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Chapter 761: Revealing Its True Body

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"Why is it still alive?!"

Lin Huang was flabbergasted. Despite possessing the Divine Regeneration skill, he would definitely die when all his body particles died out.

"I somehow feel that the ability it has isn't merely regeneration," Bloody that was hiding in Lin Huang's sleeve suddenly said, "It did mention before that each time it's killed, the only thing it needs to do is to get another body. Just like human clothes, regardless of how the clothes are damaged and even if they're burnt to ashes, it'll have no effect on the rest of the clothes. One will only need to change to another set of clothing. That's why despite its body being severely damaged to the point where not even a single piece of its physique was left, it can still switch to another body."

What Bloody said dawned upon Lin Huang. He used to think that the evil spirit possessed a secret skill like regeneration. That was why he had been scratching his head for a way to obliterate its body into pieces so that it could no longer regenerate. After listening to Bloody's explanation, he knew that he no longer had to waste his energy on that. Regardless of the extent to which its body was damaged, it could simply revive itself by switching to another body.

"Since that's the case, I don't need to waste my Life Power attempting to kill it into pieces." Lin Huang felt relieved as his Worldly Purification consumed a large portion of his Life Power.

As the black mist formed again, he could confirm that the explosion had ended and that the area was no longer dangerous. Lin Huang then removed his Dark Mirror, appearing next to the black mist in a flash.

He made countless attempts trying to interfere with the formation of the black mist. All his efforts were in vain. Lin Huang was not going to waste his energy on that anymore. Therefore, he patiently waited next to the evil spirit until its new body was created.

The black mist swiftly formed and in less than half a second, its new body stabilized. This time, it transformed into a skinny man.

Right after its body was formed, the evil spirit opened its eyes. It then saw Lin Huang standing less than ten meters away from it, revealing a "kind" smile.

The next second, the bloody glow streaked across the sky.

The evil spirit did not have time to respond at all. Its skull flew away and black blood spurted out of its neck to a height of two meters. After a long while, it collapsed to the ground, transforming into the black mist and fading.

"That saves me a lot of effort." It was the fastest win since Lin Huang had started fighting it.

Lin Huang did not retreat after it was killed. He remained at its original position, patiently waiting for its body to form again.

Perhaps the evil spirit itself might not notice that there was such a flaw in its secret "regenerative" skill.

Each time when its body was formed, the black mist was visible and its speed was not fast enough, so its whereabouts could easily be tracked.

It seemed like it did not have full control over its body replacement process which took place on its own. Once the body died, the replacement would happen within a minute. Seemingly, the evil spirit had no way of prolonging the time needed for the formation of the black mist. Otherwise, it would have extended the period to a few hours or even a few days until Lin Huang's upgrade in his combat strength had lost its effect before replacing it with another body.

However, it was convenient for Lin Huang to camp out and wait due to its flaws. Regardless of where the black mist formed, he would be there next to it.

Before using the Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card, it would have been difficult for him to kill the evil spirit despite being a camper because it could react to his attacks in time. However, after achieving an upgrade by another three levels, Lin Huang's speed was so swift to the point that the evil spirit could no longer catch sight of him. Therefore, being a camper and killing it would become much easier. The evil spirit did not have enough time to respond right after it was revived.

Noticing the black mist moving away from him, Lin Huang remained calm and leisurely followed after it.

Despite traversing the sky, the formation of the black mist did not slow down. The new body was being formed while it moved.

"It seems like I guessed it correctly. As long as the body dies, a new body will automatically replace it. The entire process is out of its control." Bloody noticed that as well. It then whispered to Lin Huang, "Otherwise, it would've extended the duration needed for the body replacement process until you lost the combat strength increment effect since the process wouldn't be interrupted by any external factor."

"That's good. Since it does not have control over it, it's easier for me to just camp out." Lin Huang smirked.

In just a short while, the evil spirit's body was formed again. Impressively, the body formed was the victim who had helped them figure out who the murderer was. It was Li Jingbiao's substitute.

The evil spirit with the chubby face gradually opened its eyes, shooting Lin Huang a deadly stare. At almost the same time as Lin Huang hurled his sword forward, the black glow in its eyes started to grow. Its brutal self-combusting force caused its plump body to expand as if it was a balloon.

Lin Huang backed off to where Kylie was a few kilometers away. He took out his Dark Mirror again, producing a defensive shield five meters in diameter. Kylie and he were enveloped by the shield.

The evil spirit's plump body eventually collapsed as its body could no longer sustain the force from within. A black energy was emitted as well, releasing a dazzling white glow that resembled the sunlight and spread everywhere.

In less than a minute, a tsunami-like white glow had engulfed the entire region, covering more than 100 kilometers in circumference. The same thing happened again and the burnt ground was lit up.

Aside from the Dark Mirror's defensive sphere being in pristine condition, not a single item on the ground was left unharmed.

As the white glow faded, Lin Huang removed the Dark Mirror, looking in the direction where the evil spirit's self-combustion had happened. He shook his head and laughed. "It's decisive. It decided to go for self-combustion, knowing that it doesn't have the chance to counterattack."

"It's actually a wise decision. Unfortunately, you're the one it encountered. Within a certain distance, the force that resulted from its self-combustion was actually capable of killing those whose abilities range from black gold-level to imperial-level. However, your Dark Mirror is capable of defending against its self-combustion. If this happened to any of them who had yet to get to imperial-level, most probably they'd have been killed." Bloody's voice was heard again.

"It was just bad luck that it met me." Lin Huang chuckled.

After the white glow faded, the black mist was quickly created again. The evil spirit switched to another body again.

It saw Lin Huang as soon as it opened its eyes. However, it did not choose to go for self-combustion this time.

In just one hit, Lin Huang chopped its body in half with ease.

"Did I just kill it? Wasn't it able to respond?"

As soon as the thought flashed through Lin Huang's mind, Bloody's voice was heard. "Run!"

Lin Huang immediately fled without asking why.

Right when the evil spirit's body was chopped in half, the black glow in its left eye suddenly radiated. The next moment, a white glow appeared abruptly, engulfing the corpse which had been chopped in half.

The white glow spread towards Lin Huang in just a blink of an eye. Lin Huang initially wanted to go to Kylie. Right then, he had no choice but to activate his Dark Mirror and cover himself.

As the white glow passed through the Dark Mirror and continued spreading towards Kylie at a breakneck speed, Lin Huang immediately recalled Kylie into its card form.

