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Chapter 5: Mansion of Seven Deadly Sins - Last Part

Sila gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. Although this wouldn't be his actual death, but with his painfulness level equaled to that of the real life, 'head exploding' wouldn't be anything near his preferred cause of death.

However, after being prepared to receive tremendous pain, nothing actually happened. Sila then slowly opened his eyes, seeing the man in Wuxia's clothes still stood at previous position, his hand also still on Sila's head as well. The only thing that changed was the fact that the man's body was drenched in sweat.

Immediately, Sila felt like some kind of energy flowed into his body.

As he had experienced this situation before when Crow had given him "Recovering Qi," Sila immediately knew that this man's intention wasn't malice; he just wanted to give Sila some power.

Four different kinds of qi circulated inside Sila's body. Sila immediately knew his limit that he wouldn't be able to control all of them at the same time, so he assiduously circulated one at a time, leaving the rests to flow inside his body without controlling, which was very dangerous.

Anywhere that uncontrolled qi went, Sila would feel painful there. The feeling was like his skin was broken down. Nevertheless, he tried to ignore them. He slowly and patiently circulated each qi despite the pain.

He didn't know how long it had been, but finally all four qi were in a stable state.

System sound alarmed.

Player Sila has learned a passive skill: Basic Qi - Level 1.
Player Sila has learned a passive skill: Qi of Little Fish - Level 1.
Player Sila has learned a passive skill: Bone Restructuring Qi - Level 1.
Player Sila has learned a passive skill: Qi of Little Tiger - Level 1.

When Sila opened his eyes, he noticed that the Wuxia guy had gone back to his corner, sitting and circulating his qi. Sila guessed that that man must have lost significant amount of power to give him four qi simultaneously.

Sila had waited for a long time. But that man still didn't seem like he would open his eyes soon. So Sila went back to his position and started eating food from his own food box and drinking water from the bottle while studying his newly acquired skills.

(C) Basic Qi - Level 1
The most basic qi of qi-type skills. Increases efficiency of other qi depends on its skill level.

(A) Qi of Little Fish - Level 1
One of qi of Little Divine Beings that increases player's dexterous. The dexterous means the agility to response to an action, not speed.

(B) Bone Restructuring Qi - Level 1
Qi that enhances player's body. Increases player's maximum health point and magic point depends on its skill level.

(A) Qi of Little Tiger - Level 1
One of qi of Little Divine Beings that increases player's strength.

Reading this information, Sila found that all four qi were very useful to him. He felt truly grateful for the man's action and wanted to express his thanks. But no matter how long he waited for, the man still sat still.

Even more hours had passed, but the man still motionless. Sila then decided to kill time by circulating his qi. Finally, he entered the meditation state again.

Sound of system informing level of his various qi-related skills rising up couldn't distract Sila's concentration at all. He didn't even know how much time had passed when he opened his eyes again.

Both Sila's eyes could see figure of the Wuxia man looking at him.

Sila nodded; then, the man nodded back and took something out. It's the half piece of an Emblem to Mansion of Seven Deadly Sins. That man placed it on the table, and then stepped backward.

'Is he trying to tell me that he isn't hostile?' Sila thought, and decided to place his own half piece on the table too, trying to convey that 'me too.'

The man nodded before walking into the room behind black door, which was the training room. Sila saw that and followed him.

The man stood in front of the alter that would be used for summoning monster, and pointed to the middle of the room, as if trying to tell Sila to go there.

Sila did so without questioning.

The man typed something on an altar. The system sound could be heard afterward.

Monster Black Wolf, Squire Rank, Level 20, has appeared.

Hexagram symbol emerged on the ground near Sila's feet, followed by the appearance of a wolf in black fur. It's 2-meter tall and its eye's color was blood red. Its white fangs looked both majestic and vicious.

Sila shocked. Actually, it would be weird for him not to be shocked, since he hadn't faced any monster beside Pink Slime.

