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Chapter 96: The Time is Yet to Come

T/N: "Title Status" will be changed to "Social Status" from now on.

The first thing that Sila did while walking through the path between the bamboo forests was checking his status window. The phrase 'Weapon Subduing Fist' of the employee had piqued his interest.

Player Status: Sila

Rank: Knight

Level: 830

Race: Blue Slime

Health Points: 1,300,000/1,300,000

Magic Points: 900,000/900,000

Psychic Points: 1,500,000/1,500,000

Qi Points: 2,800,000/2,800,000

Social Status: Nameless Elder's Main Disciple, Varee's Lover

Title: Weapon Subduing Fist

Sila closed his system window when he reached the bamboo hut. In front of the hut, there were three people waiting for him. The first two were his nameless teacher and Sangdao. However, the other person was someone Sila didn't expect to see at this place.

"Mister Divine!?" Sila exclaimed.

The white-haired man in linen clothing politely greeted Sila back, "Hello, Sila. Long time no see."

"How did you come here, sir?" Sila hurriedly asked.

"About this, His Majesty has come up with an idea for us to help Sila accomplish the Decolonizing the Slime Kingdom quest."

"Ah, I have heard that part from Mister Poluk already, sir."

"Oh, so you have already met Poluk? Could you please tell me what happened?" Divine asked.

Sila told Divine what happened when he had met Poluk and dueled against Dorolia. He also told Divine about what happened in the battle tournament and the fact that he had returned Bow to the Slime Kingdom. As for Poluk, Sila didn't know where he was at the moment.

Divine listened to what Sila said attentively while his teacher interrupted sometimes to ask Sila something about Poluk.

"My story is similar to Poluk's. I guess Poluk chose to wait for Sila at Colossia City since he predicted that Sila would visit that city eventually. As for me, I remembered that Sila was Wu Ming's disciple, so instead of looking for you, I decided to wait for you here."

The nameless elder explained, "In the past, after we had fought, I gave Divine the Invitation Card to Bamboo Hut."

Sila nodded in understanding. "Mister Divine, have you captured a dragon?"

Divine showed a gentle smile and took out a stone engraved with yellow characters. "Of course, Sila."

"Do you want me to fight it now?" Sila asked. He missed the chance to fight against Solaria for real. The power that killed Solaria was the power of an item, not his own ability. That was why Sila was eager to fight against a dragon again.

However, Divine took the stone back to his pocket. "The time is yet to come, Sila. The current you is not capable of winning against this dragon. I don't want Sila to die for nothing."

Sila frowned with surprise. "Is this dragon strong to that extent?"

"Hmmm... How should I say? Among the middle-class dragons, it's no doubt that Solaria is the strongest. Its level is also the highest among the middle-class dragons. However, Raidola is different. It is a dragon full of techniques similar to Doloria. Despite its level not being the highest, Sila will have a hard time fighting it."

"Raidola..." Sila muttered.

"Correct, Thunderbolt Dragon Raidola. The ability of Lightning Castle, its Dragon Domain, is very troublesome to deal with. All enemies within a one-kilometer radius around Raidola will be struck by a lightning bolt every time they use a skill. The bolt will cause its enemies to suffer the stiffened state for five seconds in addition to causing all of your activated and prepared skills to be canceled."

Sila tried to think of a countermeasure. "Is there a method to win against this dragon? It seems like we can't use any skills at all within its radius."

Based on Divine's description of Raidola's ability, Raidola was like a formidable foe that couldn't be killed at all.

"There are at least three methods to defeat it, Sila. First, attack faster than the lightning bolt. Second, reflect its attacks back at it. Third, attack it from one kilometer away. If Sila is confident in doing any of these, I will be more than glad to let you fight against it right now."

Sila sat on the bamboo hammock and sighed. "I can't use any of those methods you suggested, Mister Divine. I need time to concentrate my power to use Genesis Punch so I can't perform an attack that's faster than a lightning bolt. I also can't reflect an attack made of magic with Mister Divine's Moon Reflecting Mirror. As for attacking from one kilometer away, that is the most impractical for me. I can't fire hidden weapons from that great of a distance... Hmmm, wait, what if I use Orbiting Cosmos?" Sila smiled at his own quick wit.

