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Outside Jinxiao City, countless experts from the Dawn Road gathered and stood outside the gates, looking in the direction of the city. Many of the elites had also arrived. Bing Yi and Chu Shang from the Mortal World on the air warship, Yan Jiu from the Sword Saint Villa, Xia Hou from the Xia Clan, Nan Hao's group from the Nantian House and Yuan Zhan from Mount Taixing. They all stood in different directions, not knowing exactly what was happening in Jinxiao City.

They had heard that Ye Futian had only brought two people and a demonic beast with him into the city and gone all the way into the center of the city. Those guarding Jinxiao City had not returned yet, could it be that the battle was still not over?

Nan Hao from the Nantian House had an interested expression. Ning Huang was from the Ning Clan. Although the Ning Clan was not an elite clan and was already on the decline, there was a fearsome elder who had risen up in the current Ning Clan. He was an extremely authoritative figure in the Holy Zhi Palace, even though normal people might not know this, but as a person from the Nantian House, he naturally knew all this.

That person in the Holy Zhi Palace had high expectations for Ning Huang, and entering the Holy Road was merely a formality for Ning Huang. In reality, he had entry to the Holy Zhi Palace to cultivate since a long time ago, and that person had taught Ning Huang a lot. He should be expecting Ning Huang's performance in the Holy Road to be the most outstanding and enter the Holy Zhi Palace brilliantly.

Knowing Ning Huang's personality, he probably had not bothered to understand Ye Futian. If he killed Ye Futian, how interesting would it become? They did not enter the city as it belonged to Ning Huang. That fellow was extremely arrogant, so they did not want to provoke him for no reason, it was better to stay and wait for the result.

"How are things on Gu Feiyang's side?" at that moment, Nan Hao looked towards the rest and asked.

"Not optimistic," Xia Hou replied calmly, then asked, "I've heard that Virgin Bing Yi is on good terms with Gu Feiyang. Are you not going to help him?"

"A battle should naturally be decided by one's strength. I believe that Gu Feiyang will emerge victoriously," Bing Yi replied emotionlessly. Xia Hou smiled, he naturally understood that Bing Yi did not mean what she said.

This time, it was very likely that Gu Feiyang could not live to walk out of the Holy Road. Xiao Junyi was too dangerous. Even Virgin Bing Yi of the Mortal World would not want to offend a disciple of the Dark Saint. For many years, the Dark Saint had been a menace to the influential figures of the Barren State, why would his successor be any different.

Presently, in Jinxiao City, Ning Huang was struck back once again. The countless figures watching in the huge area were stunned. Ye Futian's rod skills were too overbearing and his aura was becoming even stronger as it accumulated.

The crowd had a ludicrous thought. Could it be that Ning Huang was going to meet his demise here?

Ning Huang's expression became exceedingly serious. Through the two times they clashed, he could feel how strong Ye Futian was. He stood up straight, his Battle Beast Kirin returning to his back, converting back to its Life Spirit form and merging with his body since the Life Spirit alone was unable to even get near Ye Futian.

The armor he was wearing appeared to be burning, with rays enveloping his body. Ning Huang stood above the heavens, the halberd in his hand aimed at Ye Futian. In an instant, a tremendous amount of strength entered the Heavenly Halberd. The flame and metal element Spiritual Qi in the air gathered towards it and the light emitted by the halberd became even more terrifying than before.

"Is Ning Huang finally going to use his secret move?" The crowd was startled. Although the majority of those following Ning Huang did not come from strong clans, there was a small group of them who were of superior origin. There were a few among them who knew that Ning Huang had learned an imposing halberd skill. It was his strongest move, the God Slaying Halberd. It was a skill known for its overwhelming offensive ability, claiming that the halberd could eliminate everything in front of it, even if it was a god.

Ye Futian's rod skills were evidently also a super offensive ability, Ning Huang had no choice but to use his strongest move to face him in battle.

Previously, nobody treated Ye Futian seriously, and they did not expect that he could force Ning Huang to such an extent. Nobody knew that he would be a one-man army after revealing his true strength. This kind of person was too scary, especially when he only showed an Arcana Plane's cultivation level usually.

The current Ning Huang was dominant and unparalleled, the God Slaying Halberd's strength was unmatched, each stroke containing extraordinary offensive ability and extremely hard to master. Ye Futian had asked him how many strikes of the rod he could withstand. He wanted to know the answer too.

Ye Futian's body flew and gathered force as he struck towards Ning Huang yet again. The Polearm of Divine Destruction was like a raging dragon and even Ning Huang had to acknowledge its strength. However, the Heavenly Halberd in his hand did not budge an inch as he took a step forward, the air shaking under their force, as though attempting to trample Ye Futian's confidence.

The Heavenly Halberd pierced forward. At that moment, it was like Ning Huang, the Battle Beast QIlin and the Heavenly Halberd had combined into one with the heavens. A remarkably brilliant giant halberd that could match the Polearm of Divine Destruction's shadow in strength appeared in the heavens. An invisible wave crashed down and the space between the two of them was crushed. The people watching from a distance felt a feeling of asphyxiation, the halberd strike was unbelievably tyrannical, killing all enemies in its path.

The God Suppressing Strike, as the halberd struck, it suppressed the Polearm of Divine Destruction.

The huge crowd watched as the Polearm of Divine Destruction and the Heavenly Halberd clashed. They were shocked by it, they were too strong, it was hard to imagine that it was a battle between a Lower Noble Plane and Arcana Plane cultivator. When the Polearm of Divine Destruction clashed with the Heavenly Halberd, they felt as though their hearts would be crushed under the pressure and an invisible might caused them to feel suffocated.

