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Chapter 382: Eavesdropping

A strong male aura surrounded her and it felt like it was melting her. Her heart was beating extremely fast and her watery eyes were staring straight at him. His appearance was exactly the same as when they first met in her previous life but in her previous life, she didn’t recognize him. She felt tingly just thinking about that fact.

She hadn’t seen him for a year but right at this moment, he was right in front of her. Ye Qiao couldn’t think or answer his questions. She just wanted to catch her breath.

She was forced to keep moving around the space behind the door to act as if she was being roughed up. She was pressed against the wall and sometimes she purposefully knocked herself against the door.

“Brother Amu is lucky tonight! That chick is really hot!” one of the lackey’s voice could be heard from outside.

As she was pressed against the door by him, she shouted, “No! Don’t touch me! Help!”

Ye Qiao shouted along with him but every cell in her body was screaming, “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Brother Xiao,” she said as she held his face with both hands. She ran her hand over the stubble of his face and held his head as they looked at each other with burning eyes.

“Little girl, why are you here? Do you know what I’m doing?”

She was panting when he kissed her again. Even as he let go of her, their lips were still interlocked with one another. She could feel his hot breath knocked against her face.

Ye Qiao’s breathing quickened. Could she tell him that she was here to find him?

Of course not! If she did that, her rebirth would be exposed!

“I… I’m here on a vacation. Coincidentally, a classmate’s location is here too. She was sold by her brother to a drug dealer here. I’m here to save her…” she panted as she tried to give him a perfect explanation.

“I know… You are… Damn…” before she could finish her sentence, he kissed her passionately again.

It was a long passionate kiss and when they finally separated their lips from each other, he let go of her slightly.

“Nonsense! Why are you here of all places?! This place is full of poppies!” he lectured her in a low voice with his big hand hitting her bottom.

“I actually wanted to play in the country’s ancient city and I’m also here for a classmate…”

She knew that he was worried about her safety.

“Brother Amu, why isn’t there any movement inside?” the lackeys said as they were eavesdropping from the outside.

Lu Beixiao took off his T-shirt and threw it on the ground. He turned around and walked to the door. Once he opened the door, he glared at the two wretched-looking lackeys outside. “F * CK, are you only satisfied if you come in to watch the live broadcast? Huh?! Get lost!”

He stood in the doorway half naked and shouted at the two eavesdropping lackeys.

After that, he slammed the door violently. Ye Qiao could not help but take a big gulp as she stared at his bronze-colored chest muscles that were covered in scars.

He strode towards her and told her softly, “Baby, shout louder in awhile. Understand?”

His ambiguous words made her heart beat faster. She swallowed her saliva and nodded in excitement.

Lu Beixiao lifted her up and brought her over to the bed with her feet lifted high above the ground. He was slightly rough with her. He threw her down harshly and the next thing she knew, his strong body pressed down on her. Ye Qiao was deliberately shouting and resisting as part of the act. She shouted loudly on purpose so that the people outside were able to hear her.

“Baby, I have rules to follow. During the mission, I’m not allowed to touch women but you’re my so it shouldn’t be too much, right?” he said as he held her face.

“Yes! It shouldn’t be too much!” she said resolutely.

The corner of his mouth rose as his big hands came around her waist. “Brother Xiao! There have been a lot of women who seduced you this year, isn’t that right?”

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