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Chapter 902: Chapter 902 The Husband And Wife Act Together And Fight Back Perfectly (I)

“I like his money. He has so much money. In the entire Jin city, no, in the entire country, who can be richer than him? So I really like him, I really love him…”

Chu Wuyou deliberately paused for a moment before adding slowly, “I really love his money.”

Was that not what Granny Ye wanted to hear her say? Fine, I’ll satisfy the old madam.

In the bathroom, Ye Lanchen was stunned when he heard her words. His eyes flashed quickly before he secretly sighed. It seemed that she already knew that he was in the bathroom.

He knew her very well. When she filed for a divorce back then, she did not ask for a single cent. Would she covet his money?

It would be great if she coveted his money. She would not have divorced him back then.

“So, you only love his money?” When Granny Ye heard Chu Wuyou’s words, there was an obvious hint of joy on her face. Then, she deliberately asked again.

At this moment, she wanted Ye Lanchen to hear clearly. The more clearly he heard, the better.

At this moment, there was a faint hint of excitement on Elder Ye’s face. No man could tolerate a woman coveting his money. When Ye Lanchen heard Chu Wuyou’s words, he would definitely be angry and give up.

He would definitely not marry Chu Wuyou again. In that case, this matter would be resolved perfectly.

“As for his person, there is still a small amount of love.” Chu Wuyou thought about it and deliberately hesitated for a moment before forcing out this sentence.

In the bathroom, when Ye Lanchen heard her forced words, his eyes narrowed slightly. This woman really had no conscience. She was truly infuriating.

“I knew it. I knew that you were doing all this for Lanchen’s money. You’re really insatiable.” Elder Ye felt that this was the right time. Chu Wuyou did not need to say anything else.

“Chenchen, you heard it, right? You can come out now.” Granny Ye also felt that this was very good. Moreover, it was something special. Hence, she called Ye Lanchen out right now.

Ye Lanchen opened the bathroom door and walked out. His eyes directly looked at Chu Wuyou.

“Aiya, why are you here? Did you hear what I said just now?” Chu Wuyou covered her mouth and pretended to be completely unaware of what had happened. Her face even revealed some nervousness at the right time.

Ye Lanchen secretly laughed in his heart. She was really good. Her acting skills were truly exceptional.

Since she wanted to act, he naturally had to cooperate. He did not walk over but leaned against the wall. He did not say anything and just looked at her quietly.

“You heard it just now, right? She just likes your money. She just likes your money. You dare to take such a woman?” Elder Ye saw Chu Wuyou’s reaction and saw ye Lanchen’s cold expression. He was even more pleased with himself.

“Chenchen, there’s no need for Granny to say anything else, right? You saw it with your own eyes and heard it with your own ears. It can’t be fake,” Granny Ye quickly added. She felt that there was no need for them to say anything else in this situation.

Chenchen must have heard it clearly in the bathroom just now. He would definitely break up with Chu Wuyou next.

Ye Lanchen ignored them. Instead, he beckoned Chu Wuyou.

Chu Wuyou’s lips curved slightly. Then, she very cooperatively walked in front of him and stood in front of him. A smile bloomed on her face. That smile was very bright and beautiful.

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