Seeing the white glow had again, engulfed almost everything surrounding him, Lin Huang's face turned pale. "It's really evil. It managed to activate self-combustion even after its death."

His back was drenched in sweat. His t-shirt was all wet. Even if he was a fraction of a second slower, he might have been killed by the evil spirit's white glow and could have possibly lost Kylie.

"Encountering such an opponent, you have to be extra careful." Bloody's voice was deep.

"I must kill it!" Lin Huang was incensed as he realized that he had almost been defeated.

Seeing its body being formed again, Lin Huang decided to stand right next to the corpse without fear.

As soon as its body was formed, the evil spirit gave Lin Huang an insulting smile. Still, it did not go for self-combustion immediately.

Lin Huang killed it without a moment of hesitation. This time, the evil spirit's self-combustion became creepier. It activated it just as it was killed.

However, Lin Huang was prepared for it. He did not even bother to flee and immediately activated his Dark Mirror at his original position. The defensive sphere shrank to only a meter in diameter. He was at the center of the explosion and managed to overcome the evil spirit's self-combustion.

Regardless of what the evil spirit did, Lin Huang did not give up camping. He overcame all the explosions.

A few of the explosions tore the defensive sphere of the Dark Mirror apart and even penetrated through the defenses of the bloody wings, causing injuries to Lin Huang's body. However, they were quickly healed by Lin Huang's Divine Regeneration.

By doing so, Lin Huang managed to kill his opponent 17 times.

Witnessing the 17th body of the evil spirit self-combust and disappear, Lin Huang then saw the black mist gradually appear at the ruins again. Lin Huang frowned.

After several moments, he could no longer shift his gaze.

The black mist did not apparition into a human figure this round. A monstrous face gradually formed instead.

Despite not being completely formed, Lin Huang could recognize it as the semi-transparent monster that had killed the two immortal-level rank-9s at Chenxing Building.

"Its true body has been revealed!" Lin Huang smirked, staring deadly at the monster which was about to fully form.

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Chapter 762: A Play of the Tentacles

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In the air, the semi-transparent monster floated where the evil spirit's last body had disappeared. It looked like running water lingering in the air and not look like a living creature at all. Until the liquid creature started forming a whip-like tentacle, it looked about 50% similar to a jellyfish on Earth.

Despite having seen how the monster actually looked like through the Backtracking Mirror, at the moment when he saw its true body, he somehow felt relieved. "It's finally revealing its actual form!"

The evil spirit was in its jellyfish form which was less than two meters wide. However, each of its tentacles measured a length of at least seven meters and there were more than hundreds of them.

Lin Huang had seen the evil spirit killing people with its tentacles. The tentacles that appeared soft had very easily penetrated through the immortal-level's supreme relics and their bodies. It was a very sharp killing weapon.

However, what made Lin Huang feel strange about it was that the evil spirits combat strength was only on immortal-level rank-2. It was way weaker than most of the bodies it had transformed into previously.

"So, immortal-level rank-2 is your real combat strength?" Lin Huang thought to himself.

However, just as the thought came to his mind, the evil spirit's combat strength started to grow. Within seconds, it managed to get to immortal-level rank-6, which was at the same level as him.

"It seems like it's kind of powerful…"

Despite the fact it had undergone an increment in its combat strength, the evil spirit's combat strength was still no match to the bodies it had transformed into. Lin Huang could sense that the evil spirit was intimidating right after it went through the upgrade. He rarely encountered opponents of a similar combat level that could make him feel in this way.

Lin Huang could clearly feel that after the upgrade, the evil spirit was fixing its gaze on him. Although it did not have eyes since it was in its jellyfish form, Lin Huang could clearly tell how it must feel like being stared at by the predators on top of the food chain. It was definitely not an illusion.

The evil spirit was floating high in mid-air, gazing upon Lin Huang. It moved its body slightly and the clear water instantly became even more transparent, merging with the surroundings. It then disappeared from Lin Huang's sight.

Lin Huang frowned at the strange phenomenon that he had just seen. Although he was unable to see it, he could still sense every moment of the evil spirit since it was within the range covered by his territory. It looked like it had just moved slightly. In fact, it was but a remaining shadow as it moved and became completely transparent right after it moved.

Lin Huang monitored the entire process as the evil spirit moved with his territory.

Apparently, it was afraid of stirring up the atmosphere and being discovered. Therefore, the movement of the evil spirit was not quick. It moved its tentacles alternately in mid-air as if it was a long-legged spider spinning a web. It did not make any noise.

It secretly moved towards the left in steps. After a few moments, it was right behind Lin Huang. Raising up a few of its tentacles, it quietly aimed towards the back of Lin Huang's head, backbone, and heart. It was about to pierce through the vital parts of his body.

Lin Huang pretended as if he knew nothing. He was grasping his sword, getting ready to defend against the evil spirit in the direction where it had originally been at. At the same time, Lin Huang looked to the left and to the right, pretending as if he did not know where the evil spirit was.

Just as the evil spirit was about to strike, Lin Huang suddenly rolled to another side clumsily and managed to dodge the attack as the sharp tentacles were about to pierce through his body.

The evil spirit was stunned as its fatal attack had missed its target. When it launched its attack, it had shielded its aura to its maximum. It had never missed a target, hence it doubted if Lin Huang knew its exact position.

However, Lin Huang was still playing on the defense and appeared panicked. Seeing that he was looking around and did not fix his gaze on itself, it then snapped out of its thoughts.

"I don't think that I've been discovered. He might have the ability to predict danger, that's why he managed to avoid my attack."

After missing its target, the evil spirit was now ready to deal with Lin Huang again. It took another step forward and moved towards the back of Lin Huang's body from the right.

Again, several tentacles formed, quietly targeting the vital parts of his body.

Before the attack struck, Lin Huang leaped aside and dodged the evil spirit's second attack.

As the second attack missed its target again, the evil spirit suspected it. "How did he successfully avoid the attack?!"

"Just show up if you're strong! Let's fight face-to-face! Do you think you're strong if you were to secretly attack a person?" Lin Huang raised his voice as if in alarm, looking around as he yelled.

Obviously, his acting confused the evil spirit as it no longer doubted him.

The evil spirit did not attack immediately after missing its target twice. Instead, it stared at Lin Huang from its original position for a couple of moments, and soon after, it seemed like it had a new plan.

