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Chapter 39: Welcome to Slime Kingdom

A pink light was emitting on the stone plaza. Dozens of eyes watched such light with a happy expression. This kingdom hadn't had a visitor for far too long. A visitor who would be their hope. Their Savior.

Sila slowly opened his eyes. This place was quite dimmed. His eyes needed some time to refocus.

This place is a big city made of stones. Some stone is normal stone while some are illuminating, which caused the city to dimly brighten by itself.

Sila looked around and found that he was stared at by many eyes. However, the light was too dim for him to say which kind of creatures they were.

Sila tried to walk forward but his body couldn't move according to his will. Therefore, he attempted to contact to Lookhin using his mind.

Then, a giant bird appeared in front of him. Sila was shocked and tried to get away. But he still couldn't move. The bird approached and pecked at him lightly.

"Lookhin?" Sila pondered. "Why do you get bigger?"

"Instead, it's Big Brother that becomes smaller."

A voice of a young girl could be heard from behind. Sila tried to turn his head but he still wasn't able to. He could only shoot a sideward glance at her.

The body in his line of sight wasn't a girl, but a pink slime with a pink ribbon on its back. This slime looked cuter than the slime Sila had met in Beginning Island.

"My name is Bow. What is Big Brother's name?"

Sila frowned. He just knew that slime could talk. It was not that he hadn't seen a talking monster before though. But that was a dragon.

"My name is Sila."

"Big Brother Sila come from an outside world, don't you?" asked Bow.

"Outside world?"

"Outside of Slime Kingdom, I meant."

Sila was finally able to have a good look at his surroundings. The eyes around him move closer and closer. They were all slime's eyes. He was currently surrounded by slimes varied in color and size.

"Oh, yes, I'm a player who got the slime race. I came from the world outside."

There was a murmuring sound from these slimes.

"And, um…, are you the one who slew Earth Dragon Python, and destroyed Seal of Earth?" asked Bow.

Sila remembered that Python had mentioned something like that, so he answered. "Yes. I'm lucky to be able to do that though."

Sila's answer caused the slimes to cry out and show their delight expression.

"Finally… finally, we have hope." One of the slimes said.

"Quickly bring him to His Majesty." Another voice said. Then, many slimes flocked around Sila.

"Wait, don't, I can go by myself," replied Sila.

"Big brother Sila. Are you able to move now?" asked Bow.

Sila just realized. He couldn't move since he had come to Slime Kingdom.

"Why am I unable to move?"

"You haven't gotten used to it yet, I guess."

"Get used to what?"

"Umm, you better see it yourself," replied Bow. She turned around and shouted "Auntie March. Please."

Then, a big slime came forward. Auntie March was a pink-color slime with a cooking hat on its head. She approached Sila.

Afterward, her color started fading away. The pink color turned into a transparent color but reflect light, like a mirror. Sila looked into it and then surprised.

The mirror didn't reflect his body but reflected a pink slime smaller than Bow. Its body was as small as an orange. Once Sila closed his left eye, the pink slime in the mirror also closed its eye too.

"Wait, this is…" Sila panicked. Is that really him?

"Welcome to Slime Kingdom. A city of slimes." Bow smiled.

With him unable to move, he was tossed onto Bow's head and carried toward Slime King in the palace.


Palace isn't a suitable word describing this place. It was just a big building made entirely from illuminating stones. It shone brightly even at night.

Bow carried Sila inside the palace. There were slimes in soldier equipment looking at them but didn't block their way. Bow even said hello to them all the way.

Upon arriving at the hall of the palace, Bow then dropped Sila onto the ground.

Sila looked ahead. In front of him was an illuminating chair craved with decoration. There was a big golden slime with a crown on its head sitting on it.

"Are you a newcomer?" said the golden slime.

"Yes. It's my first time arriving here," replied Sila.

"You are the one who partly solves our Decolonize Sime Kingdom quest, am I correct?" asked Slime King.

"Yes. I just got it by chance though. It wasn't my intention to do such task."

"Are you also saying that you weren't trying at all when slaying down the Earth Dragon? Don't be too modest. We have been waiting for you," said Slime King.

Sila felt that there must some kind of backstory. Actually, he had his suspicion since he had heard that slime's nemesis is dragon race while their abilities are so far apart. There were also some keywords that the Earth Dragon had mentioned: Decolonize Sime Kingdom and Slime Seals.

"What has happened? Why is it a slime's duty to kill the dragons?" asked Sila.

"Well, I think I should tell you a brief summary of what's happened. Long ago, we slime used to be one of the mightiest races in this New World. We were strong yet peaceful and not aggressive. These reasons had earned us respect and friendship from many other races.

"However, these brought forth the disdainful from dragon race. Dragons are race hails in nobility, unlike us slime whom even a king sometimes need to do ground works. They believed it's their shame that we were equally respected as them. Therefore, they planned to get rid of us with the underhanded method."

"Why didn't they ask for a direct confrontation?" asked Sila.

"That's because, if they tried to attack us head on, it would be hard for them to take us down. Even if they were to win, I dare say that their side would suffer so many damages, leaving them in a vulnerable position to be besieged by their other enemies.

"Eight dragons asked and appointed us to participate in a sparring match held in our Slime Kingdom. Since they are noble guests, we then did our best to prepare for their arrival. Our people had all been gathered into the sparring arena.

