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Chapter 68: Other People's Problem

"Huh? I get Mister Sebastian as a reward?" Sila exclaimed.

"That's correct, sir. By the way, do you already own a house, Mister Sila?"

Sila was still in shock. "I don't own a house, but I own a Chamber of Secret."

Sebastian smiled. "That's also good. That place is considered a special dimension too. You just got a brooch and a special dimension's add-on, am I correct? Can you please give them to me?"

Sila thought to himself why the system gave them to him in the first place if they were designed to give back to Sebastian. He obediently followed Sebastian's request though. He handed all the items he had gotten back to Sebastian.

"This brooch will allow me to have some privileges that a butler should have, sir. There're many things that a pet can't do. It will be inconvenient if I, as a butler who has a duty to serve Master, don't have such privileges. As for this special dimension's add-on, I will use it for you when I arrive at your Chamber of Secret, sir." Sebastian equipped a black diamond-shaped brooch onto his uniform and kept a small box into his pocket.

However, he handed the card back to Sila.

"As for this card, you better use it for yourself, sir. Based on your fighting style, it's very suitable for Mister Sila."

Sila kept the card inside his system window. He was thinking about feeding it to Lookhin at first. However, listening to Sebastian's advice, it seemed he better brought it to the card shop to identify it first. It wouldn't be too late for him to feed it to Lookhin later if he doesn't like its effect.

"Let me finish some tasks first," Sebastian said while taking out five cards. "Oh, by the way, do you want to have another card from the Seven Sins' series?"

Sebastian's word reminded Sila of the hand that came out of the portal. Sila shook his head. If he got one more, his level wouldn't go anywhere. "By the way, what are going to do to them?"

"As I'll no longer stay in this place, the method for obtaining these cards have to be changed, sir. I have to undo the seal placing on them."

All five cards shone and scattered into white lights. They flew into the air before separating into several directions.

"It's done, sir. We can go now."

"Just now, what is that?"

"I released the remaining five demons that were sealed inside the cards, sir. From now on, the method for obtaining the card from the Seven Sins' series will be easier than ever. No need to spend a week staying silently with a complete stranger anymore. All you need to do is kill the demon."

"How strong are they, comparing to you?"

"Oh. They and I are on a different level, sir."

Sila felt relief. If they were weaker than Sebastian, players would be able to hunt them down in no time. It seemed he hadn't caused any problems.

"That's a relief. I was worried I may have caused a problem again."

"What do you mean, sir?" Sebastian didn't understand.

"Well, if these demons are strong, many people will be in trouble. However, if they're weaker than Mister Sebastian, they will be killed by someone sooner or later."

Sebastian smiled. "Mister Sila, you're misunderstanding something. What I meant by being on a different level is, each of them is much stronger than me. All five of them are in Emperor Rank. They are no longer being bound by the Mansion of the Seven Deadly Sins and will be able to roam free in this world."

"Huh? Won't that be a problem?"

"It might be, sir. However, it isn't our problem, is it? It's a problem for the unlucky ones that encounter them."

"Well, people will soon gather together and be able to kill them, right?"

"I think no, sir. Each of them can transform into human form. It wouldn't even be strange for them to live in the city."

"Transform into a human?"

"Yes. Lord Rank monsters and above can transform themselves into a human. They also can develop basic skills like Basic Qi, Basic Magic, and Basic Psychic while training themselves to become stronger like humans do. Human-shaped monsters are far more dangerous than normal. There's rarely the case of a Lord Rank monster being hunted."

Sila hardly swallowed his saliva. The highest rank monster that he had fought before was Marquis Rank. However, after the duel against Sebastian who was still hiding his power, Sila realized that the terrifying creatures in this game were not players but monsters of Lord Rank and above.

"Won't the world be in chaos?"

"It might be, sir. It won't happen soon though. The most dangerous ones aren't these five demons."

"Hmm? There're more?"

Sebastian nodded. "Yes, sir. The most dangerous one is Lucifer who is in Mister Lone Wolf's possession. He is the most powerful one among the demons of Seven Deadly Sins. It's better if he is sealed. His power scale is at the level where he can easily destroy a city. The other one is Mammon in Mister Sila's possession. Although he isn't as strong as Lucifer, the terrifying thing about him is that he is very shrewd and likes to play dirty. He is both cunning and wicked. If you were to fight him, I suggest you finish the battle as soon as possible. Don't listen to a word he says because he is an expert of cheating."

Sila kept Sebastian's advice in his mind, in case he might have to fight against Mammon one day.

