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Chapter 1970 - My Name Is Long Fei

The waiter and Long Fei could not be considered brothers.

A friend at most.

However …

If his friend was in trouble, Long Fei would naturally stand up for him.

The key thing was that the twins had suddenly kneeled on the ground, and their tears kept flowing out, causing Long Fei's heart to ache.

He couldn't bear to see such a beautiful woman shed tears.

To him, this was simply a fatal weakness.


Long Fei said: "Bring me there."

"Isn't your god's commercial alliances awesome? Do you dare to touch your men? Could it be that the Wang Family has come again? " Long Fei asked.

The twins said, "It's not the Wang family. It's Elder Mei."

"Elder Mei?"

"You people from the Tianhui Merchant Shop?" Long Fei paused for a moment.

The twins nodded. "He's the person in charge of Tianhui Hotel. Lord, please help him. If you don't help him, he'll be beaten to death."

Before he arrived, he heard waves of screams from the distance.

"Are you messing with me?"

"Kid, how much guts do you have? You dare to play with me? "

"Don't you know who I am!"

"Do you think this will save the twins? Let me tell you, when I, Mei Changtian, choose something, don't even think about escaping, do you think you saved them? "Hmph, you're just making my challenge more difficult, it's actually more fun this way, haha …" Mei Changtian said with a cold smile.

The waiter was covered in blood, his face dark green, blood gushing out of his mouth continuously, he said with difficulty: "Elder, I am helping you, the two of them are the master's maids, if, if, if you get your hands on them, that would break the rules of the god's commercial alliances, at that time the Branch Lord will blame you …."

Not waiting for him to finish.


A whip with a thorn in it lashed out.

It landed on the chest of the waiter. The skin was cut open, and the flesh was cut deep enough for the bones to be seen.

The pain made the waiter's entire body twitch.

Mei Changtian laughed coldly: "Him? "Humph!"

"Those that came from the Devil Island, I used to think he was someone from the main temple, who would have thought that he was trash that the Devil Island had escaped from."

"Why should I be afraid of such a person?"

"I'm not saying. If he was in front of me, I could have made him kneel down and call me father!"

At this moment.


The door was kicked out.

Long Fei stood in front of the door and coldly asked: "Kneel down and call me father?"

Mei Changtian's brows tightened and his expression slightly changed. He stared at Long Fei, then looked at the twins behind Long Fei, laughed sinisterly, and said: "You two bastards!"

"Wait and see how I'll deal with the two of you."

And then …

Mei Changtian looked at Long Fei, and said: "That's right. Kneel down and call me father, or else …"

Not waiting for him to finish.

Long Fei suddenly made a move!

Fast movement.

Mei Changtian laughed coldly: "Merely trash at the first level of lower god, don't you think you can injure me?"

He stood motionless on the spot.

Just as Long Fei's fist was about to land.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

In the darkness, two streams of power suddenly surged out from behind Mei Changtian.

It was incomparably fierce.

His speed was first class.

With regards to the sneak attack Long Fei, he smirked and said: "One day ago, I might have let you guys succeed, but now … …"


In the Dragon Coffin training space.

Every time Long Fei fought with his life on the line, he would face all kinds of sneak attacks and sneak attacks.

Those Steel Armor Beast s never did anything the normal way. They used all sorts of underhanded and insidious methods to sneak attack?

It was child's play.

Long Fei was not afraid in the face of battle and immediately gave up his attack on Mei Changtian. His body suddenly sank as he stopped like a boulder.

"Boom, boom!"

Two fists slammed down on their noses.

His reaction was fast.

The change in his strength was also extremely fast.

They were the ones who ambushed him, but... In the end, it became a sneak attack by Long Fei, but they became passive.

Two punches flew out.

Mei Changtian flew backwards explosively.

Mei Changtian's eyes turned sinister as he took a step forward and landed on top of Long Fei's head. With a palm strike, he shouted, "You're courting death!"

The palm howled.

An enormous pressure also swept over.

Long Fei raised his eyes slightly, "Then let's see who's f * * king seeking death!"

He didn't dodge.

Long Fei immediately used his own skull to crash against it.

A palm fell!


A burst of energy shot out, a divine light flashed on the top of Long Fei's head, but he did not retreat, instead, he was sent flying by the powerful defensive force.

"An opportunity!"

Without waiting for Mei Changtian to fall, Long Fei took a step forward and reached the point where he landed first. Both his fists moved, "Tiger Roar!"

"Roar …"

The tiger roared.

He punched out.

Like a heavy cannon, he blasted out, and Mei Changtian's body once again flew into the air.

Long Fei's figure disappeared.

It landed on Mei Changtian's body.

"Great Bear!"

His long legs moved, and the roar of a bear pressed down fiercely.


He heavily smashed into Mei Changtian's abdomen, his eyeballs nearly popping out, his expression extremely ugly, the blood in his mouth gushing out, he smashed into the ground, his entire person starting to talk, directly kneeling on the ground, coincidentally right in front of Long Fei.

Long Fei asked coldly: "Kneel down and call me father?"

A string of actions, as smooth as flowing water.


Long Fei would often attack randomly.

Even if left and right envoys wanted to stop Long Fei, he didn't know where to start.

Blood trickled down the corner of Mei Changtian's mouth, his face was pale white, the pain in every part of his body was so intense that he couldn't even take care of himself, he stared at Long Fei and asked: "Brat, do you know who I am?

Not waiting for him to finish.

Long Fei picked up his whip and lashed out, "I don't care who you are!"

"You also know that I'm someone who came from the Devil Island. Do you think I care who you are?"


His skin was lacerated, and the pain was unbearable.

As the waiter and the twins looked at the whip, their bodies began to tremble.

Mei Changtian's entire body shivered from the pain and he roared angrily, "Brat, I am Mei Changtian and I am an elder of the god's hotel. If you dare to attack me, you are waging a war against the god's commercial alliances and you must bear the consequences …"

"Mei Changtian?"

"I think you're Mei Chang."

"Bearing the consequences?"

"Carry your sister's consequences."

Long Fei hated people who threatened him the most.

Mei Changtian immediately stopped after a few whips, he could not make any more sounds, because his mouth was already rotten from the whips.

"Come, come, tell me what consequences I have to bear." Long Fei shouted.

"Wuuu..." "Wu, wu, wu..." Mei Changtian's words leaked wind, so she didn't know what he was saying.

Long Fei said: "Go back and tell your boss, if there's anything you want to tell me, just come at me. As you all know, I am someone who came from the Devil Island."


"My name is Long Fei!"


Long Fei supported the waiter of the shop and walked out.

The twins immediately followed.

Mei Changtian looked at Long Fei's disappearing figure, his eyes turning cold. At the same time, he revealed a sinister excitement, "Long Fei … Hahaha... You really are Long Fei. "

"You're dead meat!"

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