"Your idea is good. Unfortunately, although it might be true that the lightning element of Orbiting Cosmos can resist the damage and stiffened state, it cannot resist the skill cancellation effect. Sila's concentrated power on Genesis Punch and Orbiting Cosmos will be canceled. You can try to reactivate it, but it will just be canceled again and again. Your magic power will run out before you can make a single attack." Divine's reply shattered Sila's hope.

"So... there is no way for me to fight it at all?" Sila worriedly asked.

"This quest isn't designed for someone to do it alone after all. So, of course, it would be hard for Sila who is doing it alone. Nobody is perfect. Among the eight dragons, one person will have an advantage against some dragons while unfavorable against some others. Anyway, Sila is still considered lucky."

"Lucky? How?"

"Yes. Usually, this quest is intended for every player who selects slime race. Sila is lucky to possess all three slime skills. You are also capable of using abilities of both qi and psychic type."

"Me? Using psychic-type abilities?" Sila was doubtful.

"I'm sure Sila used psychic power when you defeated Solaria. The power is already within you, it's only that Sila has yet to find a method to unleash it. I personally believe that Sila's psychic power will play an important role in defeating Raidola," Divine said.

"But, the psychic power within me belongs to Shueria, not me, though. It's just that I can't remove it from my body," Sila argued.

"The exact reason why you can't remove it must be because it has already become a part of Sila's body. I'm guessing that, lately, Sila has felt less pain from Bomb Lurking Psychic. Sila might think that it was due to Sila possessing more qi power to become better at suppressing it. However, if that really was the case of your qi power being stronger, I think you should be able to remove the psychic power with you superior qi. The only reason why you still aren't able to remove it must be the psychic power has already become a part of you. Only, your body is still rejecting it," Divine explained.

"But, I can't control it at all, sir."

"Just be patient and your body will naturally adapt to the psychic power. I believe it should take for more than two years," said Divine.

"Two years?! I can't wait that long, sir."

"Otherwise, you should go to the Madmen's Valley. There is a shortcut there. Luckily for Sila, that place is near your next destination."

"My next destination? Where?"

The nameless elder replied, "Grea City, the Android Kingdom. Not far from it, there is the Single-Horned Dragon Forest. Deep inside the forest is Madmen's Valley. Since you have to go to Grea City anyway, you should drop by at that place."

"Why do I have to go to Grea City though, Teacher?"

Sangdao who had listened to Sila's stories for a while said, "Sila, did you already forget what topic we planned to talk about?"

As Sangdao reminded him, Sila recalled that he visited this place to talk with her about the next martial art he was about to learn. The unexpected meeting with Divine had diverted his attention so he totally forgot about that.

"Oh, right. So, the person that will teach me the next martial art is staying in the Android Kingdom, is that right?" Sila asked.

The nameless elder answered this question, "No, he isn't. However, recently, the one who might know where he is has appeared in that city. That person is a user of Six Moon-Grabbing-Claws."

"Is that all, Teacher?" Sila felt slightly disappointed. He expected to get more specific clues than this.

The elder continued, "Sangdao has already contacted that person. However, he said that he will only tell his teacher's whereabouts to you personally. That's why you need to go and meet him in the Android Kingdom as soon as possible. That man said he will be waiting for you for only a week."

"If that's the case, I will not waste any more time and leave immediately."

The nameless elder told Sangdao, "Dao, please accompany Sila."

"Eh? Why won't Teacher let Dao wait for me in Grea City?"

"I have my reasons, don't ask trivial things. Go already." The elder hurried.

Sangdao walked closer to Sila and held out her hand. "Please hold my hand."

Since Sangdao used her Invitation Card when she was in Grea City, if she returned, she would go back to Grea City. Thus, if she wanted to accompany Sila from Colossia City, she needed to let Sila be the one who dragged her away from the bamboo hut.

"Ah, wait, Mister Divine, please take this." Sila handed Divine the invitation card to his Mansion of Secrets. "This is my address in the game. You can come to me next time you have business with me, sir."

