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Chapter 1125: Chapter 1125 Third Young Master Ye’s Brilliant Counterattack, Brilliant Beyond Compare (V)

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“I won’t comment on whether Chief Shen is lying or not. I’m only telling the truth about the progress of the case.” Gu Zhengyi’s words were slightly reserved, however, what he said was completely opposite of what Shen Ting had previously announced. His meaning could not be more obvious.

“Acting Chief Gu, is there any result from the interrogation of Chu Wuyou?”Another reporter asked another question that everyone wanted to know the most.

“This requires evidence, but don’t worry, everyone. I will definitely find the evidence as soon as possible to catch the culprit and give the victim an explanation.” At this moment, Gu Zhengyi’s words clearly had a hidden meaning.

“Does Acting Chief Gu mean that he has already confirmed that Chu Wuyou is the person behind the kidnappers?” Reporters had always been the fastest to react to these things, so it was easy for them to understand Gu Zhengyi’s meaning.

“I am not in a position to reveal this for the time being.” Gu Zhengyi knew very well that he should stop now, so at this moment, he shrank back..

“Acting Chief Gu, I would like to ask, is Chu Wuyou trying to frame my mother?” Chu Ninger’s voice suddenly came from behind.

When everyone looked over, they found that Chu Ninger was sitting in a wheelchair, and Li Min was pushing her over.

Everyone was shocked. Obviously, they did not expect Chu Ninger to appear here at this time. After all, Chu Ninger was seriously injured.

Gu Zhengyi’s eyes flashed with a faint smile. This mother and daughter pair came quite quickly.

“I’ve just gone through Chu Wuyou’s interrogation record. Chu Wuyou did say that Li Min hired the kidnappers.” Gu Zhengyi looked at Chu Ninger and paused for a moment before answering Chu Ninger’s question.

Gu Zhengyi did not know much about the interrogation, but he was very skilled in speaking. He was able to control his words perfectly.

In Chu Wuyou’s interrogation record, Chu Wuyou said that Li Min had hired the kidnappers to kidnap her, but they had kidnapped Chu Ninger by mistake.

However, Gu Zhengyi deliberately only said half of it. The meaning was completely different.

“It’s true.” Chu Ninger smiled coldly. “Chu Wuyou is really funny. She actually made up such a lie, and Chief Shen believed it. He actually sent the police to arrest my mother.”

In fact, Chu Ninger had told the reporters about this matter before. However, Fifth Young Master Shen had not left at that time, and Gu Zhengyi had not arrived. The situation was definitely different now.

Gu Zhengyi had already pointed out the fact that Fifth Young Master Shen was lying. Now that Chu Ninger had said that, naturally, no one would suspect her anymore.

“I’m innocent! I’m really innocent! How could Chu Wuyou accuse me like this? I’m a mother. I’m so sad that my daughter has met with such an incident that I’m about to die. Yet, they still accuse me like this and even want to drag me into the police station. Is there any justice in this?” Li Min started to cry.

When everyone heard Li Min’s cries, they could not help but sigh. Under such circumstances, no one would believe that Li Min had hired the kidnappers.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely investigate this matter and give you all justice.” Gu Tianyi repeatedly expressed his stance.

“I am the victim. I know everything best. Chu Wuyou hired the kidnappers to kidnap me. My mother has already submitted evidence to the police, and I have also provided testimony to the police. I hope that the police can severely punish the culprit.” Chu Ninger’s sorrowful look made people feel even more sympathetic.

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