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Chapter 91: Cinderella

The Deity Lomyok waved at himself using his foldable fan. His gaze wandered around the room until it stopped at Varee. Then, he walked up to and shamelessly sat down next to her without asking for anyone's permission.

Varee's brows twitched.

"Hello, Miss Varee, it seems we meet again."

"Hello. This is unexpected. Didn't you learn your lesson?"

"A beautiful flower is naturally thorny. For a beauty like you, I won't complain even if I have to risk my life or die." Lomyok made a serious expression.

"Is that so? Then, please die one more time."

Psychic power was reinforced on the tip of the blade of Shadow Moon Sword. In the blink of an eye, the sword precisely pierced through Lomyok's heart, not even a millimeter away.

Varee's speed of psychic power reinforcement was much faster than Sila's qi reinforcement. The situation was developed in such an unexpected way in a flash. Even Sila who sat nearby couldn't move to stop her.

"Varee! What have you done!?" Sila was shocked. The others were the same. Only Sebastian and Poluk were unaffected, their expressions making it seem like they just didn't care.

"This man is so annoying. Sila wouldn't know how persistent he is," Varee replied.

"You don't have to kill him, though. Don't you think you overdid it?"

"He won't die from just this."

"How? You just pierced through his heart."

However, when Sila looked at Lomyok, he found that Lomyok was really alive and sound. The bleeding was less than Sila had anticipated.

"The undead race," Sebastian said, "I can feel it."

Varee pulled her sword out of Lomyok's body. Despite how there was nothing blocking it, the bleeding had already stopped.

"I am such a sinful man, to force a beauty like you to love and hate me to this degree," Lomyok said.

Varee's eyes shone a vicious light. Her hand once again grabbed her sword, but Sila grabbed her wrist to stop her from doing so.

Sila shifted his gaze from Sebastian to Lomyok. Indeed, in his match against Lomyok, Sila thought that this guy was really hard to kill. Thinking back, his match against Sebastian was the same.

"Varee, did you already know this?" Sila asked.

"No, I only knew that he was hard to kill. I would cut his neck if I knew this beforehand. I won't miss next time, though," Varee said expressionlessly.

"Calm down, calm down. Don't start a fight. By the way, Mister Lomyok, what business do you have with us?" Sila asked.

"I don't have any. I'm just fleeing from my fans. I spotted this room and thought I could hide here. Never did I thought that I would meet Sila and Varee."

"Is that so? Anyway, how about joining us having a dinner?" Sila invited.

Everyone looked at Sila, especially Varee.

"Ah-ha, I planned to do so even if you didn't ask me to, don't worry."

Then, Lomyok shamelessly started his dinner without caring for anyone. He even gave some food on the table to Varee.

T/N: Just so you know, food sharing is common in Thai, even if they are international dishes.

Noppakorn poked at Rattana who sat next to him. "Hey, hey, why don't you 'Kyaaa' at him like you did in the commentator room?"

Rattana whispered to him, "When Mister Lomyok died, I saw the close-up shot of his face being hit by the metal ball. It's clear in my head every time I look at him."

Noppakorn didn't continue asking and instead proceeded to eat. Meanwhile, Varee looked displeased the entire time.

Varee, Burapha, and Ginny sat there without talking to anyone. Bluebird saw that the atmosphere in the room was too lifeless. He needed to come up with a plan to liven up the atmosphere.

Having an idea, he began to write something down on a small piece of paper. Afterward, he used Psychic Bird Dance to summon a tiny tailorbird in his palm. In this room, only Poluk and Sebastian were aware that Bluebird was planning something, but they didn't do anything to stop him.

Psychic skills are normally hard to detect, and Bluebird was using a psychic skill with no killing intent.

Bluebird walked toward the window and released the bird. The piece of paper was held in its beak.

'I only have to wait. It shouldn't take more than ten minutes,' thought Bluebird.

Ten minutes had passed. Varee stood up from her chair as she said, "I will go get some fresh air." Then, she walked toward the balcony.

Lomyok hurriedly stood up following her. "It's cold outside. I'll go with you."

Varee gave a deathly stare at Lomyok. She was deciding what to do with him when the door was opened.