Pink Slime have only one attack pattern, body bump, which was very easy to read. Their levels were also varied from just 1 to 2. With a level 20 wolf in front of him, he felt unconfident in beating it. It also looked much stronger than slime.

The black wolf didn't follow Sila's line of thoughts. It didn't hesitate to attack Sila as soon as it fully appeared. It launched at Sila whom was standing next to it.

Sila evaded it and used his right hand to strike the wolf. It then bounced to the side but immediately stood up as if it hadn't taken any damage.

The wolf glanced at Sila and jumped at him again, this time its target was his leg.

Sila lifted his right leg to dodge but he still took some damage. The sharp fangs cut his right leg, creating a small lesion. However, Sila followed the battle flow and hit a wolf again.

Sila's fight was a roughly one. He only stroke after evading the wolf's attack. Finally, the 10 minutes had passed, and the wolf disappeared. Sila wiped the sweat on his face while thinking that he did quite well, for level 3's player like him to fight against level 20's monster.

When Sila turned around, he saw the man in Wuxia's clothes crossed the arms over the chest. The man's facial expression showed that he was 'dissatisfy.' He beckoned Sila to walk to his position, and then pressed something on an altar, before going to Sila's previous position.

Hexagram symbol emerged on the ground again, except this time it was very big.

Monster Black Wolf, Squire Rank, Level 850, has appeared.

Sila was so shocked. Were his ears playing trick on him? Did he just hear the word 'level 850'? But his suspect completely gone in an instant when he saw the body of black wolf appeared. It's 3 times larger than the one he had fought before.

Black wolf quickly leapt toward the Wuxia man. Its claws were so fast that Sila couldn't follow. It was a breath-taking scene.

The man evaded wolf's claws naturally, like a fish swam pass the rock under water.

Black wolf seemed pissed off. It tried to attack again. But the man could dodge its attacks with the least possible movements every time.

Time had passed for 3 minutes; but the man still hadn't been attacked nor had tried to attack. His arms were just crossing behind his back.

Sila finally realized that the man had been using "Qi of Little Fish."

'Oh, so he is telling me to use the qi while fighting.'

Sila circulated "Qi of Little Fish." Then, the blue aura spread out of his feet. He felt his body was more agile. He tried moving his feet and found that they could move faster.

The young man turned his head to Sila and nodded. He thence put his right hand up, and circulated qi until it glowed in red aura.

'If the blue aura before is "Qi of Little Fish," then this should be "Qi of Little Tiger."' Sila also followed the man's action. Now his right hand was also glowing in red color.

The man looked at Sila and felt satisfy. Finally, he struck his right hand to black wolf.

This single attack was enough to break the wolf's body. The sound of bone cracking was so loud that Sila could hear it clearly. The black wolf disappeared without leaving a single dust.

The man walked back and gestured Sila to go the middle of the room again. Sila went there and the same black wolf he had fought reappeared again.

Monster Black Wolf, Squire Rank, Level 20, has appeared.

This time Sila circulated "Qi of Little Fish" throughout his body, and concentrated "Qi of Little Tiger" on his right hand. When the wolf leapt in, Sila swiftly dodged and struck it back.

The wolf was hit hardly. Sila knew by the impact that his attack power was many times more than before.

The wolf lied down on the ground and dispersed into the light. The man in Wuxia's clothes lightly nodded, and then, the training became more intense.

Sometimes the number of monster increased, sometimes their level increased, but they were always the black wolf.

When he felt tired, he would go to rest in the longue: eating, sleeping, and circulating qi. Sila usually circulated his "Basic Qi," "Recovering Qi," and "Bone Restructuring Qi" when it's resting time, since he could train his "Qi of Little Fish" and "Qi of Little Tiger" during combat.

Sila kept training until he totally forgot the time. Now, even though he's still level 3, his skill levels, including "Bare Hands Mastery," were very high. Sila currently could fight against fifty level 80's black wolves without taking any damage. He even thought that he still could get stronger than this.

As he killed the last wolf, there was a loud clap.

Both players turned their heads to the sound's origin. There was Sebastian stood clapping.

