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Chapter 148

Director Wang suddenly trotted to the door . When he arrived at the door, he stood up and raised his hand to salute .

“Director of the report, Wang Meng, director of Xinjian Road police station, is on duty . Please give me instructions . ”

Nima, unexpectedly, met the eldest brother here . Fortunately, Wang Meng was not able to enforce the law roughly when he just came up . He was very lucky .

“What’s the matter, Mr . Lin?” Peng Tao shook his hands casually, but went inside .

“Mr . Lin?” Wang Meng is stunned . He turns around with Peng Tao’s steps, and then his eyes stare straight .

See Peng Tao standing in front of Lin Hai, slightly embarrassed, look incomparably respectful, just like a subordinate treat leader .

Serge, what’s the situation? All the people in the room were stupid .

Look at Lin Hai again . The director of the hall stood in front of him without lifting his eyelids . He still sat on the chair and didn’t move . His legs were shaking even more .

Nima, Wang Meng can’t understand . He can make the director of the public security bureau be respectful . The young man in front of him has an unusual identity .

No wonder they are so arrogant . They dare to beat these people in front of the police . they have the confidence, they are so awesome .

If I had just treated others like a fool, I would have been a fool myself .

At the same time Wang Meng was fortunate, he felt a little proud .

Mad, why are you so smart? Why is it so accurate to see people?

“Director Peng, there’s nothing wrong, but when we meet a group of idiots, we have to cry and shout to kneel down for our brother . We can’t get up dead or alive . This worries me . You see, we can’t get up now . ”


Gong Zhen, these people, almost breathed blood .

Nima, who is he crying and shouting to kneel? I want to stand up, but the question is, can I get up?

“Director Peng, I’m gong Zhen of the court . We ate here and were all beaten by this boy for no reason . You have to decide for us . ” Gong Zhen wails to Peng Tao .

“Gong Zhen?” Peng Tao was stunned and recognized it carefully . Isn’t this pig’s head Gong Zhen?

“Mr . Lin, is that it?”

Before Linhai could speak, Liu Hongju ran over .

“Director Peng, don’t listen to his nonsense . It’s like this…”

Liu Hongju also went out . He could see that director Peng seemed to be in awe of his son, a classmate . Anyway, he had a feud with Gong Zhen . He didn’t have to worry about anything anymore .

“Director Peng, that’s what happened . Gong Zhen and his people bullied us and hurt my son . Xiao Lin had no choice but to fight back . ” Liu Hongju’s story, adding fuel and vinegar, said it again .

“Dean Gong, is that so?” Peng Tao’s voice cooled after listening .

Gong Zhen’s face is a little unnatural . After all, today’s business is really on his own side . Who makes himself used to bullying people .

“Director Peng, anyway, it’s true that this kid hurt people . You can’t let him go like this! Otherwise, don’t blame me for telling Mayor Wang! “

Lin Hai is listening to it . He can’t help laughing . Gong Zhenzhen is such a fool .

So many people are here . You have publicly threatened a public security chief . Where do you put Peng Tao’s face?

Don’t say that Peng Tao won’t help you . Even if you want to help, you can’t help with this sentence . Otherwise, it’s spread out that Peng Tao, the director, is afraid of you, the vice president .

Sure enough, Peng Tao’s face sank as soon as Gong Zhen spoke .

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“Hum, Wang Meng, take all these troublemakers back to me and have a good check!”

“Yes!” Wang Meng promised, his eyes shining with excitement, and he came with the police .

Ma De, I even had a day to catch the vice president of the court myself . It’s really exciting to think about him .

When Gong Zhen saw it, he immediately panicked .

“Director Peng, what are you doing? We are all a system . Let them let go . ”

“One system? Then you should obey the law . I’ll teach you a lesson this time . Don’t do anything else in the future! Take away! “

A policeman came over, took Gong Zhen’s arm and dragged it out .

“Peng Tao, don’t go too far . Let me go, or I’ll have to sue Mayor Tang!” Gong Zhen can’t stand up . He drags his legs on the ground and shouts at Peng Tao .

“Director Peng, who is going to sue you at Mayor Tang?” At this time, there was a sound at the door .

As the crowd watched, a young man came in .

“Oh, isn’t this secretary Hou? I’m gong Zhen from the court . You came just in time . You… “

“Xiaolin, haven’t you finished? Mayor Tang is still waiting . ” Hou xianpin didn’t listen to Gong Zhen at all and went directly to Linhai .

“This…” Gong Zhen is really stupid this time .

Peng Tao has great respect for this kid . How can Secretary Hou treat him so politely? And Mayor Tang is still waiting for him?

Nima, what is this man for?

Gong Zhen, no matter how stupid he is, now he can see that the young man who beat himself has a deep background . He has kicked the iron plate this time .

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It’s no wonder that they are merciless to themselves . It turns out that they have no fear at all .

Gong Zhen’s heart suddenly rose a strong sense of regret .

“Brother Hou, I also want to go back quickly and have a drink with Mayor Tang, but they said that unless I kneel down to apologize, I will not go out . ” Lin Hai points to Gong Zhen and shrugs helplessly .

“Oh? Is that so? Vice President Gong Hou xianpin’s tone is flat, and he can’t see the sadness and joy in his heart .

But Gong Zhenke doesn’t think so . He knows that these secretaries, though of low rank, can’t afford to offend themselves at all .

If one day I say two bad words in front of Mayor Tang casually, I will not be a vice president for several days .

“Ah, Secretary Hou, no, Mayor Tang’s guests . How dare I force him to stay? He can go at any time, at any time . ” Gong Zhen said in a hurry .

Hou xianpin smiled and turned to look at Lin Hai .

“Let’s go . Vice president Gong has spoken . You can go at any time . ”

Lin Hai just got up and came to Gong Zhen .

“Dean Gong, can I really go? I haven’t knelt down to apologize yet? ” Lin Hai pretends to be afraid .

Sorry for your sister! Gong Zhenqi is eager to bite Lin Hai .

“Don’t apologize . It’s all misunderstanding . It’s all misunderstanding . ” Gong Zhen waved his hands .

“Oh, it was a misunderstanding . ” Lin Hai nodded suddenly .

“Ah, uncle Liu”, Linhai suddenly turned his head to Liu Hongju . “After you said this, would you be retaliated? After all, vice president Gong is so big and doesn’t look like a generous person?”

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Gong Zhen almost breathed blood when he heard it . NIMA, how can I look like a generous man?

“No, I won’t . Even if it’s over, Lao Liu, don’t worry about it . How can we pay in the future?”

“Ah, yes . ” Liu Hongju nodded his head stupidly .

“Oh, I’m relieved . ” Lin Hai finished, turned around and Hou xianpin, Peng Tao went out .

“Oh, wait a minute . ” Gong Zhen hurriedly stops them .

Nima, it’s quite easy for you to leave as soon as you say so . These policemen are still on their own .

“Why, something else?” Lin Hai was puzzled .

“That, director Peng, since it’s a misunderstanding, it’s already been said . Did you let the brothers withdraw?”

Before Peng Tao spoke, Lin Hai came over .

“Pat!” A mouth is directly on Gong Zhen’s face .

“You are such a fool . It’s open, but you haven’t finished hurting Liangzi . You should be beaten for nothing? He bullies you . “

Gong Zhen covers his face and his chest explodes .

Nima, don’t you see what you’ve done to our gang? Do you still say that we bully people? Who is bullying whom .

No matter what he thought, Lin Haicai swaggered out .

“Liangzi . ” Just out of the door, Linhai suddenly called Liu Liang .

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