This round, it moved about ten meters away from Lin Huang but did not attack. Instead, it gradually extended several vine-like tentacles. They resembled little snakes that slithered across the ground, not wanting to be noticed.

Lin Huang immediately figured out what the evil spirit was going to do. It wanted to approach him and secretly tie him up with his tentacles so that his movements would be restricted. Then, he would definitely be killed.

Lin Huang did not have any facial expressions but he had a plan. A card secretly appeared between his fingers on his left hand. He exerted a slight pressure on it and the card was crushed.

The next moment, the evil spirit's tentacles extended towards his legs and exploded into motion when they were less than ten centimeters away. Lin Huang could not respond to it at all. The tentacles twisted around his ankle. It was too late when he wanted to get rid of them. The two tentacles that twisted around his ankle got tighter and were constantly moving upwards. The other tentacles entangled his arms and neck, so it would be impossible for him to escape or counterattack.

Seeing that it had successfully captured Lin Huang, the evil spirit's body gradually exited its hidden state, turning back into its semi-transparent form again.

"I've finally captured you!"

A face gradually appeared on the evil spirit's jellyfish-like body. It was like a floating sculpture of the human face on a semi-transparent wall. The lips on the big carving-like face spread opened and the voices of hundreds of males and females could be heard.

"I've released more than 3,000 God's Blood Pods into different gravel worlds. These pods are going to encounter countless opponents during their growth phase. Among the opponents, you're one of them with the lowest combat strength, yet, you're the one who's the most difficult to deal with. You managed to destroy all the bodies of the God's Blood Pods all on your own. But that's fine since your body is way better than all the bodies that you've destroyed. As long as I can possess your body, the losses that I've suffered mean nothing to me."

After uttering its words, two tentacles of the evil spirit transformed into sharp thorns and blasted off into the sky, penetrating Lin Huang's eyeballs and going right into his brain…

Chapter 763: Ink Feather

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Just as the tentacles pierced through Lin Huang's eyeballs, the evil spirit noticed that something was off and it froze for a while.

At that moment, a bloody glow that looked like a lightning bolt struck on top of the evil spirit's head.

The red glow moved so quickly that the evil spirit could not react to it at all. Its huge body then slumped to the ground.

Half of the blade of the bloody sword that was about two meters long had penetrated through the evil spirit's head from the top and the person who was holding the sword was no other than Lin Huang, whose body was shrouded in his bloody Life Power.

Till then, "Lin Huang" who had his head pierced by the evil spirit transformed into a starry glow and vanished.

Lin Huang was holding a sword with both of his hands. He exerted more force, attempting to pierce deeper into it with his Air Slicer.

The evil spirit roared angrily and soon after, hundreds of tentacles ripped out at almost the same time, heading straight for Lin Huang. It wanted to rip him into pieces.

As the countless tentacles went after him, Lin Huang immediately whipped out his sword. He then stomped the ground hard and retreated.

Black blood constantly oozed out from the evil spirit's wounds. Due to the special characteristics exhibited by his Air Slicer, despite it possessing an extraordinarily strong recovery ability, it was difficult for its wound to heal in such a short period of time.

Enduring the pain that it suffered, hundreds of tentacles that resembled bones headed out for Lin Huang. The tentacles that were initially about seven meters long extended to thousands of meters and continued growing.

With the help of his Vampire Particles, Lin Huang's speed was slightly faster than those who just got to imperial-level.

However, the evil spirits tentacles were even faster and ambushed him. They were initially tens of meters away, but the distance between them was constantly reducing.

"How long can the tentacles actually extend to?" Lin Huang thought to himself in bewilderment as he fled.

Since he had encountered monsters like this in the past, he already knew that the evil spirit's tentacles could extend. He used to think that escaping from the tentacles' attack range would not be difficult, but the extension of the tentacles was far beyond his expectations.

As the tentacles were less than two meters away from his ankle and were still approaching him, Lin Huang had no choice but to wave his hand, forming the Dark Mirror out of nowhere.

Hundreds of the tentacles completely ignored the mirror which blocked them and went straight towards him. However, they were blocked by the tentacles that were reflected by the mirror.

Seeing this, Lin Huang did not continue fighting them and immediately fled.

As soon as he left, the Dark Mirror lost the forces supporting it and collapsed. The evil spirit's tentacles continued to chase after him.

Blocked by the Dark Mirror, Lin Huang managed to distance himself tens of meters away from the tentacles.

Although the Dark Mirror could block the attack of the tentacles, Lin Huang did not want to exhaust his strength by using the Dark Mirror to fight the evil spirit.

In order to use the Dark Mirror secret skill, the exhaustion of his Life Power depended on the attack of his opponent. The stronger the attack and the higher the frequency of attack, the larger the consumption of his Life Power. According to what the evil spirit had said, its forces originated from its real body and were infinite. Despite having three Life Power Refill Cards in hand, Lin Huang would not have sufficient Life Power for that.

Lin Huang decided to use his Dark Mirror so that it could buy him some time and he could immediately escape.

He knew very well that there would definitely be a limit to the extension of the evil spirit's tentacles as such a secret skill could be a big burden to the user's body. If it went over the limit, the user's body would be unable to bear the burden. One's body might be severely injured by the secret skill and the body could even collapse.

In fact, the evil spirit stopped extending its tentacles as soon as they reached more than 3,000 meters. Although it was unwilling to stop, it still had to retract all its tentacles.

As the attack of the evil spirit had stopped, Lin Huang who was 3,500 meters away stopped as well, looking at it from afar.

Despite his attack injuring the evil spirit and even managing to get rid of the tentacles' attack, Lin Huang did not look relaxed.

"The attack range of its tentacles covers at least 3,200 meters. In addition to the number of tentacles and their attack speed, it's difficult for me to approach it. Even if its flaws are discovered and I can successfully get near it, one or two attacks aren't going to kill it. It'll be difficult for me to escape by then…"

Just as Lin Huang was quietly thinking about what he should do, the evil spirit's body that was thousands of meters away gradually faded. It transformed into its hidden state again, merging into the surroundings.

Having leveled up to immortal-level rank-6, the region covered by Lin Huang's territory was no longer restricted by Lancelot who was only an immortal-level rank-3. The radius of his territory had increased from 3,000 meters to 6,000 meters.

He looked like he remained still in his original position. However, he was monitoring each and every movement of the evil spirit.