"Splendid. Now please kindly follow me."

"What's going on?" asked Sila.

"Seven days has passed since then, now the quest has ended, sir."


Three men stood inside the lounge. Sebastian waved his hand once, and all the facilities were disappeared. The room then turned into an empty room.

"I am quite surprise to see both of you here."

"It's not that weird, since the rules encourage so," said the man in Wuxia's clothes.

"Rules?" Sila was a little confused. He had dedicated himself for training and totally forgot about the hidden quest.

"Oh, is there someone who actually understands the rules? Mind if I ask you to explain it out for me?" said Sebastian.

The Wuxia man nodded once before he explained.

"On the surface, the rules are as if telling us to kill each other, but we actually mustn't. That's because, before you mentioned about the rules, you told us that we will receive quest reward when the quest end; and this is the real rule. Other rules are merely the distraction. Although you persuaded us to get the hand on treasure inside the treasure room, you never once said that quest reward is the treasure. So, I think that if only one of us is alive, one of us will get the treasures in treasure room; but if we're both alive, we will get the real quest reward instead. Is that correct?"

Sebastian smiled and applauded, "Fantastic. It's exactly as you just said, and I could guarantee that the treasures in the treasure room are not slightly comparable to the true quest reward."

Sila still shocked. He was distracted by 5 rules and didn't realize anything about real rule; it's just that he had been too immersed in training and forgotten everything else. Maybe it's Wuxia guy's intention to distract Sila by making him train so that they could achieve this quest without killing each other.

"You two are the first to accomplish this quest, sir. Some players were sent here before, but they were killing each other within an hour." Sebastian signed, and then continued. "Now let's talk about the prize."

Seven cards flew off and rotated in a circle manner, then floated in front of two men, facing down.

"Please choose one each, sir."

Sila thought, 'we only get one card for a quest that took a week to finish?'

Although he thought that, deep down in his heart, he wasn't much interest in in-game thing. He then randomly picked one card, while the Wuxia guy took another one.

"You now can face it up."

Both of them faced their card up. But before they barely saw anything, the card immediately inserted itself into their System Window. Afterward, system sound followed.

Player Sila has gotten Greed Card 1 EA. This card is cursed and therefore forced player to equip it without being able to take it off. Due to player do not have the remaining space in Card Window, system now send all cards except Greed Card in player's Card Window to Item Window.

'Forced equip again.' Sila hurried took a look at the card's ability. His Card Window had only one card; it's a card of one young prince with the golden crown inside the treasure room.

(S) Greed Card - Level 1
Increases the minimum drop rate of all items, including cards, to 20%
Player will earn only 10% of all experience point from now on.

'Well, I don't have gaming experience, is this considered good or bad?'

Sila turned his head to see the man beside him. That man's face seemed very satisfy.

"You two get Greed Card and Pride Card, very well," said Sebastian.

This sentence of Sebastian let both of them knew the name of the card that other person had. Sila guessed that Pride Card must be a pretty good item.

"In this moment, I need to tell you two things. First, you two are not allow to tell anybody about this quest, this includes both the quest receiving condition and the quest achieving method. Otherwise, both of your cards will be confiscated."

Two of them nodded.

"Second, the half part of emblem possessing by you two still has its own usage. With them combining together, the holder of the completed emblem will have the right to teleport to this mansion for 7 days to use our services. You can obtain its other part from other person by any means, like by purchasing … or by stealing." The grin was formed at the corner of Sebastian's mouth.

Then, the Wuxia man suddenly threw his own part of emblem toward Sila.

Player Sila has gotten Emblem to Mansion of Seven Deadly Sins [One time usage]. It's a special item which cannot be sold or transferred.

Sila looked at the man's face. The man seemed like he didn't slightly care about this item.

Sila didn't say anything and planned to repay this man's goodwill later.

"Now it's the time. I bid you both a farewell, sir." Sebastian turned his face to Sila. "As for Mister, I will wait for you to come back here again."

Shadows appeared on the feet of the two men before sucking their bodies, making them completely vanished.

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