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Chapter 602: Former Teammates

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In his previous life, Lu Beixiao and the others only caught Xia Chan, right?

At that moment, Leng Yao walked over and winked at Ye Qiao.

Ye Qiao shook her head at her. She knew that Leng Yao must have some special power. She was trying to use her power to find out the other three spies, right? If that happened, her life would be shortened, would it not?

“Wait! Some technicians have already arrived. Since Xia Chan has the chip, the other three must have it too. K-2 must be tracking them too. They should have GPS!” For the time being, she did not know who the intelligence agents were. Except for Leng Yao and Lu Beichi, she did not trust anyone else. Lu Beichi was on his way.

However, she believed that the spies would not be in Jucheng University.. Otherwise, they would have taken them down long ago!

“Don’t kill me! Your instructor and I used to be teammates! Don’t kill me!” The mercenary who was dressed in camouflage and had lost his hat raised his hands and begged for mercy.

Xu Yi and Lu Xun pointed their guns at him. Xu Yi, who was about to shoot, heard that he was Lu Beixiao’s teammate and did not pull the trigger.

“Golden hair, Caucasian, and an international mercenary. When did Hades Lu become his teammate?” Xu Yi whispered to Lu Xun.

At this moment, Lu Beixiao, who was dressed in camouflage, walked over.

“Number 10!” When the captive mercenary saw the tall and straight Lu Beixiao walking over, his tone was excited. His figure was much stronger than he was three years ago, and he looked much more mature and steady!

He was arrogant and domineering, and he looked like he deserved a beating. Now, he gave people an overbearing sense of dignity!

Lu Beixiao was expressionless. After recognizing the enemy with a face full of camouflage and golden hair, his gaze sank.

“010! It’s Number 80! Bro, I’m 080 from the Hunter School!” Number 80 looked at Lu Beixiao and said excitedly, as if he was about to be pardoned.

A member who graduated from the Hunter School actually became a terrorist. A mercenary from a terrorist organization!

Lu Beixiao’s lips curled into a mocking smile as he walked toward Number 80.

“In the rainforest, I saved you! Number 10, let me go! I’ll give you all the money you want!” Number 80 looked at Lu Beixiao and shouted.

Xu Yi and Lu Xun looked at Hades Lu walking toward this mercenary without saying a word. He was expressionless, but his face was extremely dark!

“Number 80, you are a soldier who was trained in the Hunter School, and you actually work for a terrorist organization!” Lu Beixiao narrowed his eyes and looked at his former teammate who had gone through life and death with him. His tone was mocking, but his emotions were very complicated!

“Number 10! Being a mercenary is much more profitable than being a professional teammate! Now, I only work for money!” No. 80 said righteously.

“Number 10! Let me go! I promise I will never take any missions against you again! For the sake of our teammates, let me go!” Number 80 kept saying as he retreated toward the border.

“Number 80, from the moment you chose to work for Venomous Scorpion, you stopped being worthy to be my comrade! Right now, in my eyes, you are a traitor of the Hunter School! And an invader!” Lu Beixiao said decisively as he pulled out his pistol from his waist!

The pistol in Lu Beixiao’s hand was aimed at Number 80’s temple. He was cold and grim. His face was gloomy and merciless, as if he was the King of Death from hell!

Seeing this made the enemy’s legs tremble. Seeing this made his subordinates worship him!

“Number 10, everyone has different beliefs. I only believe in money! On account that we didn’t kill you, on account of our former friendship as teammates, please spare me!” No. 80 raised his hand and pleaded again.

Lu Beixiao’s gaze was complicated. No one could understand what he was thinking!

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