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Chapter 1541: 1541

The surface area of the Abyss was unbelievably vast . Although it was only one part of the universe, it occupied over one-fourth of it .

Apart from the universe and the great world where Lin Huang and the rest were, the Abyss was connected to numerous great worlds, mini worlds, and time-space continuums .

Therefore, Lin Huang and the rest had no idea exactly which area they were in when they escaped from the Demonic Bug Maze .

“Lan Ling, check what monsters are around . ”

The reason why Virtuoso asked Lan Ling to check was not that Divine Telekinesis had no effect here, but because nobody would use Divine Telekinesis in the Abyss of their own accord .

It was not just outsiders invading the Abyss who would not do that . Even the local residents of the Abyss usually would not use their Divine Telekinesis either .

This was because as soon as they utilized their Divine Telekinesis, it was the equivalent of having exposed their location .

If the creatures within the Divine Telekinesis user’s probing range were weaker than the user, that would still be alright . However, if the creatures were more powerful, the user might be targeted by the creatures’ Divine Telekinesis and become prey .

Furthermore, the one thing the Abyss did not lack was powerhouses .

Even lord-level powerhouses would not simply use Divine Telekinesis when they were here . Instead, they would only use probing techniques that would not be easily sensed .

Lan Ling’s spell belonged to a type that was rather rare and not known to many people . It was most suitable when used for probing . This had been proven in the Demonic Bug Maze earlier .

However, the main advantage of her probing spell was that it was a concealed method—it did not have the upper hand in terms of probing range .

Now, without the interference of the Maze, the probing range and accuracy of her spell were back to their normal parameters . However, she could only probe activity within a range of three hundred kilometers .

Although this probing range was still not very wide, it was better than using Divine Telekinesis to scan and being discovered by powerful Abyssal creatures .

Lan Ling quickly released her spell and began to probe .

As her lips moved, the incantations on both her arms swiftly sank into the ground .

She finally opened her eyes approximately two to three minutes later .

“What’s the situation?” Tu Tong was the first to ask, unable to restrain himself .

“There are Furies all over within a three hundred kilometer range . I didn’t find any other monsters . ” Lan Ling stood up slowly and looked at Virtuoso .

“Furies everywhere within a three hundred kilometer range…” Virtuoso frowned slightly .

“Could this be a Disaster Abyss Land?” Saber9 turned his head to ask Virtuoso .

“It’s possible, but we can’t be completely sure . ” Virtuoso nodded lightly . “After all, there are many regions in a place like the Abyss that have accumulated negative emotions, both great and small . Although there aren’t many places where Furies gather on such a scale, this is not necessarily a Disaster Abyss Land . ”

“Let’s walk around . If there are many other large-scale distributions of Disasters, we’re most probably in a Disaster Abyss Land . ” Saber9 remained very sure of his guess .

Lin Huang understood the duo’s conversation very well .

Although it was his first time in the Abyss, he had done his research beforehand after all and knew what sort of a place a Disaster Abyss Land was .

A Disaster Abyss Land was an area in the Abyss where massive amounts of negative emotions had accumulated .

In such regions, there were large distributions of extreme negative emotions and

creatures that were contaminated with Abyssal energy . They were called Disasters .

A Fury was one such Disaster .

Such monsters were usually Abyssal creatures that had been contaminated with raging emotions and thus been transformed .

They had massive bodies that were completely red from head to toe, enveloped in a raging fire . The flames could even infect other creatures, causing them to fall prey to rage-induced madness .

Apart from that, the Furies’ forte was close-quarter combat; they were extraordinarily strong . If they were not killed immediately, each attack they encountered would enrage them further, and make them increasingly more powerful .

However, Lin Huang and the rest did not panic .

This was because such monsters were lone rangers . Although there were many of them within a three hundred kilometer range, they would not hunt in groups .

This alone made them less of a threat compared to the bug beasts in the Demonic Bug Maze .

Under Lan Ling’s guidance, Lin Huang and the rest hurried on and soon encountered their first Fury .

It was Lin Huang’s first time seeing a creature like the Fury .

The monster was fully twenty meters or more in height and had a humanoid form . It stood upright on two legs and resembled a great red giant . The color of its body was the red of a steamed crawfish . There was even a layer of dark red flame burning on it .

Unlike a giant, it did not have a human head, but a huge mutated head, swollen with abscesses all over it . Not only that, it had three arms of various sizes .

This was a Fury that had been transformed from a humanoid mutant . It had maintained seventy to eighty percent of its pre-Fury original form .

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As Lin Huang was observing this monster that he was seeing for the first time, the Fury also noticed the group .

It released an enraged roar and charged directly at Lin Huang and the rest, with a sudden burst of energy from its legs .

Just when Lin Huang was about to attack, Saber9 beside him reacted even faster .

He performed a saber tactic with his hand, pointing two fingers at the charging Fury . The saber gleam in front of him turned into a golden ray of light and shot out .

A glow like that of a meteor traced through the air and impaled the Fury’s massive, swollen head in the time it took for a breath .

The Fury abruptly stopped moving, then fell onto the ground with a thud .

The moment it fell, Lin Huang could even sense the ground quaking beneath his feet .

Saber9 only needed one blow to kill the second-rank heavenly god-level Fury . He sheathed his saber into its scabbard and unobtrusively glanced in Lin Huang’s direction .

Meanwhile, the dark red flame around the Fury’s carcass extinguished quickly . Its body began to dissipate at speed visible to the naked eye, transforming into a ball of dark red mist .

Lin Huang’s gaze was full of puzzlement as he watched this happening . “What’s that mist?”

“It’s the concrete form of anger,” Virtuoso explained from beside him .

In the material world, things like emotions could not be touched or seen . However, in the Abyss, they could materialize into a concrete form .

It was Lin Huang’s first time hearing such a thing; he was rather astonished .

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“It’s best if all of you don’t come into contact with these materialized negative emotions . If you touch them, you might lose control of your emotions if it’s a minor case . A more serious case might mean you could be contaminated right away and turn into a Disaster,” Virtuoso added .

“Can’t it be used?” Lin Huang was still curious about these negative emotions .

“It can’t . These emotional energies have been completely integrated with Abyssal energy . Even Abyssal creatures are extra cautious when they absorb these energies, as they will turn into Disasters if they’re not careful—what more creatures from outside the Abyss,” the adjacent Saber9 explained, “Only Disasters of the same species can absorb these energies completely to strengthen themselves . They’re toxic to other creatures . ”

“Alright then…” Lin Huang was clearly a little disappointed when he heard that .

Virtuoso also noticed Lin Huang’s disappointment . “If you have a vessel, you can collect a little of the mist . However, never release it in an open environment, as it will automatically contaminate all living things in the area . Now it’s consolidated into a ball only because it’s reverted to its original form after just having lost its host . It’s in an inert state at the moment . ”

“It’s that dangerous?!” Lin Huang had thought this thing was merely a cloud of mist; it had never crossed his mind that its form was just temporary .

“This cloud is enough to contaminate an entire planet,” Saber9 added from beside him .

Lin Huang could not help being bereft of speech .

However, he could not restrain his curiosity; he retrieved a vessel and collected a wisp of the mist .

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