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1556 With You

Madame Gu thought about letting Gu Zhenkang marry the daughter of the Lin Family, which used to be an imperial business family.

The Lin Family and the Gu Family never had any connections. So the Gu Family must have made a huge plan so that Gu Zhenkang could get to know Ms. Lin and make her marry him without complaints.

The Gu Family was indeed a literati family, but Ms. Lin was not the best choice to be his wife. Nevertheless, Ms. Lin insisted on marrying this man, even though Lin Zeqing tried to stop it.

After Ms. Lin married into this family, the renovation of the Gu Mansion started. The Lin Family had paid for all the renovation, since the Gu Family were so poor at that time. That was how the Gu Mansion became what it was like now.

Therefore, the Gu Mansion should have been Ms. Lin’s mansion, except for the name.

Ms. Lin would never have foreseen that after the Gu Mansion was renovated, she did not even have a place of her own. She was forced to move into a side Qiong Pavilion, where she planted the flowers and lived alone. The Qiong Pavilion was not at all renovated.

How ironic was that?

The wagon pulled over as they reached the Gu Mansion.

The guards looked at Gu Chaoyan worriedly.

Their Old Master and Mrs. Gu were taken away by Dali Temple, and they were not coming back. So what would their life be, where would they head?

They had thought about this before.

Elder Miss should be in charge of the Gu Mansion in the future, so it should be a good thing for them.

Those who had served Elder Miss before were all happy. Elder Miss looked cold, but she never punished any of the servants. She even gave them a large amount of bonus.

And they could see that those maids who served her were very well dressed. Elder Miss must have given them the garments directly. Elder Miss treated the servants well.

She was not like Mrs. Gu and the Second Lady who kept cursing and hitting them. If they could live a steady life, they would be very glad and satisfied already.

They looked forward to having a bright future, even though they were worried.

Gu Chaoyan said nothing but headed into the mansion. Gu Yunhe and Gu Ruxue were looking at Gu Chaoyan in alarm. They had learned what happened.

“You can pack your things, and get out of here. I promised your mother not to take revenge on you, but I am not letting you stay here either,” Gu Chaoyan said coldly, looking at them.

“Why? This is Gu Mansion, and our ancestral home. You can’t drive us out. We are the Gu Family!” Gu Ruxue screamed, bellowing angrily.

They were not afraid of the so-called Phoenix Girl.

Their parents were sentenced to death because of Gu Chaoyan. If they left, they would have nothing. They were going to keep Gu Mansion, and never give it to Gu Chaoyan the bi*ch!

Haha. Gu Chaoyan chuckled.

“Ancestral home? The Lin Family paid for the renovation, what rights do you have to call it your ancestral home?” Gu Chaoyan said ironically.

The servants were all standing next to them, in fright.

They had nothing to do with the fight, but…

They hoped that Elder Miss could get what she wanted. Elder Miss was the Phoenix Girl, and she should be able to get what she wanted.

Gu Chaoyan said, “Okay, if you want the ancestral hall, you can keep it. Someone, come and carry away everything from the Lin Family!”

The servants all got anxious. They kneeled down. “Elder Miss, we want to serve you!”

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