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HDLL Chapter 12 – Past Events

Although Xixi was reluctant to leave and Yang Yi looked gloomy and silent, Mo Fei still took the little girl back.

“Mama, let papa come to our house, okay? Papa can cook delicious food for you!” When they went downstairs, Xixi was still acting like a spoiled kid in her mother’s arms.

Mo Fei was upset by Yang Yi’s attitude. She patted Xixi’s butt in a bad mood and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. Girls should not be so mischievous!”

“Your papa has his own life, and will not want to come over.” Mo Fei finally touched the little girl’s head and said quietly.

Today, Mo Fei came over and, in order not to be followed by the paparazzi, she changed the car she usually used and use an ordinary private car.

After getting on the car, Mo Xiaojuan, who drove the car, took her mobile phone and turned her head anxiously. She reported, “Sister, trouble!”

“There was a reply from Teacher Liu’s side, saying that Teacher Liu was not satisfied with our temporary change of meeting time and had unilaterally cancelled the itinerary.” Mo Xiaojuan frowned and said.

This Teacher Liu is Professor Liu Shifang of the Composition Department of Shanghai Music Academy. He also created many popular works. Now he is older and more active in the entertainment circle as a music critic.

Mo Fei wants to visit Liu Shifang, but also hopes that he can comment on her return album. Of course, this is also arranged by the company’s public relations department. If the album can get a good comment and they put some money into it, perhaps there will be an increase in sales volume!

But Mo Fei doesn’t agree with this. Despite being woman in her early 30s, a mother, and who has been mixed up in the entertainment industry for many years, Mo Fei is still naive. She wants to win back her own honor through her own strength!

Therefore, in order to pick up her daughter, Mo Fei really didn’t mind to push off the trip.

Now, listening to what Mo Xiaojuan said, Mo Fei just frowned, and snorted “Whatever!”

The emperor is not anxious but the court eunuch is really anxious. Mo Xiaojuan reluctantly gave her cousin a look. She actually felt that it was faintly improper, but she could not win against Mo Fie. She just sighs and started the car to leave.

“I like to eat the food that papa makes. In the morning, papa makes sandwiches, and at noon, papa makes delicious chicken wings!” Xixi pouted her mouth and said gloomily, “Tonight, papa will also make delicious food, but Xixi can’t eat it…”

That delicate little face has a melancholy look, which makes people feel pitiful and funny.

“Your father can cook? How is it possible!” Mo Fei shook her head helplessly. She knew the level of Yang Yi’s cooking skills before. She had seen it very early and long ago. It was not as good as Mo Xiaojuan.

But Xixi is very serious, and she is trying to “sell” her father: “Papa is amazing! Papa also tells stories, tells the stories of Sister Elsa, Sister Elsa can do magic!

Although Mo Fei was somewhat surprised by what Xixi said, she still stubbornly believed that Yang Yi was the same big blockhead as before. Moreover, she was more concerned about Xixi’s attitude than about her ability to investigate Yang Yi.

She went to her father’s house for just a few days. Why was she captured by her father immediately? Does she not like her favorite mama?

Mo Fei was really jealous of Yang Yi. She feels like her daughter is going to be snatched by the wolf.

“Your papa is not that amazing. It must be that your papa is just sweet talking to deceive you!” Mo Fei said with some gusto.

Only in front of her daughter did Mo Fei show such a lovely face, a fairy face, and now hers cheeks were puffing up like steamed buns. Mo Fei was so cute!

“No, no, no papa has not deceived Xixi!” Xixi was not happy, and tried to argue for her father, “Papa said that he would take Xixi to sit in the Ferris Wheel next time.”

At this, Mo Fei was stunned, but fell into deep self-reproach.

She loves Xixi, but Mo Fei knows she’s not a qualified mother. She is very busy with her work, and has been eager to return, so the time to accompany Xixi is very little.

Plus, her identity makes it difficult for her to take Xixi to play in public like ordinary people.

“No wonder you like to be with your father…” Mo Fei gently embraced her daughter in her arms, rested her chin on her hair, and thought with some guilt, “Was my choice wrong?”

But the idea just flashed away. Mo Fei was a strong and persistent person. When she returned, she went to a restaurant with Xixi for dinner and took the little girl to her studio to continue working.

Another busy night…


“No…!” In the middle of the night, Mo Fei, who had just fallen asleep for a long time, suddenly woke up from her sleep. She got up with her clothes in disorder and went to Xixi’s room. She was relieved to see that Xixi was still sleeping in bed.

The dream just now was so weird that Mo Fei felt that she has returned to the time when she first met Yang Yi.

Yang Yi in her dream pushed her away and said cruelly, “How good would it be if we didn’t meet? In this way, you and I will not have Xixi which caused implication and entanglement between us!”

Then Mo Fei was swallowed up by the darkness and could no longer see her lovely daughter…

Fortunately, it’s just a dream!

But Mo Fei was not able to sleep for the time being. She poured herself a glass of red wine, dressed in a silk nightgown, and went to the floating platform in her bedroom, sat down and curled up.

Outside the window of the balcony is the prosperous scenery of Binhai District. Even in the middle of the night, the lights are still bright and the vehicles are flowing.

However, Mo Fei had no time to appreciate it. Her mind was full of thought from more than four years ago.

At that time, Mo Fei was still the “Iceberg Song Queen” in the world of singing. Six years after her debut, four albums pushed her to the top of the world of singing. Countless fans were intoxicated with her cold and ethereal songs and could not extricate themselves.

At that time, Yang Yi, who was expelled from the barracks, had just begun his new life in Beijing.

Maybe it was the arrangement of heaven. They, who don’t any connection previously have arrived at the crossroads of fate.

At a sponsored reception, Mo Fei was drugged by a boss who has bad intention and Yang Yi happened to the boss’ driver…

Watching his boss holding a beautiful woman that was obviously been drugged in his arms, Yang Yi, who is full of sense of justice, knocks down his boss with one punch, then drives his extended edition Lincoln and runs away with Mo Fei.

At that time, he did not know that he has rescued the big star Mo Fei. Of course, Yang Yi didn’t know all the stars.

If it was only a hero saving the beauty, there may not be a follow-up plot.

The problem was that the drug wasn’t strong enough and Mo Fei woke up quickly.

After she woke up, she kindly helped the thirsty Yang Yi to open a bottle of water in the car, but they didn’t think that the bottle of water was originally used by the boss for seven times a night – there was strong aphrodisiac inside!

By coincidence, Yang Yi was unluckily drugged.

He was a gentleman, and when he realized that there was something wrong, he parked the car in the maple forest in the suburbs. Red-eyed, he pushed Mo Fei out.

However, Mo Fei, in that situation, was reluctant to leave, crying as hard as tears break in.

Then, of course, something indescribable happened in the maple forest.

The past is like the wind, but never blown away. Even after so many years, she still remembers it and felt that it wasn’t that long when it happened!

“Would you regret that time?” Mo Fei gently shook her tall glass, which has wine that was red as blood. She didn’t know whether she was asking herself or Yang Yi.

But she knows her answer.

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