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Chapter 824: Chapter 824 He Knew All Of Her Secrets (I)

Liu Ying’s hand, which had been hidden behind her, suddenly reached out. In her hand was actually a wine bottle. Holding the wine bottle, she suddenly rushed towards Ye Lanchen. It was obvious that she wanted to knock Ye Lanchen’s head off.

Situ Murong, who was standing not far away, had a flash in his eyes. His expression changed slightly and he subconsciously wanted to rush over. This woman was really impulsive when she did things. He originally thought that she had followed Ye Lanchen out because she thought he looked good. He did not expect that she actually wanted to knock Ye Lanchen’s head off.

She was really bold.

“I’m Wuyou, I’m Wuyou. Don’t be agitated.” However, Chu Wuyou had already quickly blocked in front of Liu Ying and stopped her.

Chu Wuyou originally wanted to make a joke. She did not expect Liu Ying to be so agitated and was instantly stunned.

“What? You’re not going to continue playing?” Ye Lanchen glanced at the wine bottle in Liu Ying’s hand and then looked at Chu Wuyou. He was a little angry but also a little helpless.

“You, what did you say? You, you’re Wuyou? You’re really Wuyou?”Liu Ying was even more stunned. Her eyes stared straight at Chu Wuyou with a face full of disbelief.

How was that possible? Wasn’t she the young miss of the Tang family? How could she be Wuyou?

No? How did Wuyou become so beautiful?!

Situ Murong’s brows raised slightly, and his expression became more clear. So Tang Xin’er was Chu Wuyou, Ye Lanchen’s woman.

But, what was the relationship between his woman and Chu Wuyou? ! She actually wanted to knock Ye Lanchen’s head off for Chu Wuyou? !

He had been with this woman for so long, but this was the first time he had seen her like this. Situ Murong was a little jealous.

“Lil Ying’er, I’m really Wuyou. I’m sorry, I didn’t explain to you just now. But, you have to keep my identity a secret for now.” Chu Wuyou explained repeatedly. She really had not expected this girl’s temper to become so fierce, she remembered that Liu Ying’s temper in the past was quite good.

“Wuyou, is it really you? It’s really you.” Liu Ying listened to her voice at this moment and then listened to that familiar address. She finally believed that the person in front of her was really Chu Wuyou.

“Wuyou, so you’re actually so beautiful, so beautiful. It’s too good, it’s really too good.” Liu Ying caressed Chu Wuyou’s face. She was a little absent-minded, but her face was filled with joy.

So her Wuyou was actually so beautiful.

Third Young Master Ye saw that someone was caressing his wife’s face, and he was unwilling. He quickly reached out and pulled Chu Wuyou over.

“Just now, the two of you were singing together. Did you enjoy scolding each other?” Ye Lanchen looked at Chu Wuyou, and there was an obvious sense of danger in his eyes.

“Cough.” Liu Ying came back to her senses. When she recalled what she had said to Third Young Master Ye just now, her expression changed slightly.

Did Third Young Master Ye mean to settle scores with them?!

“Well, I heard that intermittent forgetfulness is quite popular recently.” Liu Ying rolled her eyes and then said this sentence.

Situ Murong, who was standing not far away, twitched the corner of his lips. Only she could say such words.

“Eh, just now you wanted to smash that bottle on his head. I think it will be enough.” Chu Wuyou was stunned, then she smiled lightly. Just now when she smashed that bottle, Third Young Master Ye might really be able to forget intermittently.

“Then, why don’t I make up for it now?” Liu Ying looked at Chu Wuyou and blinked her eyes as she discussed with Chu Wuyou very seriously.

“I think I can give it a try.” The smile on Chu Wuyou’s face deepened. She realized why her Lil Ying’er was so cute.

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