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Chapter 465: Who has the most face

At 7:50 in the morning, at Shanghai TV Station.

Shanghai TV station is now doing very well. With a program called "Escape Room", it successfully up-graded from the original local station to become a national quasi-second-line TV station.

Of course, if it wanted to be promoted to Jiangnan Satellite TV level and domestic first-line TV station like Nanhu Satellite TV, just a variety show was not enough. At the very least, it was necessary to create two or three top variety shows that would be household names in the country.

In the huge hemispherical studio, the lights were fully turned on, and the film crew of the program was working on the final shooting of this program. This program invited Xue Yan, a popular domestic student, and three other celebrities who were fairly well-known. Because Xue Yan's schedule was too tight, everyone had to work hard, shooting all night from yesterday to now.

Bai Douer was working with Wu Xiaoya as a partner because she had an appointment with Ye Qing at nine o'clock to fly to Sikong City to participate in the Crab Festival. Those who stayed up all night still seemed very energetic, unlike Wu Xiaoya, who used to secretly breathe while the camera stopped shooting.

"It's true Xue Yan has a tight schedule. It's OK to let everyone suffer together because of the tight schedule. However, when it comes to the last minute of recording programs, he clearly cares about Chuang ac-cording to the Taiwan version. At the moment, he is playing a big card and asks us to buy him crab roe soup dumplings and chicken porridge from Liuchun Lou."

While the camera was paused, Wu Xiaoya complained angrily: "I had known I would not entertain him with these two things yesterday."

Xue Yan came yesterday, and the program team specially bought him crab soup dumplings and shredded chicken porridge for breakfast. These two things were not expensive, but the show would be over if they clenched their teeth for another twenty minutes, but Xue Yan insisted on screaming to stop, and everyone was waiting for him.

Liuchun Lou, that name sounded too strange.

It's unserious. This was a time-honored shop in Caiyi Street. It had opened a brothel in the Republic of China but later had changed to selling late night and early snacks for overnight customers. It's really good. It's famous in the local area.

"That's it! I have to catch the plane at nine." Looking around at the time, she squeezed her mouth and said: "At the latest at 8:30, I have to go if I can't finish the filming."

"Go to play with Big Brother Ye?" Wu Xiaoya smirked: "I just heard about the Sikong City and Crab Festival on the phone."

Bai Douer nodded in embarrassment.

"Everyone knows, Big Brother Ye bought a private jet, and then do you go by private jet?"

Bai Douer nodded again and again.

"Ah, I'm so envious. Brother Ye is so kind to you." Wu Xiaoya took Bai Douer's arm, and her eyes were full of envy: "you see, two weeks ago, our cube room was completely destroyed and when you told it to Brother Ye, he had sent the company engineers to fix it."

"In less than half a day, he directly dismantled the body secret room and rebuilt it again, leaving the previous factory technicians astonished as quails."

"It turned out to be as loud as a tractor, but now I can't hear any noise. The entire program group is praising Big Brother Ye."

"Why didn't you come earlier?"

A sound mixed with impatience interrupted their conversation.

"Do you know how precious my time is?"

A pale, male and female face, if placed in the Liuchun Lou building of the Republic of China, could definitely sell a handsome young man with a large price was sitting and taking a break complained: "I am still tired and aching from filming this program, and you linger to buy breakfast so slowly."

"Quite your breath, Brother Xue, calm down, come soon." When the show director's face didn't turn, it was uglier than a zombie, but when it turned, he smiled: "I'm really sorry, it's the morning rush hour, and it's probably a bit blocked outside."

Alas, no way, who made this little white face in front of him be a popular niche and their program group was just a team that had just emerged?

"Mr. Xue, why don't we take a picture of the Taiwanese book first?" Going around squeezing out a smile as much as possible, and saying kindly: "Everyone is in a hurry, can you work harder?"

"Miss Bai Douer, are you in a hurry to go?" Xue Yan rolled his eyes, he thought he was elegant: "I trouble you if I ask you to have a bit of professionalism, OK? I can have time to wait, but you can't wait?"

"You..." Wu Xiaoya on the side was so angry that she wanted to slap this guy flying, but in order to take care of the overall situation; she had to swallow this breath.

"Mr. Xue, I beg you, can you take the last part first, okay?.... Originally, we all set the time, and we could end shooting at 8:10. I also made an appointment with my friends to meet them at the airport at 9 o'clock." she pleaded.

"Let your friends wait at present, and my time is precious?" Xue Yan did not have a good way and said in an angry voice: "If the ticket is canceled, I will reimburse you. I won't let you wait." He pursed his lips, and his tone was firm.

"Haha~ Reimbursement of air tickets?" Wu Xiaoya couldn't hold back anymore, clutching her belly with a twitch, looking at Xue Yan's eyes like a ridiculous quail.

