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Chapter 86: Weapon Subduing Fist

Sila was engulfed in darkness. Even he didn't know how he arrived at this place. The last thing he remembered was the match in Colossia City. He should be circulating qi now.

"Did I die?"

Sila had never died in Monster Soul. During his stay in the Slime Kingdom, once his health points reached the bottom, his body was always teleported to the edge of the cliff. Thus, Sila had yet to experience death.

"You did not." The gentle voice of a man echoed in the darkness.

Suddenly hearing the voice, Sila was quick to try strengthening himself with qi. However, he wasn't able to do it.

"I'm conversing with you via psychic power. You won't be able to use your power in this place as your body isn't here." The same voice could be heard.

"Who are you? And where am I?" Sila shouted.

"You don't need to shout, I can hear you just fine. My name is --- and you are currently in my personal dimension."

Sila couldn't hear the name of the opposing side. The sound seemed to be mysteriously cut off.

"My name is Sila. Where are you?"

"I'm in front of you. Please look again."

Sila could only see the darkness in front of him. He rubbed his eyes. Then, he found that he was no longer in the darkness. He was now standing on a beautiful plain. The grass was being gently blown by the wind. The atmosphere was very nice, chill, and peaceful.

In front of him, there was a small white house. An elegant tea table was positioned in front of the house, beside a field of colorful flowers. Seated next to the tea table was a man and a woman.

The man was dressed in a noble suit. He was handsome and wore a pair of glasses. His lengthy black hair was neatly tied up at his back. The one sitting next him was a very pretty woman with blond hair. She was in a beautiful white dress. The two of them were taking their time enjoying their tea.

"Hello, Sila. This woman is my wife, Cynthia," the man introduced the two.

"Hello." Sila put his palms together when suddenly, his body began to fade away.

The man put his cup of tea on the table as he said, "We don't have much time. For now, please listen to me."

Sila didn't know what was happening, but he quickly nodded. His body was becoming transparent. He was starting to be able to see through his body.

"Sila's right arm is working now, at least temporarily. Despite how Sila doesn't have any psychic power to provide to the right arm, some part of the power of Bomb Lurking Psychic is accumulating in it. So, Sila's right arm can bring forth the power of Bomb Lurking Psychic at your will. The system doesn't inform Sila of this so I want to personally tell you."


"Because I wanted to meet Sila at least once, as Sila might be someone who can make the game creator's dream become a reality."

Sila's body was about to vanish. He could barely see himself.

"I don't understand. How is it related to me? Which dream? What if I can't help achieving it?"

"That's a lot of questions. Sila better ask me again when you meet me in person. You don't need to concern yourself about it. Sila can just be yourself."

Sila was about to disappear. He still didn't understand a thing, though.

"Who exactly are you?"

The man's last words echoed as Sila's body vanished. Sila could hear it clearly.

"I'm the owner of the right arm that you're borrowing."

The first sensation that Sila experienced was the smell of sulfur. Next was the dry heat, like that of a desert. He felt like he was in an oven.

Sila opened his eyes at the moment that a knife was about to stab into his forehead.

"Die!" Francine shouted as she was stabbing the knife at Sila. She had spent a very long time approaching Sila. As she had moved closer to Sila, the heavier her body became. This must be thanks to Sebastian's spell that he had laid down.

Sila had been trained to be keen at dodging in melee range since he was a child. His reaction was quick. Though, as he was in a sitting posture, he didn't have many choices. He decided to lift his left hand to block the knife.

*Stab* The small knife pierced through Sila's left palm. Francine jumped back and felt very regretful that Sila had woken up.

"Mister Sila, please hurry up and seal Lookhin." A shout could be heard. Sila recognized that the owner of the voice was Sebastian. He turned his head to the direction of the sound only to see the floating human skull fighting against a gigantic dragon. He also witnessed a small hawk, which seemed about to die, kept attacking the dragon.

"Sebastian? Lookhin? What's happening here?"

"Save your questions for later, sir. Lookhin is dying!" Sebastian shouted.

Sila no longer gave it a thought as he said, "Seal Lookhin."

The hawk turned into light and was absorbed into his middle ring.

The Hellfire Dragon's body was full of wounds. It was still doing fine, though. The flame blades were nimbly flying around to the point that Sila's eyes had a hard time following them.

Sila tried moving his body. He found that his qi had regenerated to some degree.

Sila wasn't interested in Francine who was standing nearby. He flicked his left wrist and then her own knife flew right back at her.

Francine lifted her right hand to block. The knife stabbed her right hand and stabbed further to the wall behind her, fixing her in front of it.

Sila had become more proficient at using Universe Momentum after his match against Fargo. Thus, this knife glued Francine to the wall. If Francine was in a better condition, she would be able to pull it out. However, as she was now, there was simply no way for her to do that. The only way for her to get out of the wall seemed to be by severing her hand.

"Wait right here," Sila muttered before running to Solaria.

Sila jumped at Solaria. While in mid-air, Sila recalled the previous conversation he had with the Sealed One. If what that man said was true, the Right Arm of the Sealed One should be able to function now.