Divine took and kept it in his pocket. "I will be staying here for a while. Please come again when Sila arrives at Grea City."

Sila nodded and took Sangdao's hand. Both of them teleported away from the bamboo hut. Divine looked at where they were standing before speaking.

"Do you plan to have Sangdao keep an eye on Sila?"

The old man put his weaving basket down. "It's not like that. I just want to see whether Sila is qualified enough."

"You are Sila's teacher yourself, aren't you? I should assume that you already know his personality, no?"

"I just recently met Sila myself. This kid's character is quite decent. Anyway, Sangdao is better than me in discerning people."

"I also have some knowledge regarding the Wulin Masters Association but I never expected Sila to be related to it."

T/N: 'Wulin' figuratively refers to 'community of martial artists'. The Wulin is typically controlled by an alliance formed by the Righteous/Orthodox sects in order to uphold justice. (My thanks go to for the meaning of this term.)

"Sila is not only 'related'. His life is connected to it. It's the reason behind everything that has happened to him."

"Won't you tell Sila then? Since this matter is directly connected to him."

"Not yet, this matter is still too heavy for Sila to take now. Presently, all he needs to aim for is polishing his ability to be able to fight against Montra."

Within Colossia City, the bodies of a man, a woman, and a sparrow suddenly appeared. The people walking past didn't pay any attention to them though, since this was a normal occurrence in the city.

"Sila, have you prepared for the journey?" Sangdao asked.

"I have. I don't know which path to take to go to Grea City though."

Sangdao opened her system window and chose the map option. She pushed her screen for Sila to see.

"Currently, we are in Colossia City. Grea City is located northeast from here. If we use the normal route, it will take us a little more than a week to reach there. Luckily, we both can use qinggong. So, we will instead use the shortcut, passing through the Misty Valley. It will take us less than three days to arrive at Grea City. What do you think, Sila?"

Sila looked at Sangdao's map and noticed that there was a tiny warning on the Misty Valley, saying, "Not recommended route. Please be careful of Eight-Legged Spider King which is lurking in this area."

Sila pointed at the warning. "What about this? Isn't it dangerous?"

Sangdao closed her system window. "It isn't. Dao has used this route three times and hasn't encountered it once. The Eight-Legged Spider King is a hidden boss of the Misty Valley. You will have to be really unlucky to encounter it. Usually, there are only Rank spiders to be found along the way."

"In that case, we can go now. Does Sangdao have any business to do in this city first?"

Sangdao waved her hand in denial. "I am ready to go. Well, we can walk to the city gate and use qinggong later when there are fewer people."

"Alright." Sila and Sangdao walked together on the streets of Colossia City. Some people turned their head to look at them since Sangdao was considered a rare beauty.

If beauty was a topic to discuss, Sangdao and Varee possessed a different kind of beauty.

Varee was a cool, calm, and collected beauty. Sometimes she was still like a clear lake, but sometimes she could be as fierce as a violent sea wave. She seemed to not be interested in socializing with unknown people and might seem haughty in someone's eyes. Well, the chilly eyes were one of her charms.

As for Sangdao, it was no doubt that she was a beautiful woman. Her gentle smile could soothe people's hearts. However, her beauty was like a star hanging in the night sky. No ordinary person would dare to neglect their self-control in front of her since her brown eyes seemed to be able to see through their souls.

Whereas, for Sila, except for his lean, muscular body, his facial appearance couldn't be considered handsome nor bad-looking. If someone were to say his shortcoming related to appearance, it would be that Sila's looks were... too ordinary.

Not to mention Lookhin who was resting on Sila's head. It looked just like an ordinary sparrow except twice the usual size and had a unique dark brown color. If one didn't look closely to see its hawk-like talons and its sharp eyes, it was just another sparrow that could be spotted anywhere, especially around this time since taming a sparrow had become a popular trend.

In the end, both people and a sparrow exited Colossia City without drawing too much attention.

T/N: Wanna guess which method Sila use to fight Raidola, the Thunderbolt Dragon, when the time comes?
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