"Kyaaa, Mister Lomyok is really in this room." One woman entered the room and caught Lomyok's arm. Soon after, dozens of women following entered the room.

"Hey, you, what do you think you are doing to my Mister Lomyok?"

"Are you crazy? He is mine. Give him back!"

"Ouch, ouch, don't pull, don't pull! Ouch!" This sound belonged to Lomyok. His doctrine was not bringing any harm to a woman. So, he didn't resist the force despite being pulled back and forth.

At the start, the group of female fans pulled him normally. However, as time went on, they began to reinforce their power into their hands. Lomyok would likely be dead by now if he wasn't an undead.

Varee grinned. "Mister Lomyok, I'm sorry that I can't dance with you on the stage even though you're so eager to dance with someone. Well, I'm sure many people here would love to dance with you."

Varee's speech was like adding fuel to the fire. A deathmatch to snatch Lomyok to oneself intensified.

"Ah? Mister Lomyok, do you want to dance? You can dance with me."

"Are you insane? Mister Lomyok wants to go with me."

"No, Mister Lomyok is mine!"

"Wahh! Please stop! Help~~" Lomyok cried, but no one was interested.

Then, the women dragged Lomyok away. Looking from the VIP room, everyone in the room could see Lomyok still being pulled even on the stage. What a strange view.

Varee stood at the balcony, watching stars on the night sky. The time was soon to be midnight.

Bluebird had been displeased with the atmosphere between Varee and Sila for quite a while. He decided to wave his hand to call Bow over.

Bow hopped to Bluebird. The tomato sauce was still on her lip. "Do you need me, Big Brother Blue?"

"Bow, this Big Brother wants to ask you to do something." Then, Bluebird whispered something to Bow, which she nodded in response.

"Please leave it to Bow," Bow said before she moved closer to Sila. Finally, she jumped onto Sila's lap.

Sila saw that Bow's lip was stained with sauce, so he wiped it for her.

"Big Brother Sila, Bow wants to go to the balcony. Please bring Bow there. Please~"

"Sure." Sila carried Bow to the balcony. Arriving there, he spotted Varee. Bow urged him that she would like to watch the scene at the spot next to Varee.

Varee took a side glance at Sila and Bow for a moment before she turned her head to continue watching the night view. Sila stood there next to her, but no one started a conversation.

Bow turned her body to look at Bluebird, the mastermind, who was standing a distance away. Bluebird looked back at Bow and made a throat-slitting gesture. He also mouthed an 'Do it' to her across the room.

Bow hopped on to the handrail of the balcony, between Sila and Varee. She said, "Are you two mad at each other?"

Varee smiled gently at Bow. "No, we aren't. Why do you ask?"

Sila also replied, "Yeah, Bow. We aren't mad at each other."

"Then, why don't Big Brother and Big Sister talk to each other?"

"It's just that, this Big Sister doesn't know what we should be talking about. The view is also beautiful tonight. Bow, aren't you interested in watching the views?"

"No, I'm not, Big Sister. If Big Sister Varee doesn't know which topic to talk about, Bow will come up with one myself. How about we talk about Big Brother Sila's story?"

"Ah? My story? We better not talking about that. It wouldn't be fun," said Sila.

"Then, how about Big Sister Varee's story?" Bow changed the topic.

"Mine is not fun too."

"You are really mad at each other! Don't be mad!" Bow puffed up her cheeks.

"We really aren't mad at each other, Bow. We just don't see the need to talk to each other," said Sila.

"In that case, please let Bow gives orders to Big Sis and Big Bro. You can't be mad at each other at least until midnight. You also need to talk to each other," Bow delivered an ultimatum.

"Give orders? Don't be like that, Bow. Big Brother Sila must have something he doesn't want to tell anybody. The same goes with this Big Sister. Everyone always has some secret that needs to be kept."

"In that case, let Bow cast a spell on Big Sis and Big Bro. Until midnight, there will be no secret between you two. Of course, you two mustn't be mad at each other."

"Hihi, your spell lasts until midnight? So, Bow is like the fairy in Cinderella story."

"That's right~ Bow is the fairy, Big Sister Varee is Cinderella, and Big Brother Sila is the prince~"

Varee's face was reddened for a brief moment. Meanwhile, Sila looked at Bow for a while before deciding to do something.