"" Xue Yan's nose was crooked: "What are you laughing at?"

Wu Xiaoya shook her head and refused to answer this stupid question. Xue Yan was about to break out, and a staff member carrying an insulation bag rushed in from the outside.

"Ouch~ Brother Xue, your breakfast is here, hurry up~ then who brings the folding table over." The director of the show which had seen the atmosphere a bit wrong for a long time came up and interrupted.

At 8:25, Xue Yan, who played the big game, finally ended the filming. Bai Douer hurriedly changed her clothes, and when she walked out of the studio, a Mercedes-Benz S 600 stopped beside her. It was a special car sent by Ye Qing from the company to pick up her and go.

The driver was Lao Zhang, who had been sent to Bai Douer several times. After the car stopped, Lao Zhang got out of the car and trotted to the right, opened the rear door, and prepared to welcome her into the car.

As a result, Lao Zhang felt an itchy nose after smelling the fragrance of flowers and a handsome young man who was breathless got into the back seat unceremoniously and before Lao Zhang could react, a woman carrying a bag followed him into the back seat.

"Bai Douer, don't you hurry to get in the car and take me to the airport?" Xue Yan rolled his eyes again: "You know how precious my time is. The assistant is still waiting for me at the airport."

Lao Zhang looked inexplicable: "Miss, is this your friend?"

"No, it's the guest invited by our program team." Bai Douer guessed Xue Yan had taken the wrong car. "Forget it. Give him a ride. He thought it was the car sent by the program team to take him to the airport."

The show team should send a car, but it was a BMW. Let's forget it, just drop him by. At this moment, the car hadn't come here, and if it didn't send him a car, he will lose his temper and criticize the show crew.

Sitting in the driver's seat, Lao Zhang swiftly turned his head and headed towards Shanghai Airport. Two minutes later, a white BMW five-series stopped at the position where the Mercedes-Benz just stopped. The window lowered, revealing the driver's head as he looked around and did not find the guest.

"Bai Douer, you happen to be going to the airport to meet up with your friend?"

In the Mercedes-Benz, Xue Yan leaned Erlang's legs, as if he would feel uncomfortable if he didn't say anything: "Fortunately, you took my shuttle; otherwise I won't be able to catch the plane at all." He sighed and didn't want to pay attention to this guy.

The driver, Lao Zhang, thought that this guy's head was not good; it is obviously because of his conduct. But it's okay to go around, of course, he wouldn't comment.

With speeding all the way, five minutes before nine o'clock, the Mercedes-Benz S 600 drove into Shanghai Airport. But instead of going to the waiting hall, it went straight to the airport parking area along the internal passage.

"Wait, where are you going?" Xue Yan patted the back of the driver's chair; his face was as cold as ice: "You should take me to the waiting hall. My assistant has already bought a ticket for me. You waste my time."

"I'm sorry, your time is worthless." The driver Zhang rolled his eyes at him: "I wait patiently to send Miss Bai Douer." He felt he had enough, and when he looked at Miss Bai Douer next to him, she also looked disgusted, so he would have to shut up quickly.

"Send Miss Bai first?! Have you figured out the priority?" Xue Yan pointed to his handsome face and in-credibly said: "I am the main character, and you can send her to the waiting hall just like me. Why are you running to the tarmac? Be careful of the security they will call the police if you run to it."

"How can she be like you?" Lao Zhang, the driver, said with a smile: "you are on a cheap flight with hundreds of Yuan a ticket. Our Miss Bai will fly on a private flight, and she will take a business plane with a cost of millions of dollars."

As soon as the voice fell, the Mercedes-Benz had already reached the security guard, and there was no communication. The lifting rod next to the guard box is raised high just like welcoming guests.

"What and what? I was in first class." Xue Yan was about to explode: "What business plane, which cost millions of dollars? It could only be a stolen plane."

"Well... Isn't it a business plane in front?" Old Zhang made a stubborn mouth, motioning this guy to look forward.

A dreamlike jet plane Xue Yan had never seen before, quietly parked in the sun.

This cool plane that anyone would never want to look away from when he glanced at he was different from the clumsy and bloated ordinary passenger plane. It was like a supercar in the air. It also would give the person a dynamic illusion in a static state. Next to this cool black plane, there were also a Lagonda and another S 600 parked.

"Miss Bai, President Ye is waiting for you on the plane." The car stopped, and Bai Douer opened the door, and got out of the car, smiling and waving at Lao Zhang, leaving Xue Yan in complete consternation.

After going around, the driver Zhang turned his head and looked at Xue Yan with a smile: "You are not the protagonist, and you are just a passerby who hitchhikes."

“Hurry up and run my time is precious. Take a turn along this passage there and you will come to the waiting room."

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