If he used this arm, even against the big fiery blades in front of him, he was sure that he could take them on. Sila was filled with confidence yet couldn't figure out where it was coming from.

Solaria noticed that Sila was charging at it. Despite it having wounds all over its body, they were only external ones. It still had a lot of magic power left in it and could easily keep fighting against the skull for a day. Solaria also realized that the skull wasn't able to maintain this level of power for too long.

One of the flame blades flew at Sila at high speed. As Sila was in midair, there was no way for him to evade it.

Sila murmured to himself, "Unseal." Then, the bandages surrounding his right arm were torn to pieces. The size of his right arm doubled, causing Sila to look like he was wearing a thick ancient armlet. The psychic power that was released from this arm was so great that every flame blade as well as Sebastian's scythe shook in resonance.

This was the power of Bomb Lurking Psychic that had been accumulating in Sila's right arm. It was like when Sila reinforced his arm with qi. Usually, the longer one maintained the state of reinforcement, the stronger the power would become while the user would feel more tired. However, this right arm was a different entity, separate from Sila. There was no feeling of fatigue. Every time the Bomb Lurking Psychic damaged Sila, a part of its power would enter the arm like psychic power reinforcement.

As soon as Sila unsealed it, the accumulated psychic power exploded.

The arm that had been reinforced by psychic power for more than two months was as powerful as an atomic bomb.

It was a power that no player could achieve without this arm. The power that was surging was more than Sila had ever expected.

Once the flame blade came closer to Sila, he lifted his right arm to block it.

Just touching the flame blade with his right arm and the flame blade eroded and broke in an instant. What happened to the blade should be similar to what Sila had felt when he was affected by Bomb Lurking Psychic.

There was no time for Sila to feel awe. He waved his right arm once, trying to control the psychic power as if it was his qi via Cruise Breeze.

The psychic power exploded. The remaining eleven Underworld Flaming Blades and Sebastian's scythe were shattered into pieces like glass.

Everybody watched the scene, holding their breath. Not to mention the people in VIP room and the survivors on the grandstand, even Sebastian and Francine couldn't help but stop in their tracks and blankly look at the scene.

Sila brought forth the maximum power of Universe Momentum. His body was pulled toward the Hellfire Dragon. He lifted his right arm. Excluding the psychic power, Sila even tried to reinforce the right arm with qi.

*Pa* The sound of Sila's palm lightly touched the dragon could be heard in the silence. Sila rotated his body and kicked at the dragon to send himself away from it, landing where he was standing before.

Sila's right arm emitted a soft light before deflating back to its original size. Sila looked at it and guessed that he must have spent all of the accumulated power in his previous attack.

"You… slime brat… why… you…?" The Hellfire Dragon could only say that much before its back exploded into a big hole. Although the Bomb Lurking Psychic didn't cause a big external wound, the dragon's internal organs were all destroyed by eroding psychic power.

Player Sila has defeated the Hellfire Dragon Solaria, Marquis Rank, Level 850. Player has received 300,000,000 experience points, 50,000 gold coins, (A) Hellfire Dragon Card 1 EA, and (B) Fire Dragon's Scale 1 EA.

Level of Player Sila has risen to 830.

Player Sila has achieved a special condition of the quest: Decolonize Slime Kingdom. Seal of Fire has been destroyed. There are 4 Seals remaining.

Level of the Black Grim Reaper Sebastian has risen to 500.

The Hellfire Dragon wasn't a pet, so Sila had gotten items and money for killing it.

The dragon's blood was raining down onto the arena, dyeing the ground into a red pool. The dragon's body lay on one side.

Francine shuddered in fear while Sila was falling, losing his consciousness. He was caught before he collapsed on the ground by Sebastian who had transformed back to the usual butler form.

"You must have used up all of your power. It's very impressive how you can kill a dragon in a single blow, sir. Anyway, I will let you rest."

However, the match wasn't over yet. Based on the rules, Sila was just unconscious. The rules clearly stated that one of the combatants had to die or surrender for the match to come to an end. Then, the remaining one would be able to exit the arena.

"Oh, right, I need to kill you. Please forgive me for forgetting it." Sebastian turned his head to look at Francine.

As Francine looked into Sebastian's eyes, her face was pale. She hurriedly shouted, "I surren…"

She was about to finish the sentence when Sebastian cast a spell.

"Curse of Silencing Corpse."

Francine's voice was suddenly gone. No words could come out of her mouth. For the record, this skill was normally used for disturbing the spell casting of other magic users.

"Fufufu, the dead ones can't talk. Don't be in too much of a rush to surrender, madam. I even saved you for last."

Francine tried to escape. However, even though Sila had fainted, the knife was still glueing her hand onto the wall.

"I really hate people like you who regard monsters as tools, madam. I guarantee that dying is only the lightest punishment. Oh, please don't worry that I will be easy on you because you are a woman. Death is always fair."