After the evil spirit transformed into its hidden state, it pounced right in front of Lin Huang. Its speed could be compared to that of Lin Huang's as it reached less than 100 meters away from him in just a blink of an eye.

Till then, Lin Huang still did not move. He did not dodge or defend himself.

Just when it was less than 20 meters away, the evil spirit finally attacked.

"You won't be able to run away this time!"

Hundreds of tentacles streaked across the sky in different paths. They instantly blocked Lin Huang's way to retreat. Even a mosquito could hardly escape from them.

As Lin Huang was being attacked, a wicked sound was heard coming from his sleeve. Black daggers then ripped out. The Ink Feather that had not been used for a long time was like black fishes swimming away from him and colliding with the tentacles.

"Are you actually able to see me?!"

Seeing the daggers hit each of its tentacles precisely, the evil spirit then realized that it had been fooled. All along, Lin Huang could see it.

"I can't…" Lin Huang immediately denied, shaking his head. "But I can feel you."

The evil spirit was stunned when it first heard him. It then regained its senses immediately. "Is that your Territory skill?!"

Lin Huang did not give any response.

The daggers hit the evil spirit's tentacles like wriggling fishes. Aside from causing the tentacles to deviate from their original path, wounds formed on the tentacles as well.

Despite the fact that the Ink Feather daggers were not as sharp as Lin Huang's Air Slicer, it was still an ancient relic. The evil spirit's combat strength was only on immortal-level. Regardless of how strong its body was, it could not compare to an ancient relic.

Lin Huang floated up high in the sky, allowing the evil spirit's tentacles to attack him. The daggers shot out of his sleeve, defending him against all the tentacles. He was like a mountain that remained unaffected despite being pounded by waves.

The evil spirit made several attempts to attack. Its tentacles resembled waves that continually hitting him, trying to figure out if any of his flaws could be exposed. It wanted to take advantage of that, but its efforts were in vain.

The number of daggers coming out from Lin Huang's sleeve was increasing and there was a plot twist.

The evil spirit originally had a great advantage over him due to the number of tentacles. However, due to the increasing number of his daggers, he successfully pinned it down.

There were 3,600 daggers in a set of Ink Feather. After about 1,000 of the daggers had shot out of Lin Huang's sleeve, he managed to defend himself against the onslaught on him.

As the number of daggers continued increasing, Lin Huang started controlling the remaining daggers to weave through the gaps between the tentacles during the defense and attack the evil spirit.

The evil spirit could not do anything and it had to retract its tentacles in order to dodge.

The battle was turned around in an instant.

Just as about 3,000 of the daggers shot out of Lin Huang's sleeve, the evil spirit had lost its chance to attack. It had to focus on defending itself against the daggers.

The daggers flashed in the air like piranhas swimming in the river and scaring every creature.

The evil spirit still did not want to retreat although hundreds of its tentacles were injured and blood stains were everywhere. None of its limbs got away scot-free.

However, the daggers were different from the combat sword which Lin Huang was holding as they exhibited no special characteristics. The evil spirit's tentacles were all bloody now. In fact, they were recovering on their own at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

Of course, Lin Huang noticed that. The Ink Feather could injure the evil spirit. However, due to its strong recovery abilities, it could not be harmed.

In the next ten minutes, its perseverance was proven as it managed to survive the 3,600-dagger attack by Lin Huang.

The evil spirit did not only dodge the attacks with his tentacles. It had extremely strange body movements as well. Its water-like body could twist into unimaginable shapes and successfully avoided his onslaught.

"You're controlling thousands of ancient relics that work differently with Telekinesis. You've indeed done a great job. However, how long can your Telekinesis sustain?" The evil spirit insulted, "I suppose you can still sustain for another three months based on your attack strength."

Lin Huang knew that it was an exaggeration to say that he could still sustain for another three months. It had an endless supply of energy and its wounds recovered on their own. Moreover, it could avoid all his attacks with its body movements.

"If this continues, I'll be the one killed."

Flesh constantly grew from the evil spirit's wounds. Despite having countless wounds, its aura was not weakened at all. It became stronger instead.

Sensing the slight changes that occurred in the evil spirit's body, Lin Huang who was still struggling finally made up his mind. A flicker of fury flashed through his eyes.

"Since one set of Ink Feather isn't enough for you, let's have two more sets! I don't believe that I can't kill you with that!"

Chapter 764: 10,800 Daggers

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Lin Huang was at the Stairway Mall, the first thing that he had redeemed with his points was the Ink Feather. There had been only three sets of the Ink Feather available at the Stairway Mall and he had bought them all. He had never used them since then.

Since an ancient relic could only be dominated by an immortal-level, he would need to use his Transformation Cards in order to achieve immortal-level. Otherwise, Lin Huang was capable of handling his enemies with his Air Slicer.

The evil spirit was the first enemy he encountered that forced him to use a whole set of his Ink Feather. The evil spirit would also be the first to witness Lin Huang use all three sets of his Ink Feather.

There were 3,600 daggers in each set of the Ink Feather and they were sufficient to force the evil spirit to focus its attention on defending itself. It did not even have the chance to counterattack.

What would happen if he were to use all three sets of the Ink Feather?

The answer to this question would be revealed very soon.

Lin Huang put both of his hands into his pockets and an increasing number of daggers shot out like swimming fish.

The Ink Feather that resembled black fishes soon gathered, forming into a school of fish and covering the entire sky.

Looking at what just happened, the evil spirit was upset.

The reason behind having only thousands of telekinetic weapons in a set of the ancient relic was because the majority of psychics were only capable of controlling that many telekinetic weapons.

However, Lin Huang could control them with ease and even managed to control the movement of every single dagger. The evil spirit felt that this was not an easy feat.

Right now, three sets of the Ink Feather, which had 10,800 daggers, were flying towards the evil spirit. It was terrified.

More than 3,000 of the God's Blood Pods were dispersed into more than 3,000 gravel worlds and the longest that the pods could stay there were more than 500 years. It had only met two people who could be as strong as Lin Huang. The both of them majored in Telekinesis and they were also on imperial-level.

Aside from feeling afraid, the evil spirit soon realized that it was in great trouble.

It had given all it had to avoid being killed by the 3,600 daggers. It could imagine what the consequences would be as the number of daggers had tripled.

Hundreds of tentacles were in straitened circumstances right after they were attacked by the daggers which outnumbered them by at least ten times.

