recital. More than half of the people from the Donghua Clan were actually injured; a few were permanently disabled and some lost their arms.

Seeing such a scene, the anger of the cultivator from the Donghua Clan who had just reached could be easily imagined. His look was extremely cold as he glanced at Yu Sheng who was in the air holding the noble ritual implement. A terrifying light was still being emitted from the battle ax.

He actually dares to act so wildly here!

Bang! A Noble Plane cultivator stepped out. In an instant, a terrifying might enveloped Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng lifted his head and stared at the figure; his look was still very cold.

The noble was filled with rage at the moment. Raising his hand, he slapped out directly and the frightening palm print seemed to be crushing everything. Yu Sheng roared in anger and lifted the battle ax in his hand, striking it out.

However, how could he block a real noble?

The palm print crushed everything and eliminated the light from the ax. Falling down, it hit Yu Sheng. In just an instant, Yu Sheng was blown directly towards the ground and could not resist the attack at all!

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