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One Piece Bounty System Ch 29

Chapter 29: Alvida fighting Arlong Pirates

Tianlei: "Now you believe in our strength! Can you take us to the tyrannical group of Arlong pirates?"

Nami and Nojiko looked at each other and said: "Okay, let's take you there."

Under the leadership of Nami and Nojiko, soon Tianlei and team came to Arlong Park and looked at the high walls. Tianlei directly hit the wall by a punch, and saw that the wall was centered on the Tianlei's fist, and the crack cracked open.

The scene inside the Arlong park is clear at a glance, and all the fishman are there! Arlong is sitting there and basking in the sun! Hatchan is making barbecues, and other fishman are training themselves.

Tianlei made such a big move, they naturally looked over, and when they saw the Tianlei, they laughed. Arlong: "It turned out to be our nautical guide come back! Is the money enough? And are these navies coming to die?"

Without waiting for Nami to speak, Tianlei said: "The cadre of the Sun Pirates, the brothers of Fisher Tiger, Navy left you because they just pity on your experience with Dragons. But you are a fool who didn't cherish hard-won Freedom, on the contrary, has intensified the harm to mankind. Now I am arresting you in the name of Commodore of the Navy. And if you try to resist, then you will die."

Arlong looked at the Navy soldiers, and directly ignored it. In his eyes, Navy Captain level is coming here to die, but Commodore is totally different. In the Sun Pirates, he often chased by the Navy, naturally understand the strength of each of the Navy's military ranks, but also the Navy headquarters, it is even more difficult to underestimate.

And Tianlei also said that he was saved because Navy pity on them. He immediately started to get angry. Although this is a fact, he did not want to admit it. "You are just a Commodore of the Navy? This is the East Blue Sea! If I kill you here, and no one knows."

At this time, Arlong cadres came out and said: "Arlong, he said that he is a Commodore of the Navy. Let me try his strength." Arlong didn't say anything about it.

Tianlei understands from the past life, that Chew is the worst of the three cadres of the Arlong Pirates, the attack method is to spit out the water from his mouth to attack. As for the body skills, please! Ussop, a guy who can't catch up with ordinary people beat him, where can physical skills be strong?

This guy also has a little bit more strength than ordinary people. Alvida is enough to fix him. Tianlei immediately turned his head and said: "Alvida, you handle him!"

Alvida face turned black, how can I still do these things! I only here to watch the show! And I have not joined the Navy yet! Although I am on the navy ship, it is by force! However, under the cold eyes of Tianlei, she walked out unwillingly.

However, the next moment, Alvida wary, because this guy looked at Alvida and said immediately: "No! It's an old and ugly dead fat woman!"

Old, ugly, fat is the reverse scale of Alvida! She will kill anyone who said any one of these three words! What's more, he used all three words? After listening, Alvida roared in anger: "You ugly fish, this beautiful lady will beat you and make a fried fish to eat." She immediately carrying her huge iron rod to the rush towards him, she lifted up and took the lead.

It makes Chew startled, but no one thought that Alvida would suddenly come out with an attack.

Tianlei couldn't help but nod. His judgment was really not wrong. The attack of Alvida was sudden, but the speed of attack is not fast! In this way, this is still almost the same, it goes without saying that her physical strength is good but speed is worst.

However, fortunately, the advantages and disadvantages of this are still very clear. After avoiding this blow, Chew quickly opened the distance with Alvida and started shooting with his mouth gun.

It is a pity that his move is also quite good for Alvida. She didn't dodge, she just put a huge iron bar in front of the body, like a shield!? All the attacks are easily blocked, just like this, a constant long-range attack, not afraid to approach. A non-stop, easy defense, she wants to approach, but unfortunately her speed is slower, cannot catch up.

This kind of boring battle really makes Tianlei bored. At this time, Alvida saw that her distance from Chew was only ten meters, she knew that her time had come. She immediately shouted: "Look at my invincible big flying stick."

Before Alvida say everything, the big iron bars in her hands had already smashed past and once again launched an unexpected attack. Chew has become accustomed to the shackles of attack. Once again, this sudden move hit the face and was shot.

When he fell to the ground, his face could not be seen. It is estimated that even Alvida could not recognize him. He knew that he had lost the ability to fight.

Tianlei could not help but glance at Alvida. It seems that this fat woman still has a brain to use! If she has already eaten the slippery fruit and becomes beautiful, it is not impossible to receive her in his own team. He can easily her into a powerful soldier.

Arlong looked very annoyed and yelled in anger: "Waste, you can't even beat a human being."

Hatchan and Kuroobi immediately said: "Arlong, don't be angry, we will just take care of them in a moment. After that, we must beat these humans out of the flesh!"

Arlong suppress his anger: "Hatchan your turn!"

Hatchan: "Arlong, thank you, you are so optimistic about me!" He jumped up and climbed to the wall. After a while, he climbed to the second floor with eight hands. After taking out six swords, he jumped. Then he said: "Humans, come out to die! I am the strongest swordsman with six swords." After talking about the six swords in the hand, he danced quickly and saw that people were dazzled.

Kuroobi and Alvida were stunned for a moment. She quickly picked up the iron rod and ran to Tianlei and stand behind him.

Tianlei and Yuxi laughed, although the six swords were quite horrible. However, they saw it. This octopus has no swordsmanship information at all. It is just a break dance. It's just that he has a lot of hands, but if you dance again, the six hands work together, which is a bit of an innate advantage.

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