"Nevertheless, once the appointed time arrived, we then found out that all eight dragons had been surrounding us and performed their sacred and secret ritual: Dimensional Draconic Seal to trap us within. It caused us to be trapped forever in this place without being able to see the actual sunlight. We found out later that for this seal to be broken, us slime needs to prove that we are superior to the eight dragons.

"Unfortunately, as all slimes were gathered together here, including me and three Slime Guardians, we have no hope to perform such task. We realize that we need to leave it for people outside to do so. That's why we have been investing our power to increase the drop rate of Slime Card in an outside world. I also make sure that the slime outside is easy to die so that people can easily change their race into ours. However, we have waited for so long but there isn't any hope until you, whom successfully hunt down Earth Dragon, appeared and finally destroyed Seal of Earth for the first time," said Slime King.

Obviously to Sila, Slime King's plan was completely backfired. The result was contrary to what he expects to. With players recognizing slime as the weakest creature and obtaining its card in bulk, the value of slime race drops tremendously. No one would want to change into such trash race.

"Well, Should I go back and tell people the truth? I think people didn't change into slime race because they didn't understand your intention," suggested Sila.

Slime King shook its body. "No, it's me who is at fault. Quality is over quantity. Just you alone is enough."

Slime King closed its eyes. Its body was slightly glowing in golden color for a while.

"What have you done, sir?" asked Sila.

"I collect the cards back. There's no need for them to be easily obtained anymore," answered Slime King.

Sila nodded in agreement. He actually didn't bother much by this. But for him who was playing as slime race, it was quite sad that players always litter Slime Card on the ground. Lowering its drop rate should be for the best.

"Well, I don't have much time so please pardon my leave," said Sila.

"Is that so? But are you able to move already?" Slime King smiled.

Sila frowned. That was true. He still couldn't move his body. If he needed to be in this form in the kingdom, it would be a nuisance for him having to rely on Bow carrying him to there and there.

"How can I move, sir?"

"You just need to concentrate. People usually do things unconcentrated. But in slime form, you need to be fully aware of what you are doing," commented Slime King.

Sila tried to concentrate and found that he was able to move for a bit. But when his focus broken, his body turned stiff. He needed to fully concentrate on moving to be able to move. This is like performing physical therapy. He needed to focus on his walk to be able to walk.

"You're good. Being able to move quite well this fast," complimented Slime King.

"Thank you, so, I will take my leave now," Sila said his goodbye again.

"Don't you come here for obtaining skills?" asked Slime King.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about it. I once heard that I need to overcome Way of Slime's ordeal first."

"Kuku. You can obtain all three skills right here and now. As for Way of Slime's ordeal, you will have to overcome it even if you don't want to."

"I have to do it even if I don't want to?" Sila felt curious. This game usually gives player a freedom to do the quest. Why would this quest be the exception?

"You should try to go back to an outside world." Slime King said smilingly.

Sila opened his Item Window. There was a Return Scroll in it. Even if he didn't have a hand, he would be able to use it by voice command. "Return!"

Nothing happened. "Return. Return. Return!" He shouted continuously.

Nothing still happened. Sila turned his head to Slime King.

"As I have told you, Dimensional Draconic Seal prevent us all slime to go outside. That includes you," said Slime King.

Sila frowned. "Does that mean I am stuck here forever until another slime wins against the eight dragons outside?"

If that's true, it would spell big trouble for him.

"Although it's true that you are slime, you're just half-slime. Once you overcome Way of Slime's ordeal, you will be able to return to your original body and able to go back outside together with exclusive skills for slime race," explained Slime King.

Sila sighed in relief. "Is that so? Then, can I start now, sir?"

"Yeah. We all want to go to the outside world as much as you do. After this, I will give you three skills of the slime race. Then, you need to go to Cliff of Heroes to overcome Way of Slime's ordeal. You can ask Bow's for that place's location. Under the cliff, you will face the trials from three Slime Guardians: Poluk, Viola, and Devine. You have to overcome their trial with the slime-race skill to be able to successfully pass Way of Slime's ordeal."

Once Slime King finished talking, his body was emitting a bright golden light.

A system sound alarmed.

Player Sila has learned a racial skill: Fluffy Slime.
Player Sila has learned a racial skill: Colorful Slime.
Player Sila has learned a racial skill: Transparent Slime.

"You should go," said Slime King.

Sila nodded by shaking his body up and down. Then, he was gliding slowly following Bow and went outside the palace.

Unbeknownst to him, his arrival to Slime Kingdom caused the world of Monster Soul to experience slight changes.

First, slime at Beginning Island doesn't always drop card upon dying anymore. Slime Card's drop rate become 0.01% which is equal to the drop rate of some Dragon Card.

Secondly, Slime Card's price was slowly increasing in both buying rate and selling rate. This is due to system correction that determines the card's value based on its rareness.

These two changes happened instantly upon Sila arriving Slime Kingdom. However, as they're slight changes that didn't directly affect players, no one was still aware of them.


Racial skill: (F) Fluffy Slime
Qi-type skill. Slime is a fluffy being. With this skill, player can change your body's fluffiness to become soft and cuddly.

Racial skill: (F) Colorful Slime
Magic-type skill. Slime is a colorful being. With this skill, player can change your body's color to become favorable to other slimes.

Racial skill: (F) Transparent Slime
Psychic-type skill. Slime is a semi-transparent being. With this skill, player can decrease the opacity in your body to make sure that your skin stays bright.

T/N: You guys are genius if you can predict what these skills can do in combat.

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