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Chapter 2: Hidden Quest That Everyone Knows

'Whatever will be, will be,' thought Sila.

Sila sat down looking at his new right arm. Although he could move it freely by his will, he still felt like it wasn't his own arm. It felt as though he's wearing very long glove from his finger tips to his elbow. It's looked lifeless, like an artificial arm of a robot.

No matter how many times he read his new arm's information. This Right Arm of the Sealed One was not as good as Grade S equipment should be. He just visited game forum via News Window and found that; an option of increasing physical attack by 100 points was very ordinary and could be found on Grade D equipment. With the restrictions that forced user to equip and forbade user to use some skills, Sila thought that this right arm should categorized as Grade E equipment instead.

'I should try to attack using this arm first.'

He looked left and right, the field was filled with slimes. He thus decided to attack one of them. However, he was not sure how to attack it with his new arm as he still was not used to it. The arm was slightly larger than his original one.

While he was feeling a bit silly, he decided to just use it to pounce on one of the slimes.

Pink Slime died in one hit.

Player Sila has defeated Pink Slime, Squire Rank, Level 1.
Player has received 5 experience points, gotten 3 silver coins and Pink Slime Card 3 EAs.
Player Sila has learned a passive skill: Bare Hands Mastery - Level 1.

Sila did not surprise at all when he heard he got 3 cards altogether, since he had known these slimes sometimes drop many cards at once. Sila comprehended that these cards were very common to drop. Nevertheless, except for these Pink Slime's cards, no other item was dropped from slime, excluding money.

Sila didn't worry much and began to start hunting more than thousand Pink Slimes. This time he could eliminate them much faster since his arm, which had 100 attack points, could kill Pink Slime in one hit.

Newbies around there started to notice him. Making Sila thought 'am I seizing the monsters from newbies? But wait ... I am a newbie too.' With this perspective, he hunted for more.

He was aware of the time again when he was at level 3. His Bare Hands Mastery skill reached level 27. He had 1,857 silver coins while the number of card was whopping 2,851 EAs.

'I remember Miss NPC said about Card Window. She told me to seek more information about it at Card Shop, though.'

With curiosity, Sila inspected one of the cards.

(F) Pink Slime Card

'That's it? There is no other explanation. How can I know what it is used for?'

He then thought about Card Window. So he decided to insert one Pink Slime Card into Card Window.

Sound from the system alarmed.

Player Sila would like to equip Pink Slime Card. Do you want to confirm?


Confirmation completed. Player Sila has changed his race to Slime Race. Please check more information in Status Window.

Player Sila has learned a special skill: Heart of Slime.

When system sound stopped, Sila quickly opened his Status Window.

Player Status: Sila
Level: 3
Race: Pink Slime
Rank: Squire
Health Point: 558 / 558
Magic Point: 50 / 50

'Huh? I am not a human anymore? But my body didn't seem to change at all.'

Sila pressed on race button in Status Window to see his current race information. And it suddenly made him speechless.

Slime Race
Monsters in slime race will not attack Player first.
Player is forbidden to use magic.
Slime race's nemesis is Dragon race. Monster in dragon race will give priority in attacking Player first.

"Slimes don't attack first? Aren't them non-aggressive to begin with? And what is this... Slime's nemesis is dragon? Doesn't that far too outclass? How did they even become an enemy in first place? More importantly, this race forbids me to use magic, so now my avatar can't use skill nor magic. What should I do?"

Even if he had never played any game before, the word dragon still sounded very almighty comparing to these pink slimes.

Sila thought there would be nothing worse than this. Thus, he inserted one more card into Card Window. Strangely, the card disappeared instantly with a small window message popped up.


Sila frowned. He inserted another card. But it lost again.


'I see. I have to insert 2,500 cards. No wonder why they dropped so easily.'

After that, Sila spent about one hour inserting cards one by one until the number reached 2,500.

'Why does system only allow me to insert them one at a time? Terribly time consuming.'

System sound alarmed.

Player Sila has accomplished a hidden quest. Player has gotten Invitation Card to Slime Kingdom. It's a personal item which cannot be sold or transferred.

Invitation Card to Slime Kingdom
A special item which cannot be sold or transferred. Upon paying 1,000 silver coins, player can be teleported to Slime Kingdom.

Sila felt a bit confused as he read the description. Well, for now, he decided to just keep it in the Item Window, which was now much clearer because many slime cards were used. The reason Sila didn't determine to go to Slime Kingdom was that 1,000 silver coins were considered expensive for him right now. Moreover, he did not have any information about Slime Kingdom yet. It should not be too late if he does some research before he goes.

"Well, I will kill some more slime before entering the town."

But as Sila turned around to look for disgusting slimes, he surprisingly founded out that the slimes didn't look loathsome anymore. Instead, they looked cute in pink balloon-like form with big eyes and mouth.

"What is this? Where are the slimes?"

Sila immediately thought that this must be related to his newly acquired skill: Heart of Slime.

Special Skill: Heart of Slime
Player can see the real form of slime.

"The real form?"

Many slimes began to snuggle him. They gave him the loving eyes as if they're trying to tell him that 'we are comrade, bro' causing Sila to cancel his slime's elimination plan.

'Why did system have to make these guys this cute? Now I think I won't be able to hunt slime anymore.'

Finally, Sila went to Beginning Town.