More than 10,000 daggers split up their tasks as they were all manipulated by Lin Huang. Half of them were used to restrict the evil spirit's tentacles, controlling their path. The other half of the daggers were like piranhas picking up the scent of blood as they attacked the evil spirit's jellyfish-like brain through the gaps beneath the tentacles.

The daggers struck the evil spirit's body, boring holes. Although they could not completely pierce through its body, each attack inflicted wounds on its body which were about ten centimeters deep.

However, its ability to recover was extremely strong. Flesh grew on its body within seconds and the wounds were quickly healed despite the wounds being more than ten centimeters deep. Nevertheless, the speed at which the wounds were formed was far beyond its recovery rate. Therefore, it had an increasing number of injuries on its body.

The assault had only begun for less than five minutes and there were already wounds all over the evil spirit's body. The face of the floating sculpture looked scarier and became even more ferocious.

Still, it had no means of retreating. It knew very well that if it happened to retreat, it would be completely pinned down by Lin Huang and would not have the opportunity to fight back after that. Right at this moment, if it managed to survive through this until Lin Huang's telekinesis was exhausted, it would emerge as the winner.

Manipulating more than 10,000 daggers at the same time did really put a huge strain on Lin Huang's body. However, his telekinetic power originated from Divine Telekinesis, which was the integration of Telekinesis and Demonic Telekinesis. His telekinetic power was way stronger than the rest of the psychics and at the same time, the consumption of his telekinetic power was much lower compared to the rest. Otherwise, with his combat level, his telekinetic power would have been depleted in less than ten minutes if he were to control this amount of weapons.

The evil spirit struggled to survive for another half an hour, concentrating all its efforts to defend and dodge. It could no longer maintain in its hidden state.

Its movement skill was at its peak performance, performing various forms mid-air which even the best yoga masters would not be able to do. Hundreds of tentacles wove in the air at their maximum speed and not a second's rest was allowed. However, there were countless wounds on its body and there was blood all over.

Seemingly, black blood stains had tainted all over its body, covering almost its whole semi-transparent body. It no longer had the additional strength to get rid of the blood stains with its Life Power.

However, for the past half hour, Lin Huang's attack had not backed down at all. Be it his attack frequency or his attack strength, they were comparatively strong. They were so stable, resembling a machine that would not fail or fatigue.

It initially intended to rely on its strong recovery ability in order to exhaust Lin Huang's telekinetic power. However, after the half an hour attempt, it finally realized that it had underestimated how powerful Lin Huang's telekinetic power was.

It was too late when its realized the problem. Despite the fact that the wounds on its body were recovering, there were too many injuries that had accumulated over the last half hour which resulted in excessive blood loss. Its condition was deteriorating. It began to feel dizzy and no longer had control over its body. Its defense was slowing down as well.

"It's dying!"

Lin Huang noticed that the evil spirit's movements were slowing down and its defense had become much weaker. Its condition had worsened.

Still, he remained calm, maintaining his attack rate, frequency, and damage. Despite the fact that the defense of the evil spirit's tentacles was much weaker than before, he did not reduce the number of daggers that restricted the movement of the tentacles; neither did he increase the number of daggers attacking.

He knew the boiling frog syndrome very well, whereby it was safest to patiently let the frog being slowly boiled alive to be cooked to death. If one were to suddenly put the frog into boiling water, the frog would jump out and the cook might even be scalded.

Of course, the evil spirit would be killed faster if he were to increase his attack strength. However, this would cause it to fight more aggressively.

If he were to slowly torture the evil spirit, it would suffer from more severe injuries. Even if it were to counterattack, its damage impact would definitely become weaker.

The evil spirit panicked and its body became substantially weaker due to excessive blood loss. After all, this was its initial body through which the God's Blood Pod had been first dispersed into this world. If it happened to lose its original body, the consequences would be very grave.

In order to avoid being rejected by the gravel world's rules, each of the God's Blood Pods created by the evil spirit carried a limited amount of energy.

All the God's Blood Pods had to parasitize its host within 24 hours as soon as they entered the gravel world. After parasitizing its host, the pods would use up a large portion of the energy within its body in order to create its initial body, exploiting the host's potential so that the pods and the body itself could be integrated perfectly. If it happened to lose its initial body which it had put in so much effort to cultivate, the God's Blood Pods would not have any extra energy to enter another host for the second time.

Of course, it did not mean that the hosts could not spread the God's Blood Pods to others.

There were two ways to do so.

The first way would be to accumulate sufficient energy within its body. Then, it would need to parasitize another host and perform some modification. It would take several years for the process of accumulating energy to do so.

The evil spirit had said earlier that it wanted to possess Lin Huang's body. In fact, it wanted to spread the God's Blood Pods into Lin Huang's body this way.

Another way was known as summoning the body, which required the will of the body itself.

With its will, the God's Blood Pod could leave its initial body without causing harm to its body, spreading it to another host. However, the consciousness of the God's Blood Pod would be like a reformatted hard disk as its initial body would lose all its memory and inheritance and it would have to start from scratch.

After being formatted and losing its consciousness, whether it would still be the same God's Blood Pod or not would be a philosophical issue that was worth addressing.

Seeing that he was about to destroy its initial body and its vitality was quickly disappearing, the evil spirit knew that there was no way that it could be rescued.

It raised its head, staring at Lin Huang who was not far away from it. A flicker of fury flashed through the eyes of the floating sculpture.

"You forced me to do this!"

Chapter 765: Die, Evil Spirit!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

If one's consciousness was emptied, was the person still the same as before?

This topic had actually been discussed by many, but nobody could actually give an accurate answer.

Somebody had once said that as soon as one's consciousness was wiped away, the person would not only experience a loss of memory. Aside from their memory, they would lose their personality as well. Personality was complex as it was determined by nature and nurture. Having had their personality erased, they would lose a part of themselves as well. This indicated that they would lose their personality that had been shaped by their experiences, their emotions, will, and all other aspects of life. Losing one's consciousness actually meant that one's consciousness was replaced by the new consciousness.

There were also people who likened the emptying of consciousness to reformatting a hard disk. After it was being reformatted, the hard disk was still what it used to be. With or without consciousness, you were still you. You would just be a different version of yourself.

The evil spirit had never done research on this topic. However, it definitely did not want to lose its consciousness. However, because of Lin Huang, it had no other choice.

It either had to be killed by Lin Huang or its consciousness had to be removed. Both choices were equally bad.