"Mister Sila, you don't have to be worried. This kind of thing is other people's problem. Five monsters just happened to appear in the world. It's something that can happen anytime. No one would blame you. People might even praise you for making a method to obtain Seven Sins Card become simpler."

Sila inwardly argued that no one would thank him, surely.

"We should go now. This mansion is about to disappear." Sebastian hurried.

Sila took out a black card while asking the last question in his mind, "What about Mister Sebastian's old master?"

"He hasn't come back for a long time. I don't think he will come back to this place anymore. It's better for me to search for him outside."

Sila nodded as he brought Sebastian with him to the Mansion of Secret.

The first thing that Sebastian witnessed was a big mansion under the bright sunlight. He was amazed. This place looked nothing like the Chamber of Secret that he knew about.

"You must have spent a lot to build this place, sir," Sebastian said.

Sila scratched his head. "Yeah, a lot. Being in debt is the problem that I need to solve."

"Umm, helping his master solving a problem is also a butler's duty. I will try to find a way to help you out, sir."

"Thank you."

"Welcome back, Master. Could you please introduce me to this person? Is he your guest, Master?" Julia appeared in front of them.

"Hello, Julia. This person will stay here with us from now on."

"You must be the head maid, I assume. I'm Sebastian, the new head butler. It's my pleasure to meet you," Sebastian greeted Julia.

Julia was a little surprised to be addressed as the head maid. Nevertheless, she was the only one who maintained this place so it was not entirely wrong to call her the head maid. This mansion was big. Although she was skillful enough to take care of the mansion and the guests, it wasn't weird for Sila to hire other people to help maintain this place.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Julia, the head maid." She turned her head to Sila. "Master, Mister Burapha just dropped by to inform you that you need to go to Colossia City quickly. As for Mister Burapha himself, he has already arrived there. The tournament will start in less than a week. If Master hurries, you should be able to arrive there in three days."

Sila nodded. He planned to go there immediately from the start.

"You can travel at ease without any worries, sir. Miss Julia and I will take care of this place for you." Sebastian took out the box of special dimension's add-on and opened it.

The dimension distorted for a moment before returning to normal. The area of the dimension had been expanded by two times though.

"Julia, how are Lookhin and Bow?" Sila asked Julia.

"The two of them are busy sparring with each other. They have been at it for many days. Does Master want me to call them?"

"No need. I'll come back again in three days to bring them with me. I should arrive there faster traveling alone."

Sila said goodbye to the two of them and left the mansion. He entered the city and visited several places to prepare for his journey. Although he could last for many days with just one meal, it was better to be prepared.

Sila didn't forget to visit the card shop to identify his newly acquired card. He took it back from the shop owner and read its ability.

(S) Black Grim Reaper Card

When Player is killed in battle, Player's life will be prolonged for 15 minutes. Health points and all energy points will be refilled. All wounds will be healed and all skill cooldowns will be finished.

If Player is able to kill the enemy that has killed you, the time will stop counting. Player will gain two times the experience points and money from the enemy.

If the time runs out and Player can't kill the enemy that has killed you, Player's level will return to 1. Some of your equipment and half of your money will be lost. Player will also take one more day to be revived.

If Player is killed again within this ability activation time, Player's rank will be demoted by 1. Player's level will return to 1. All of your equipment and money will be lost. Player will also take three more days to be revived.

Sila was reluctant to equip this card. This card was both good and bad. Sure, fifteen more minutes could help him overturn the situation. However, if he couldn't counter-kill his enemy within fiftteen minutes or be killed again, the result would be devastating.

After giving a thought for a long time, Sila decided to equip this card into his system window. Now, the two cards that stood out the most inside his system window were the Greed Card, that had a picture of a black-haired man wearing a golden crown, and the Black Grim Reaper Card, that had a picture of a grim reaper with a scythe and an hourglass in its hands.

"Hm? What is this?" Sila was startled at the description on Greed Card. It said the rate of Mammon appearing was 45% despite the fact that Sila had only used the Greed skill once. Actually, it should be at 30% as the description suggested.

Mammon was the symbol of greed and unfair judgment. One could realize this much just by comparing it to Pride Card, which increased the rate of the demon appearing by only a small percentage upon using its skill.

Sila no longer paid attention to the Greed Card. No matter how high the percentage is, he would be fine as long as he refrained from using Greed skill.

"The next destination is Battle City Colossia," muttered Sila. Once he left the city, he soon traveled at high speed using qingqong.

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