Beginning Town was very bustling and full of life. The people were crowded, and most of them were in Beginner Clothes. The atmosphere was somehow similar to atmosphere in traditional Chinese movie. All buildings and shops on either sides of the road were also decorated in Chinese style.

There was a signpost pointing to front road, saying the Beginner Building was up ahead.

Sila followed the signpost. There were many signposts indicating direction every 10 meters, making Sila wondered of the reason why this city had to have these many signs. Even without the crossroad, there still had a signpost.

Sila finally saw Beginner Building in front of him, but his eyes were more focused on Card Shop near of it.

'Miss NPC told me to ask about card here, so I should first pay a visit.'

When Sila went inside, the shop had no customers at all. There was only a young woman with blonde hair, who was wearing a red cheongsam, standing behind the counter.

"Hello, how may I, Muay, serve you?"

'Muay? Her face is very westerner-like, her eyes are also blue. If it's not because of her cheongsam, I would think I lost in Europe now.' Sila argued in mind.

[T/N: Muay is a Thai nickname used to call for any girl with Chinese-like face. So, his thought here is about this name doesn't suit her appearance.]

"Mister Customer?"

"Oh. Sorry. I would like to inquire about card."

"You must be a new player. Then, feel free to ask anything."

"Okay. The thing is that, recently, I inserted card into my Card Window, and then my race was turned into Slime."

"Oh, that is the hidden quest; Race Selecting quest. In Monster Soul, player can change one race to another race beside human via inserting an unidentified card of a desired race. However, now this quest is not considered hidden anymore since everyone knows about this method. You can even look about its info in game forum. By the way, upon changing race, player will gain that race's strong and weak points."

"Oh, okay then. Umm ... could you please tell me about slime race's strong points? It seems like I can't find them in the description."

Muay smiled before replying, "there is none."

Sila was a little shocked. He lifted his right hand to pick his ear, but then he realized his finger was too big. So he scratched his head instead.

"I am sorry. I did not hear it properly. What did you say just now?"

Muay smiled again before replying, "no, none at all. Slime race is the race that no one plays it. Players who had gotten this race were all delete their avatars and then created anew. It only has weaknesses, and even can't use magic. There is currently only one player who plays as this race."

"Hmm? Who is he?"

"Player Sila, sir."

Sila was dumbfounded, 'well, true, if there is only one, then that's me. Is this race that bad?'

"Ermm ... everyone dislikes this race that much?"

"Yes. According to Blue Pigeon guild's information that being published in Monster Encyclopedia, they regarded slime race as the weakest race available."

Sila thought for a few seconds.

"Then what is the strongest race?"

"According to Blue Pigeon guild's information that being published in Monster Encyclopedia, they defined dragon race as the strongest race."

"Is there anybody playing as that race?"

"Yes, there are 5 people. The strongest of the race is Player Montra of Heaven Dragon guild. Other three are also members of this guild, while the last player is currently not in any guild."

'Montra again. So that bastard is indeed very strong in this game.'

"What does it mean by the word 'the strongest of the race'?"

"The system can only announce the name of the strongest of each race to public. By the way, the strongest of each race will be given an ultimate special skill of their own race. For example, Player Sila is currently the strongest of slime race who possessing Heart of Slime skill. If there is someone asking for this information, I then obliged to answer this much."

"Can I ask what the ultimate skill of dragon race is?"

"Sure. Dragon race's ultimate skill is Dragon's Heart skill which allow player to regain life once upon dying. When revives, player will have 50% of total health point, with attack and defense increase by 30%, and speed increases by 10%."

"What!? Why does it so much different from my race? Mine is just making slime looks cute."

"I cannot answer that one."

'Well, maybe she is just an AI.'

"I have another 4 questions; first, I have "Unseal" skill, but why can't I identify card?"

"A card can only be identified by the card shop owner. Please let me borrow one."

Sila gave her a card. Muay took it and silver light instantly emitted from the card. Afterward, she gave it back to Sila.

(F) Pink Slime Card
Increases the attack power by 1% when fighting against slime race's monster.
Monsters in slime race will not attack Player first.

"It's also free of charge," said Muay.

"So it's like that. Next, how rare for a card to drop? It seems like I got them very easily."

"Normally, the drop rate of a card is 0.1%. However, it varies based on monster race. For instance, the slime has 50% drop rate while the dragon has only 0.0001%. The selling price is also inversely proportional to the drop rate and race. For example, 10 Pink Slime Cards can be sold for 1 silver coin while Earth Dragon Card can be sold for 50 gold coins. Well, it usually wasn't sold at store since it can be sold between players for much higher price. As for Pink Slime Card, it is usually left on the floor since its price is next to useless."

"So that's the reason I could find them everywhere. Okay. Next question is: what is this?"

Sila took out the Invitation Card to Slime Kingdom.

"This is an invitation card to the kingdom of player's race. When using it, player will be sent to the special area to perform special quests. Upon quest completion, player will gain secret skills of his own race. The skills are fixed at 3 skills for every race. The content of the quest could be asked from the NPC of the race whom lives in the kingdom. The invitation card can be normally obtained by inserting the specific amount of unidentified card depending on race. Slime race need 2,500 cards, beast race need 15 cards, dragon race need 5 cards; for example." 

Sila nodded. He perceived that people started walking into the store, so he quickly finished his business here.

"Lastly, what kind of item is selling here?"

Muay let out a sigh and then smiled. Sila felt as if the sentence 'finally I can start selling something.' was writing on her face. She afterward gestured her hand to the counter.

"Please come this way."

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