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Chapter 521: Willingness to Talk to Princess Xunyang

Mrs. Gu had been very furious about what she had heard about herself, but when she heard that Gu Yunhe had words to share, she ignored the gossip directly.

She came to his side, worried that something might happen to Yunhe.

As they came to the corner and made sure that no one was around…

Mrs. Gu asked. “What is it?”

Gu Yunhe, who had been excited, showed a touch of shyness at the moment. He had been to the Elder Princess’ Mansion and was well received. He had also met County Princess Anxi, who had an ordinary appearance and a terrible temper.

He thought that he could marry her for her title’s sake, but now he had a different idea.

He saw Princess Xunyang at Gu Chaoyan’s Adulthood Ceremony, and he found her extremely beautiful. She had a very cute smile as well. Also, that was a Princess he was talking about, much better than a County Princess.

He had never thought about approaching a princess, since a county princess would already be a difficult task for him, but now things were different. His sister was the Phoenix Girl!

The elder brother of the Phoenix Girl should be treated differently. So a princess was a great suitor for him!

If Lord Ling took the throne, he had to attribute the success to Ruxue, so his marriage to a princess would not be exaggerated at all.

“Mom, you can tell Gu Chaoyan that I want to exchange a few words with Princess Xunyang,” Gu Yunhe said arrogantly.

Princess Xunyang?

Mrs. Gu hesitated for a while, but soon she realized what was going on here.

Yunhe had gotten smarter than before. He knew what he needed. He was no longer some young master who fret over a maid.

Mrs. Gu smiled. “Yunhe, you know what you need, that would be enough. I will boost you up.”

Gu Yunhe, who had been feeling quite anxious, was now assured. He knew this was a feasible matter.

So Mrs. Gu set off for the matter.

Gu Chaoyan had just removed her uniform and was on a break. The guests outside were not her business any more.

She had just relaxed and was about to sip the tea, when Mrs. Gu walked in.

She looked about and asked confusedly. “Where is Princess Xunyang?”

“She went back to the court.” Gu Chaoyan answered calmly.

Back to the court? Then how could Yunhe meet her? That would not work.

Ideas started to spin quickly inside Mrs. Gu’s head.

She suddenly said, “You seem to have a good relationship with Princess Xunyang, you can ask her to our mansion for a visit, so that she can speak with your Elder Brother.”

“I can’t.” Gu Chaoyan turned that down directly. She knew what Mrs. Gu was aiming at, the moment she spoke.

Gu Yunhe? In his dream.

Mrs. Lin resembled Mrs. Gu at this point, but Lin Jiashu could be educated to be a better man whilst Gu Yunhe was simply a dead end.

“Why not? He is your Elder Brother!” Mrs. Gu bellowed.

“Really? Then I need to ask my birth mother if she had ever given me an Elder Brother like that.” Gu Chaoyan answered calmly.

“You!” Mrs. Gu looked furious. She snorted at Gu Chaoyan. She was going to come up with other ideas, even if Gu Chaoyan was not willing to help her.

Ruxue was the Princess Consort! She could just go into the court and present the request.

Yunhe was a great suitor, and the King would definitely consider it.

Mrs. Gu left as those ideas spun in her mind.

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