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Chapter 1925: Lin Huang Takes Action

The battle between First Liege and Aza was still ongoing.

However, the rate at which their auras elevated slowed down when they reached the100 nonillion chaotic cosmoses mark.

It even stopped rising half a month later.

It was just as Lin Huang thought.

“It stopped when they got to 120 nonillion to 130 nonillion chaotic cosmoses… I had thought they would at least get to 200 to 300 nonillion.”

Lin Huang could tell that First Liege had reached his limit.

Even though Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao had modified him, 120 nonillion chaotic cosmoses was the limit that his Kingdom could contain. Even his physical body and God’s soul had reached their limits and could collapse at any time.

Meanwhile, Aza had recalled most of the clones that He had scattered all over the infinite universe.

After all, His combat strength had only been at one septillion chaotic cosmoses when He had made His clones back then, so He had very limited clones.

It was rather impressive that He managed to elevate His combat strength to this extent after recalling His clones.

The battle between the two became more and more intense when their combat strength elevations came to a halt.

Each one of their attacks was aimed to kill as their combat strengths were similar. They were eager to kill the other party.

The radius of the battle’s impact continued to expand.

From the initial tens of thousands of chaotic cosmoses, the impact had spread to millions of chaotic cosmoses.

Even the three Outer Gods ran further away as soon as they realized that something was wrong to prevent Shub’s breeding from being affected.

In the infinite universe, all of the organizations whose chaotic cosmoses were affected retreated one after the other.

The top organizations such as Dragon Island, Sword Palace, Snow Domain, and even the Sword Alliance, retreated as well.

After all, the battle between the two of them was beyond what any organization could handle.

All of the formations and barriers they had set up were useless in the face of such power.

If they did not want to be affected, their only solution was to leave.

Compared to the uneasiness and panic that everyone in the infinite universe was feeling, Lin Huang felt completely relieved now.

He had finally confirmed one thing, which was that his ability had far surpassed Aza. Even if He recalled all of His clones, Aza in his peak state would not be Lin Huang’s match.

He could see Aza’s limits now, and Aza was still like an ant in his presence.

It was unfortunate that Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao did not trust him enough.

Otherwise, he could kill Aza and all of His clones at any time and eradicate any future troubles completely.

In the infinite universe’s central zone, the intense battle between Aza and First Liege continued on.

Their attacks went back and forth, and the situation had turned stagnant.

The impact from the collisions of Dominator Power destroyed everything around them over and over again.

The infinite universe’s central zone had become an empty void thanks to their battle.

It was no longer a chaotic cosmos. Even the base particles, energies, and everything else… It had all been transformed into nothingness.

In the presence of these two supreme powerhouses who had mastered over 100 nonillion chaotic cosmoses, nothing was indestructible.

Just like that, the battle went on for another half a month.

As First Liege was shouldering a triple burden this entire time, in terms of his physical body, God’s soul and Kingdom, given the prolonged high-intensity battle, his physical body finally could no longer hold on and began to collapse.

The first part of his body that collapsed was the heart.

In reality, nobody could sense this from the outside. He had been hiding it with all of his might.

Nevertheless, Aza noticed his unusual state quickly and seized the opportunity to go on the offensive.

Although He did not understand what exactly had happened to First Liege, the subtle differences in the latter’s fighting prowess did not escape His senses.

Aza’s offensive undoubtedly accelerated the collapse of First Liege’s physical body.

This collapse was initially caused by his high-intensity Dominator Power usage. If he gave up fighting immediately, he might be able to recover.

However, as Aza continued to pressure him, First Liege did not get the chance to breathe at all.

Furthermore, First Liege clearly did not plan to leave just like that.

Instead, he chose to collide with Aza again and again with all of his might.

His situation worsened even faster due to this.

It was only his heart that was affected at the beginning, but it soon spread to his other organs.

In the end, it finally reached his skin…

Aza merely scoffed when He saw that First Liege’s arms, legs, and even neck, were beginning to collapse. “Seems like I’ve won again.”

“You can only blame yourself for having terrible innate abilities. Even with Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao’s modification, there’s only so much you cando given your body’s foundation. No matter how you modify it, you can’t raise your body’s innate limits,” Aza teased him again, but what He said was the truth.

Take for example a person who was 1.6 meters tall. Given the size of his frame, reaching 130 kilograms in weight would be his limit. Meanwhile, a person who was over 2 meters tall would not reach their limit until they weighed over 270 kilograms.

First Liege was just a rank-10 living being. He could not compare to a chaotic lifeform.

No matter what modifications Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao performed on him, due to his innate foundation as a rank-10 living being, it could not change his body’s upper limits.

Naturally, First Liege knew that Aza was telling the truth.

However, since things had already gotten to this point, he did not plan to give up just like that.

“I might’ve lost, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve won either!”

As soon as First Liege said that, he detonated his physical body, God’s soul and Kingdom…

Endless scorching white light quickly devoured Aza, who was not far away. It then spread in all directions.

The impact of First Liege’s detonation was undoubtedly terrifying.

Noticing the terrifying impact that was about to spread out to millions of chaotic cosmoses, Lin Huang had to finally take action.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed at empty air. Like a gigantic barrier, he contained the impact within a million chaotic cosmoses.

The destruction from impact finally faded away after a few days.

Lin Huang frowned as he sensed the energy released by First Liege’s self-detonation. He speculated that if he had allowed the impact to spread out, it would have easily encompassed over a hundred million chaotic cosmoses.

There would have been countless casualties in the entire infinite universe!

Apart from himself, nobody could contain that level of impact…

Lin Huang suddenly raised his eyebrows as he thought to himself. He looked at the direction where Aza had been standing…

His aura, which had almost dissipated entirely throughout those few days, was recovering rapidly…

Aza had not died!

When First Liege self-detonated, Aza did not manage to dodge the explosion at all. He was the first one who was devoured by the impact.

Even Lin Huang thought that He had probably died with First Liege. The reason being was that His aura had become so weak that it was almost indiscernible.

Lin Huang had not expected to Aza hold on and sruvive First Liege’s suicidal attack!

“This guy has such a strong will to live.” Even Lin Huang could not help but exclaim.

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