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ancient world had long since been infiltrated by outer space powerhouse.

The ten great powerhouse s were only considered ancient world's rank. If the outer space powerhouse who was hiding in ancient world was included, then it would not be counted as such.

"The two strong phantoms in the Universal Realm should be the outer space powerhouse, right?"

"If the shadow is so strong, then how strong is the Real Face?" Long Fei thought in his heart as he clenched his fists.

His target was the emperor Xuan.

He did not care who was behind emperor Xuan, he only wanted to kill emperor Xuan.

Whoever stopped him would be killed!

When Long Fei withdrew his aura, the ancient dragon body consumed a lot of his energy, especially under such high strength.

His aura recovered.

phantom's body also loosened up a bit as he secretly gasped for breath.

He knew that he had survived.

Even with Long Fei's current cultivation level, which was only at Swordsman Rank, he dared not be disrespectful and cautious.

No matter how strong Long Batian was, he could not afford to offend her reincarnation body.

Long Fei was also testing him. Seeing that he was not acting recklessly, her lips curled up as she gently smiled and said: "You have passed the test. Now, your little life can be considered safe."

"Huff …"

As soon as he finished.

phantom's body was trembling. He had only heaved a sigh of relief earlier, and now his body was about to slump down and relax.

Inwardly, he was glad that he didn't do anything rash earlier.


phantom immediately replied: "Rest assured my lord, even if you give me ten thousand guts, I still wouldn't dare to betray you. I've said it before, I am willing to be your slave for my entire life."

Long Fei replied: "It's good that you understand."


"You said that you are the guardian of the Asura's Gate of Death, then you mean that this is the entrance to an ancient Ashura?" Long Fei asked.

Long Batian's body was buried in the ancient Ashura.

This was not the main point!

The most important thing was that Long Batian still had the largest repression of boundary stones suppressed on his body!

Since this repression of boundary stones could suppress the number one powerhouse of the ancient times, then its power must not be simple.

phantom replied: Yes master, there are four entrances into the ancient Ashura, the Gate of Life, Gate of Death, Gate of Heaven, Gate of Ghost, and all four great entrances are guarded. I am the guard of the death gate, and I will guard this place for all eternity, not allowing anyone to enter.

Long Fei said: "Can I go in?"

phantom replied: "Of course!"

Without the slightest hesitation.

Stopping for a second was a disrespect to Long Fei.

Long Fei nodded, muttering to himself, "Ancient Ashura …"

"Wait until I become stronger."

"The stronger my cultivation, the stronger the power of my ancient dragon body!" At this time, Long Fei suddenly thought of something and slapped his thigh, "Holy sh * t!"

"I almost forgot about her!"

At this time, the sound of Liu Luoxi jumping off the cliff rang out.

Long Fei immediately said: "That woman just now …."

phantom said: "Please rest assured, my lord. She is currently in my energy domain, nothing has happened to her."

"Well done!" Long Fei was satisfied: "Alright, you can stay here for now, I will cultivate in a sect on the cliff top, if there is anything I can help you with, I will call you."

phantom moved and a small black stone floated up, and said: "Master, this stone contains the shadow of my Fate Soul, if you need me to crush it, I will immediately appear in front of you."


"My lord!"

Long Fei took the small stone and said: "If there's anything you want to say, just say it."

phantom said: "If you finish your experiential learning and leave the mortal world and enter the divine world, can you bring me along? I have guarded this place for millions of years and I nearly forgot what kind of existence the divine world is. "

He wanted to leave this place …

But he was afraid of the Asura Godmaster.

But if Long Fei brought him along, it would be different.

The Asura Divine Master had been defeated by Long Batian, so there was no need to fear him anymore.

Right now, he was determined to follow Long Fei!

Long Fei nodded his head: "It's up to you. I never need useless people by my side!"

phantom's eyes lit up, he thought that Long Fei would not agree, because he was Long Batian's reincarnation, the kind of person who was invincible and powerful.

If he could stay by his side, the benefits he would gain would be endless.

Hearing Long Fei's words, phantom was so excited that he kneeled down and said: "Thank you master for giving me the chance, I will definitely not let you down!"

Long Fei was secretly delighted.

He had accidentally taken in such a fierce person.

what realm was the ancient strong of billions of years ago?

I think even the average divine powerhouse is no match for him?

Long Fei said: "Alright, I can't use my power from my previous life as I please. First, send me to that woman's side, then, listen to my commands!"


"I don't believe that I can't take you down!" Long Fei secretly thought.

phantom didn't think much of it and replied, "Understood!"

Long Fei moved his body, and a powerful force wrapped around him, causing his body to fly out explosively.

In less than a few seconds, Long Fei saw that Liu Luoxi, who was wrapped up by a ball of energy, was still in the process of falling.

When Liu Luoxi saw Long Fei flying toward her, her eyes shivered, "You …"

"Why are you here again?"

"Can you let me die a good death?"

Long Fei once again threw himself into Liu Luoxi's embrace, and immediately hugged her, saying: "I won't let you die.

While they were talking …

Long Fei moved and said to phantom: "Accelerate the descent!"

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Without waiting for Liu Luoxi to resist, the two of them quickly fell down.

Long Fei used his own body to shield himself as he looked at Liu Luoxi and said, "Even if I have to die, I'll die first."


Long Fei closed his eyes.

Liu Luoxi's eyes were ice-cold. He was not moved by what Long Fei had done, but said coldly, "Do you think that doing this will make me like you?"

"Whether you die or not has nothing to do with me. Even if I don't die this time, I will die again."

Long Fei said: "If he can fight for you, I can too!"

Liu Luoxi was startled, "You? I don't even know your name, and who you are, there's only one man in my heart. "

"I don't need you to risk your life for me!"

"Your ten thousand deaths have nothing to do with me."

"Hualala …"

"Hualala …"

The cold wind howled, cutting at his body like a knife!

Long Fei thought, "Almost there!"

In that instant.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Long Fei smashed onto the ground heavily.

Even so, Long Fei still protected Liu Luoxi with all his might.

"Pfft …"

A mouthful of blood sprayed out.

Liu Luoxi's expression tensed up, she had also received a huge shock, but... She was not dead.

Logically speaking, at such a high distance, even if she had a 'meat cushion', she would still fall to her death. However, she didn't fall; it was just a slight concussion.

However …

Liu Luoxi didn't think too much about it.

Seeing Long Fei spurt out a mouthful of blood, her expression was only stunned for a moment, not sympathetic.

She stood up and saw the sharp rocks not too far away. She didn't want to live!

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