However, as it thought of what it had encountered today and felt how miserable it was now, the evil spirit chose the latter.

Lin Huang instantly felt that something was amiss just as he heard it growl, "You forced me to do this!"

Before he could react to it, a black glow emerged between the eyebrows of the evil spirit's floating sculpture. All of a sudden, the black glow then flashed in the air and penetrated through the cloud layers in an instant. Lin Huang could not identify where it was going.

He felt insecure as he had no idea what the evil spirit was doing.

He immediately transferred a large number of daggers that were initially restricting the evil spirit's tentacles to attack it. Also, he increased his attack speed as he wanted to kill it as soon as possible.

"It's useless. It's no use even if you completely damage my body." A ferocious smile plastered across the evil spirit's face. "You forced me to do this…"

"What have you done?" Lin Huang frowned, feeling more and more insecure.

"Nothing special. I've just summoned my real body." The evil spirit laughed loudly after uttering its words. As countless daggers were coming after it, it went mad and completely gave up defending itself. It allowed the daggers to strike against its body and yelled at Lin Huang, "Enjoy the last slaughter of your life! Kill me and become my new body!"

"Has the dude gone crazy?" Lin Huang frowned, seeing the evil spirit's reaction. However, he got some important information from the evil spirit, which was that it had summoned its real body.

Lin Huang felt his emotions spiral downwards. Right until this moment, he could not understand the actual concept of the God's Blood Pods. Based on what he could see from the evil spirit, he guessed that it could be something with a cloning ability. With its cloning ability, he had to use almost all of his trump cards in order to gain victory.

Right now, the evil spirit's real body was coming from an even stronger world. Despite the fact that it was only the consciousness of the real body itself, its ability would far surpass the God's Blood Pods'.

Moreover, Lin Huang speculated that its real body might be a Virtual God or a True God due to the phrase "God's Blood" in the God's Blood Pods.

Lin Huang lifted his head and looked towards the sky. On top of his head, a powerful yet unusual energy was throbbing vigorously between the cloud layers which the black glow had just penetrated through. The energy was spreading and increasing tremendously. Perhaps within half a minute, the plan that it was brewing would soon be revealed.

"It's too late to escape now. Even if I were to leave the mini world, with the God's power, it could easily tear the mini world apart and chase after me," Lin Huang surmised. He then quickly shifted his gaze towards the evil spirit.

The evil spirit's black blood was splashed everywhere on the ground and there were wounds all over its body. It was spine-chilling to look at. It no longer cared to what extent its body was damaged. It put its tentacles down and gave up defending itself against Lin Huang's attacks. However, it could still survive at the moment due to its body's recovery ability.

"Let's kill it first!"

Lin Huang did not want to waste his time fighting the evil spirit any longer. He then took out his God Crasher.

Manipulated by his telekinesis, the God Crasher then took aim at the evil spirit.

The six third-generation God Crashers that Lin Huang owned only had two remaining shots. They would be completely destroyed after being used. Lin Huang had been unwilling to use them all the while as they were weapons that could save his life, so he tried his best not to use them.

He had wanted to purchase more of the God Crashers from the black market for emergency use. However, the purchase of the item was strictly controlled by the Union Government. It was an extremely rare item in the black market as well. At almost every foothold if he happened to drop by the local black market, he would ask if the arms dealers had any God Crashers available for sale. However, each time he would receive the same reply: out of stock.

The God Crashers could not be replenished, so Lin Huang could only reduce the usage of the weapon.

Seeing the God Crashers taking aim at it, the evil spirit could clearly sense that it was threatening. All the memory regarding the God Crashers that it had inherited from the bodies that it had previously killed flashed through its mind. It then knew very well that the weapon could destroy it into ashes. However, the face of the floating sculpture revealed no fear. It taunted instead, "I've told you before that it's useless. As long as my God's Blood Pod isn't destroyed, the summoning process won't be interrupted. The arrival of my real body won't be stopped as well. The God Crashers that you have can't even break through the God's Blood Pods' defense."

"You're not the one to judge whether it's useful or not!" Lin Huang glared at the evil spirit. The daggers stopped attacking and scattered in all directions. The evil spirit was at the center, which stopped it from running away.

At the same time, a red glow appeared at the muzzle of the God Crashers. It continued to radiate intensely and reached its peak in an instant. The lavlike red glow then gushed out of the muzzle like lightning.

The evil spirit's eyes flashed with fear. The red glow then penetrated through its head before it could react to it. A large hole that was about a meter in diameter appeared next to its tentacles that were less than a meter away. The brain juice within its wound was boiling. Lin Huang could see the towering mountain behind its back through the hole.

A third of its head had exploded in one hit.

The evil spirit's body became limp and it fell down to the ground.

Lin Huang stared at the evil spirit, not letting his guard down. A notification from Xiao Hei was then heard.

"Congratulations! You've obtained a Pseudo Mythical-level Monster Card (Unnamed) x1"

Lin Huang then felt relief flood through him.

He had made countless attempts to kill the evil spirit but kept failing. Now, Lin Huang could confirm that it had died after receiving the notification from Xiao Hei.

Soon after, his face turned ghastly because the summoning force of the evil spirit had not faded away. It remained unaffected and continued to grow immensely.

Lin Huang could clearly sense that the terrifying aura growing stronger every second.

"What it said is indeed true. Killing it won't stop the arrival of its real body…"

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Chapter 766: Death Goddess

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Between the clouds, the sky was enveloped by a black mist. A wave of terrifying energy gathered quickly along with an immense power.

The entire mini world dimmed due to the presence of the oppressive energy. Lightning flashed in between the cloud layers and the ground trembled slightly.

It seemed like its arrival was a big burden to the mini world and the world was about to collapse.

By unleashing his ocular skills, only then could Lin Huang see the layer of black mist in the air and the scar-like crack that was spreading quickly in mid-air.

Lin Huang frowned as he shifted his focus away, figuring out what he should do.

Bloody paid attention to everything that was happening on Lin Huang's sleeve. Seeing that Lin Huang had no idea what to do, Bloody then suggested, "Given my current ability, it's impossible to fight a Virtual God or even a True God face-to-face. There's only one way to overcome the danger, which is to stop the summoning of the evil spirit!"

"I've killed the evil spirit, yet I can't seem to stop its summoning," Lin Huang lamented. He suddenly recalled what the evil spirit had said. "Oh yeah, the God's Blood Pod! The evil spirit once said that in order to stop its summoning, one will have to destroy the God's Blood Pod!"