Francine was deathly pale. Well, Sebastian wanted to let Sila rest so he didn't have time to play. He placed two or three curses on Francine before sending her to the afterlife. However, dying was only the beginning for her.

Francine had never been so glad to be able to die in her entire life. The last scene that she saw before she turned into light was a smiling grim reaper waving its hand at her.

The barrier around the arena disappeared. Everyone in the VIP room descended to the arena. As for the survivors on the grandstand, they had left.

Everybody ran to Sila who was being supported by Sebastian. Varee quickly inquired about Sila's condition.

"Mister Sebastian, how is Sila?"

"He is just exhausted. I'll get him to rest in the mansion."

"I'll go too," Varee said with great concern.

Sebastian looked at her for a brief moment before saying, "Oh, please excuse my rudeness, madam, I didn't notice that you are Mister Sila's lover. In this case, please take this."

Sebastian handed a black card to Varee.

"This is the invitation card that Mister Sila gave me. Once you activate it, kindly ask for Julia. As for me, I will use the power of the brooch to follow after."

This invitation card was an ownerless one. That was because Sebastian was Sila's pet. When Varee took it, her name was immediately engraved onto the card.

Varee gently supported Sila's body. "Go to… erm… Mansion of Secret?" She recited the name of the place right beside her name. Then, both of them were teleported away.

Meanwhile, Burapha was looking at the dragon's corpse with great interested. "Release Lala."

Lala appeared next to Burapha. Everyone else showed a slightly surprised expression to see her.

"Lala, uses these bottles to scoop as much blood as possible," Burapha ordered, to which Lala nodded.

Burapha didn't know why the corpse of the dragon still remained. Usually, monsters disappeared within three seconds after being killed. That was why ingredient hunting was so hard. It was one thing to peel off the rabbit's skin, but what kind of person was able to scrape off a dragon's scales when the dragon was still alive?

Burapha quickly brought his weapon out to scrape off the dragon's scales. However, no matter how he tried, there was not even a scratch on them.

"How could Big Brother Sila do it so easily?" Burapha murmured.

Ratri asked Burapha, "Hey, you, do you mind if I get my hand on some of the dragon's blood as well? I would like to give it to Hermit. That guy will be very happy to receive it."

"None of this belongs to me to begin with. It's all Big Brother Sila's. You can take some before the corpse disappears. I'm sure Big Brother Sila won't mind," Burapha replied without glancing back at her. He was still trying to scrape off the dragon's scales.

Ratri opened her system window. She took out some empty bottles to scoop up the dragon's blood like Lala was doing.

"That corpse will disappear in another five minutes, sir," Sebastian informed them, causing Burapha to hurry up.

At that moment, Noppakorn and Rattana walked to the gang. Noppakorn was holding a trophy in his hands.

"Erm, about this… The host has died, so I guess I should bring this trophy to you guys." Noppakorn handed the trophy to Sebastian.

"Oh, I recognize you. You are the one who bad-mouthed my master during the first half of the tournament." Magic power was released from Sebastian's body. Noppakorn's face went pale.

"W-Wait, wait. I just did what Blue told me to do. If you're mad, you should be mad at him!" Noppakorn hurriedly defended himself.

"Mister Blue?" Sebastian weakened his magic power.

"That's right! That was part of Blue's plan." Noppakorn wiped the sweat on his face.

"Then, where is Mister Blue now?" Sebastian asked.

Noppakorn showed a worried expression as he said, "I don't know. I can't contact him at all. I don't know if he is facing some problem right now."

"Sebby, where are we going? Can Bow go to see Big Brother Sila?" Bow asked.

"Oh, should we wait for Mister Burapha to finish his business before we go together? Our mansion hasn't had a guest for a long time. I bet that Julia must be delighted. Everybody else has died anyway. It will take another two hours before they revive."

Everybody agreed. Noppakorn and Lone Wolf seemed to want to have a word with Sila. As for the winning bet, the system would automatically transfer the money to Sila's account.

Two minutes passed, but Burapha was still unable to obtain even a single dragon's scale.

"Why are they so hard!! My hand hurts!" Burapha shouted.

"It's useless. For Hellfire Dragon's Scale, you will need at least an grade weapon to…" Rattana was about to explain before stopping mid-sentence.

She was agape as she saw Poluk approaching the dragon's body. He threw one punch at it. Then, dragon's scales rained down from the sky. As for the dragon's flesh and bones, they all turned into ashes, leaving only several dragon's scales and a horn on the ground.

This was the result of the completed Genesis Punch. Poluk could even control which parts were destroyed and which parts remained.

"We have wasted too much time. You better collect them soon so that we can go visit Sila," said Poluk.

Everybody was agape, except for Lone Wolf and Sebastian.

"Are you ready?" Sebastian asked as he opened the spatial door to the Mansion of Secret.

From this battle tournament, Sila would receive the title "Weapon Subduing Fist" from Noppakorn. Later, this title would become well-known throughout all of Monster Soul. The weapon in his title is not only referring to actual weapons across the world, but it also referred to the Royal Armament Guild.

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