An extremely frenzied aura erupted from both people and they retreated thereafter. Ye Futian's will of the emperor remained overbearing, the Polearm of Divine Destruction wielded in his hands, golden clouds following along. Ye Futian acted as though the halberd strike had not affected him, continuing to accumulate might for his next blow.

Ning Huang stared at the front, the Heavenly Halberd pointing towards the sky. He took another step forward, the halberd aiming towards Ye Futian. In an instant, a myriad of golden flames flew forward alongside the Heavenly Halberd. Ye Futian's starry defense was penetrated at the places that the golden flames passed and shattered to pieces.

As the Heavenly Halberd landed, tens of thousands of golden flames descended as well, this was the God's Burial Skill from the God Slaying Halberd. Ye Futian's Polearm of Divine Destruction roared and struck out, creating a brilliant light veil, striking the air and with an ear-shattering sound. The golden flames flew backward and at the same time, the Heavenly Halberd landed on the light veil and Ning Huang retreated again. The God's Burial Skill was even less of a threat to Ye Futian than the God Suppressing Strike.

At that moment, Ning Huang's body disappeared and after-images appeared in the heavens. In the air, countless Ning Huang shadows and Heavenly Halberd silhouettes appeared, eventually combining into one and dashing forward. This was an extremely powerful technique from the God Slaying Halberd, the God Execution Strike.

At that moment, Ye Futian felt a strong threat incoming. He closed his eyes, the will of the emperor shining brightly around his body, as though entering a state of Enlightenment. His senses were heightened and he could catch a glimpse of Ning Huang's figure. Tens of thousands of shadows had combined into one, strongest Ning Huang.

His memory brought him back to the mountain behind Qingzhou Academy, where the Snow Ape had shown him the Nine Heavenly Attacks, each strike resonating with a corresponding cultivation level, the fifth strike likely to resonate with the Noble Plane.

The Divine Ape growled and merged with him. An immeasurable might gathered in an instant, it was a Noble Will that formed in an instant and resonated with the heavens.

Ye Futian's body moved, stepping forward and the Polearm of Divine Destruction sweeping forward. When the strike landed, the crowd felt as though there was a colossal Divine Ape howling and trying to crush everything beneath its feet.

The halberd's shadow arrived and the Polearm of Divine Destruction cleaved forward at the same time. A piercing light burst forth and the crowd saw Ning Huang's body turn into a flash of golden lightning, crashing heavily into a distant palace. The entire palace collapsed and Ning Huang shot right through it, his feet dragging along the ground. The Heavenly Halberd pierced the ground vigorously and created a rift in the ground. Only after that did Ning Huang stop moving backward. His head was lowered, blood streamed from his mouth and nobody could see his expression.

When they looked at Ye Futian, his body was still standing steadily in the air with the glow of the will of the emperor and an aura of arrogance.

Defeated! Ning Huang was actually defeated in his strongest form. The crowd was appalled. Although the Polearm of Divine Destruction was very strong, Ning Huang's Heavenly Halberd was also a powerful ritual implement that had resonance with him.

When they saw Ning Huang's final blow, many of them had thought that Ye Futian would be in trouble, but eventually, the loser was Ning Huang. Nobody dared to imagine that when Ning Huang wanted to deal with an Arcana Plane cultivator, he would end up being defeated by that cultivator. This was a huge shock to them.

Ye Futian basked in the emperor's glow and stepped forward. Ning Huang's head was still lowered; nobody could understand how he felt right now. He had come to the Holy Road to be first, to plunder the most holy badges. He wanted to restore the glory of the Ning Clan, this was also the expectation that the Holy Zhi Palace's elder had for him. However, he had been defeated in battle today, to an insignificant character.

Countless people stared at Ye Futian's figure and those in the air around him did not dare to act rashly. Li Qingyi's eyes were red. He had won; Ye Futian had actually defeated Ning Huang. This was inconceivable, she could not believe that it was real.

Who could have imagined that the handsome teen who had appeared on Mount Jiuxian could actually go so far?

Beside her, Li Xun did not dare to imagine it as well. He was dumbstruck, but after the shock came the horror, if Ning Huang were to die, he could not possibly live. Out of all the people here, he would be first on Ye Futian's list. He was extremely regretful, but it was not the time for regrets. He wanted to live.

His palm suddenly stretched forward and gripped Li Qingyi by the throat. Li Xun took out a dagger and pointed it towards Li Qingyi's throat and shouted to Ye Futian, "Stop!"

Li Qingyi was stunned, a furious expression appearing on her face.

Ye Futian's footsteps stopped and he looked mercilessly at Li Xun. Li Xun had been correct, the first person Ye Futian had wanted to kill was indeed him.

"She is your sister." Ye Futian's voice was frigid.

"I have never treated her like my sister, she's just the daughter of a lowly maid. If you want her to live, throw your ritual implement over," Li Xun said. The ritual implement was too strong. With the Polearm of Divine Destruction, Ye Futian's rod skills were unrivaled. He did not expect Ye Futian to give up his life for Li Qingyi, so he only requested Ye Futian to give up his ritual implement, so that he had a chance to live.

"Don't do it…" Li Qingyi looked at Ye Futian and shook her head with red eyes, then said, "Kill this b*stard." While saying that, she walked forward, allowing the dagger to cut towards her throat. Li Xun's expression changed and immediately retracted his arm, but the dagger had already left a faint cut on Li Qingyi's fair skin.

"B*tch." Li Xun grabbed her by the neck and lifted her up, rendering her unable to speak. The current Li Xun was crazed and looked towards Ye Futian, demanding, "Are you going to hand over your ritual implement?"

Ye Futian's expression was frigid as he looked towards Li Xun and said, "You will die!"

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