"Okay, Bow. Start with me, then. Um, Varee…" Sila turned his head to face Varee.


"I don't know you have realized it or not, but the reason I bought that mansion is to hide from you."

Varee listened to Sila. She then replied, "I already knew. There was one time that I saw you were connected to the game at the hospital, but when I came back home and logged in, the system showed that you were offline. It made me suspicious so I did some research and thought that it must be related to the Chamber of Secrets… Sila, we haven't known each other for very long but my actions were too fussy and annoying to you. I even forced you to do what you didn't want. I'm truly sorry about that. It must be because I envy you."

"Envy me? Do I have anything that makes you envy me?"

Varee slowly shook her head. "It's about my dad. Big Sister Vata left home a year ago but my dad doesn't seem to be in a hurry to find her. Lately, since Sila entered the hospital, my dad always spent his time taking care of you. That's why I wanted to tease you."

"That's not true. Uncle cares very much about Miss Vata. Every time he talked about Miss Vata, he always looked like he was feeling down and longing to see her again. I think Uncle is just not good at expressing his feelings to you. That doesn't mean he doesn't care about her."

"Is that so? It seems our family is indeed not good at expressing our feelings. Be it dad, Big Sis Vata, or myself." Varee's face reddened for a brief moment again.

She opened her system window and took the Invitation Card to the Mansion of Secrets to give to Sila. "Here, I'll return this to you. Actually, the promise that you need to keep in touch with me applies only when you are in the hospital. Now that you're fine, we don't need to contact each other anymore."

Sila stared at the invitation card on Varee's hand with mixed feelings. He planned to ask it back from her at the beginning, but when the time came that Varee wanted to return it to him out of her own will, Sila couldn't reach his hand to collect it.

Sila sighed. "Keep it. I'm living at your place now, so you should be free to visit my place too."

Varee was surprised at Sila's reaction. She was sure that Sila wanted to take it back, but it seemed she was wrong. Varee silently put the card back in her system window.

Bow broke the silence, "Yay~ It's good that Big Sister Varee keeps it. This way, Big Sister Varee can come to visit Bow."

"I will surely come, Bow." Varee turned her head to Sila. "It's almost midnight. Do we still have anything that we need to talk? By the way, I have something to tell you, but I can't tell you in the game."

Sila nodded in understanding. Varee's secret might be similar to his Greed Card that forbids him from telling other people.

"I don't know. Even if we have, I think we can just talk later. Oh… wait, there is a question that I would like to ask."

"What is it?"

"About Cinderella, what is it referring to?"

"Big Brother Sila, don't you know the story of Cinderella? When you were a kid, didn't your parents tell you fairy tales?" Bow asked, feeling surprised.

"I only have a teacher. He is not the type of person who tells fairy tales." Thinking about his teacher, Sila's eyes showed a sad expression.

Both Varee and Bow noticed this. Varee knew that Sila didn't have a father or a mother by his side. As for his teacher who was like a parent to him, he was a martial artist. Sila's childhood must have been different from what others had. Varee was starting to understand why her dad seemed to care about Sila more than her big sister.

Sila might look like an independent person who didn't need help from anyone else. However, in reality, he was just a kid who took all the problems to himself. Sila didn't have a normal childhood like others. The dojo and his teacher were all he had in his life.

And both of them went missing at the same time.

Vata just left home, but for Sila, his home had disappeared.

Varee felt like she got to know more of Sila's personality. It wasn't like Sila didn't want someone to enter his private space. It was just he didn't know how to ask for help.

Rashane was well aware of this fact. That was why he didn't hesitate to help Sila despite Sila trying to reject.

Well, Bow didn't think that deeply. She just pitied Sila because he didn't have a chance to listen to fairy tales.

"No problem! Bow will tell Big Brother Sila myself. My dad told Bow many fairy tales when Bow was a kid."

Hearing that, Varee was starting to feel doubtful. Why did Bow know about Cinderella? No matter how cute she was, Bow was just a monster. Varee was sure that Monster Soul didn't have the fairy tale implemented into the game. Monster Soul wasn't that romantic.

Well, it wasn't important. Both Varee and Sila listened to Bow telling the fairy tale attentively. Midnight was approaching.

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Cinderella…"

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