Lin Huang then appeared next to the evil spirit's carcass in a flash, pressing against its head. He quickly inserted his Life Power into it, searching for the so-called God's Blood Pod.

After a short while, he discovered a very weak and unusual energy fluctuation near the root of its tentacles. The fluctuation of the energy was weak and obscure. They were more difficult to discover compared to Bloody's Leech Pods. He was familiar with the weak energy fluctuation since he possessed the ability to control the Leech Pods, without which, he would have neglected the presence of the energy fluctuation despite having inserted his Life Power into the corpse.

"I've found it!"

After targeting where the unusual fluctuation of energy originated from, Lin Huang recalled the God Crasher that could not be recharged in time, summoning the rest of his five God Crashers.

He retreated hundreds of meters away. Soon after, the five God Crashers were arranged in a row less than 10 meters away from the evil spirit's dead body. The God Crashers accurately took aim at the dead body where the unusual energy fluctuation came from.

Soon, red flames appeared on the muzzles of the God Crashers. The lightning-like red flames then gathered and shot out at the same time.


Attacks from the five God Crashers were launched at the same time. Of course, the effects of the attacks were way more effective than having just one God Crasher. As a consequence of the energy generated by the five God Crashers, a chain reaction occurred with an intense explosion. Its power far exceeded Lin Huang's expectations.

A bloody sphere that was completely made of fire began to expand like a balloon and covered a radius of ten kilometers in an instant. The ground was burnt as soon as the bloody glow passed by. A red mushroom cloud shot up into the sky and a loud explosion was heard.

Lin Huang was thousands of meters beneath the ground with his Dark Mirror activated, trembling. He had realized that something was off and managed to use his Transformation Card in time, transforming himself into Spectre and went underground. Otherwise, he would have been caught in the explosion.

"Is this the effect of the God Crashers?"

Sensing that the vibration of the ground had stopped, Lin Huang then went up to the surface.

What he saw was burnt marks all over the ground and a gaping, round pit that was more than 100 meters deep where the explosion had occurred.

Lin Huang felt anguish when he saw that the evil spirit and the five God Crashers had turned into ashes.

Two out of five of the God Crashers had one remaining attack each.

Soon after, Lin Huang noticed that right at the bottom of the big pit was a thumb-sized black crystal. Thanks to Lin Huang's terribly good eyesight, he saw it. Otherwise, nobody would have noticed the black crystal that was almost similar in color to the charred black ground.

"Could it be the God's Blood Pod?" Lin Huang appeared at the bottom of the pit so that he could have a closer look at the black, jade-like crystal.

The crystal was of the size of a female adult thumb. It was slightly larger than a water droplet. However, it was not round in shape. Instead, it looked like a diamond with countless crystal structures.

A layer of faint black mist spread on the surface of the crystal and it was soon covered by the smoke coming out from the burnt ground. Lin Huang saw it as he went closer to it.

Lin Huang stopped approaching it when he was about ten meters away. He could vaguely sense that the layer of black mist surrounding the surface of the crystal was threatening.

"It seems like it's not been destroyed at all…" Lin Huang's face turned ghastly as he carefully observed it. However, he could then confirm that the black crystal was the God's Blood Pod.

All five of his God Crashers had been used and that was Lin Huang's most powerful skill. The God's Blood Pod was not damaged by the attack at all, and Lin Huang had no idea what he should do now.

An opening could be seen in the sky where the scar-like crack in the air had been torn apart. Black, sticky liquid that looked like asphalt gradually dripped out of the opening.

In the mini world, the sky had completely turned dark as though the day had turned to night in an instant.

The sky was overcast with dark clouds and beams of golden lightning flashed continuously. The ground trembled vigorously as if there was an earthquake. The howl of the wind resonated through the area, resembling the devil's cry. It was like a phenomenon before the apocalypse.

"Is there any way to stop this from happening?" In the air, Lin Huang saw that the black, sticky liquid was still gushing into the mini world and a humanoid feature was gradually forming.

Lin Huang had been staring at the sky all the while and he did not realize that the surface of the God's Blood Pod was emitting a faint black glow. Seemingly, it echoed the real body's consciousness.

Right at this moment, Lin Huang received a notification from Xiao Hei.

"A Divine Pod is detected. Its consciousness has collapsed and it can be turned into a card. Do you want to make it into a card?"


Lin Huang was stunned. He then shifted his gaze to the God's Blood Pod and noticed the changes. He soon understood that the Divine Pod that Xiao Hei had mentioned must be the God's Blood Pod right in front of him. He immediately nodded his head and said, "Get it!"

After finishing his words, the God's Blood Pod was immediately shrouded in a golden glow that appeared out of nowhere. The God's Blood Pod vibrated vigorously as it was covered by the glow. It struggled to get rid of the golden glow. Soon after, it got weaker as it struggled. It was completely suppressed and could no longer move. The golden glow then began to shrink, transforming into a card form. It then collapsed, turning into a golden beam and flowing in between Lin Huang's brows.

"Congratulations! You've obtained a Divine Pod (True God-level)"

After the arrival of the notification, before Lin Huang could even respond to it, his body stiffened. He could feel an immensely strong and oppressive aura coming from the top of his head. He felt like he was being suppressed by a huge mountain.

The crack in the air soon sealed and the black, asphalt-like, sticky liquid dissipated, flowing back into the crack in the air.

However, between the cloud layers, a huge, demonic face formed and gazed down at the mini world. The demonic female face covered tens of thousands of square meters. A pair of black, jade-like eyes shot Lin Huang a deadly stare.

Its glare alone could petrify Lin Huang.

"A holy fire-level managed to destroy my God's Blood Pod. That's kind of interesting, human brat… Please remember my name: the Death Goddess! I'll come back to you after I've finished my stuff. You won't be able to run away so easily next time. Your body is fated to be mine…"

After having uttered those words, the demonic face's left eye suddenly flashed with a black glow.

Lin Huang felt that his chest was burning. He lowered his head and soon, he noticed that a black imprint was quickly forming on his chest.

At this moment, the opening in the air had completely closed. The demonic face had disappeared as well as if it had never appeared.

The dark clouds that covered the mini world had cleared and the howling of wind had stopped. There was no more trembling of the ground as well.

Lin Huang stood at his original position as he looked at the imprint on his chest, remaining quiet.

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Tinder wasn‘t mentioned. It would be funny if the next 20 chapters would be used to get another tinder from a Monster.


So boring

Chapter 767: Xiao Hei's Suggestion

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The imprint on Lin Huang's left chest turned black as if his skin had been inked. It was about the size of an adult fist and its shape looked like a complicated Witchcraft Rune.

However, Lin Huang could clearly tell that it was not the Witchcraft Rune. It was something from another system as the lines were not structured by any fundamental Witchcraft Runes. Moreover, its style was way more different from the Witchcraft Rune.

Although he had no idea what the imprint was, he could confirm that it was definitely not something good.

He stood still, carefully checking his body from head to toe. He checked his soul, the Life Wheels in his body and also his physique. Not even a single strand of his hair was neglected. He checked thrice but still, he found nothing odd.

"It doesn't mean that there isn't any problem although I can't figure it out," Lin Huang mumbled.

He extended his hand and an Ink Feather fell right into his palm. The dagger ripped through his collar and he tore his T-shirt apart. Again, he lowered his head and studied his left chest.

"Let's see if I can get rid of this in the simplest way."

After finishing his words, with the Ink Feather he was holding with his right hand, he pierced his chest. He could feel that the dagger stopped piercing through as it hit his breastbone. The dagger then began cutting along the imprint when it was a centimeter away. Soon, a circular wound was formed on his chest. Lin Huang endured the pain and pierced the dagger deeper into his chest. He groaned and soon after, he cut the circular flesh with the weird imprint out from his body.

Lin Huang was being harsh with himself. After the flesh was cut out of his body, one could clearly see his exposed breastbone.

However, thanks to his Divine Regeneration skill, his flesh grew at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. In less than two seconds, his chest injury had healed as if he had never experienced any injury before.

Yes, he looked exactly like he was not injured at all.

The imprint was still there and it could clearly be seen on the flesh that had just grown back. The position of the imprint was exactly the same and its size and angle remained unchanged. It seemed like Lin Huang's flesh had never been cut from his body before. Without the bloody flesh that he was still holding in his hand, Lin Huang would have thought that what had just happened was merely an illusion.

The weirdest thing was that the imprint on the flesh that had been removed had disappeared.

"It's not working."

The outcome was as Lin Huang expected. He simply wanted to verify if such a crude way could get rid of the imprint.

"The imprint has targeted your body. It won't disappear as long as your body still has its vitality. This matches with what the demonic face said. What it wants is your body," Bloody slithered out of Lin Huang's sleeve and said.

"That means even if I die, as long as my body is still here, the imprint isn't going to disappear." Lin Huang was helpless. With his Divine Regeneration, as long as there was no destructive damage, even after his body had lost its vitality, he could remain as he looked for tens of thousands of years and there would be not a single change.

"Yes, it is. In addition to the woman being at least a Virtual God, the imprint she left on your body most probably contains the remnants of divinity. The power it contains is of another level. Perhaps onlyGod is capable of getting rid of it," Bloody added.

"There's another piece of bad news. She's at least a True God," Lin Huang said helplessly.

Despite Lin Huang not looking at the card after the Divine Pod was made into its card form, he did take a glance at Xiao Hei's notification. Next to the Divine Pod, it stated that it was on the True God-level.

The name of the Death Goddess itself sounded like it was a monster that nobody could afford to offend. In addition to it being capable of dominating more than 3,000 God's Blood Pods that were on True God-level, it indicated that it was at least a True God or even stronger.

Lin Huang was only looking for a Life Fire monster. He had never expected that things would get so complicated.

Aside from only managing to kill it after about 20 attempts, he had even attracted the arrival of the big boss that almost killed him.

"Just let it be. Since I can't feel anything, I'll think of a solution after leaving this place." Lin Huang shook his head, snapping out of his thoughts.

After recalling all the daggers, he crushed his flesh with his left hand and it vanished.

"It's too bad that the evil spirit's body has been destroyed. I don't have time to extract its tinder. I have to look for another tinder monster…" Lin Huang lowered his head, looking at the deep pit caused by the God Crashers. Nothing was left of the evil spirit's body. Obviously, it had been destroyed due to the high temperature generated from the explosion caused by the God Crashers.

Just as Lin Huang was about to leave the mini word, Xiao Hei's voice was suddenly heard. "I helped you to extract the tinder."

"When did you extract it? Why don't I know it?"

Lin Huang found it strange. Lin Huang had to touch the monster's carcass after it was killed each time during the extraction of tinder. Lin Huang had never touched the evil spirit's dead body at all, yet Xiao Hei said that the tinder had been extracted.

"The Divine Pod can be used as tinder."

"Isn't it the Divine Pod on the True God-level? Do I have sufficient authority to activate it?" Lin Huang immediately asked.

"It's indeed on True God-level. However, since the Divine Pod is artificially made, it can be used by a holy fire-level. In addition to its previous body having a low combat level, its activation state remains on the beginner level. Therefore, a low level of authority is sufficient to activate it. You can use it."

"Are you sure that it can be used as tinder? Is it going to affect the upgrade in my combat strength in future?" Still, Lin Huang was worried.

"I've made a thorough analysis. The core structure of the Divine Pod and the Life Fire in the human body is 70% similar. Perhaps, the person who made it referred to the structure of the Life Fire which causes it to be completely compatible with the human body. Of course, its structure is much stabler and stronger than the tinder's.

"If it's used as tinder, it won't influence the upgrade in your combat strength. Instead, you'll become even stronger.

"Of course, if it influences the upgrade in your combat strength in future, I can turn it into its card form again. Then, you can look for a new tinder to replace it.

Stroking his chin, Lin Huang then agreed with Xiao Hei's suggestion. "Alright. Then, I'm going to use it as tinder!"

It was not easy for him to look for a tinder monster like the evil spirit. If he were not going to use the Divine Pod, it would take him a few more months to look for a suitable tinder. Be it on Mr. Fu's side or at the Abyss Brink, he could not afford to waste any more time.

After making up his mind, Lin Huang took out the Divine Pod card.

The golden card floated above Lin Huang's palm. The animated image on top of the card was a diamond-like black crystal. There was a layer of faint black mist on its surface and it looked exactly the same as the real item that Lin Huang had seen previously.

Staring at the card for a moment, Lin Huang took a deep breath. Two of his fingers exerted force and the card was crushed.

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