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Chapter 422: 422
The manager Zhang in the front seat picked up the phone and grinned: "I am the agent of the all-around robot . If you are interested, you can contact me . "

Ye Qing was not here . The topic continued, acknowledging that the all-around robot promotional video was made well, but it is limited to this . Explorer robot could do better than this . It's just that the two robots now lacked an opportunity to compete on the same stage and had not been tested in actual combat . So, how could outsiders be sure which one is better?

Amano Heavy Industries' all-around type was cheap, with many additional electronic functions, and publicity was in place . Naturally, its sales would continue to rise .

Ye Qing had a headache! The location of the other party's promotional video was too good, and he felt that they also shot one of what it was said before and he was a little too optimistic but this promo was really hard to surpass .

At 3 pm, the plane landed at Shanghai Airport . It was the working hours in the Monster Heavy Industry . During this time, Ye Qing didn't bother the managers to come to pick up it from the plane . Of course, he was not alone .

In the waiting hall of the airport, Bai Douer dressed in a pure white windbreaker stood outside the passage, looking forward to it . With her pure face, watching the passengers walk out of the corridor . Almost every passenger couldn't help but turn their eyes towards her because she was amazing with her silky hair . When Ye Qing appeared on the scene, he brought a buff that foreigners were not allowed to bring into the country .

Who would let the coolies walk behind him unsmilingly?

The passengers who walked out of the aisles were all the little tender rods that were used to staying in the greenhouse . How could they dare to get close to the muscles that are even more exaggerated than Schwarzenegger's huge hard work?

Bai Douer kept waving when she saw a tall man in the crowd: "Big brother Ye!"

Ye Qing could obviously feel the sour hum from the nostrils of the men around him . With a triumphant smile, he walked toward her and put his arms around her slender waist: "You didn't say that you would not be able to pick up me at the plane, I just asked the driver to take me back . "

"In the next two weeks, the TV station will be busy remedying the variety show [escape from the secret room] . As soon as I finished shooting the food show and I just had no task and before I was transferred to the program group to help with the preparations, I came to see you . The TV station will take me back later . In the next two weeks, I have to work late every day, and am afraid I don't have time to see you . . . "

Ye Qing walked in the crowd with his arms around his waist, and her skin was as tender as jelly, turning pink because of her shyness .

"It can't be fixed . I heard the maker say unless the whole secret room is dismantled . " The little bird took Ye Qing's arm, and passers-by were still looking at them as well as Ye Qing with Bai Douer, which made her very embarrassed . She just moved her eyes to the ground, looked at the tips of her high heels, which were hanging down there, and swayed here and there: "The director's plan is to use his shooting skills to camouflage this episode . The star guest will use the next episode . Yu Fei also injured Xu Luoyu along with her . Her foot was sprained, and the director let I will host instead of her first . "

"From the first episode of Xu Ning Palace, I think you are more seductive to host . " Ye Qing quietly squeezed the willow waist and said with a smile: "I didn't expect this wish would realize so soon . " and he couldn't help but squeeze again her bamboo waist with an indescribable touch .

Bai Douer's complexion was even redder as if she had applied a good layer of rouge . When she walked out of the airport, she saw a Lagonda and Mercedes parked there . Not only did she feel that her cheeks were so hot, but her heart also became hot . Because the bad Ye Qing would like to make her a few short tricks in the car!


Time was an unpredictable thing because this guy was always fast and slow . For example, when he returned to Longxitan factory in the early days of the Lantern Festival, he always felt that it was only a short time before it was dark . Recalling the lingering fragrance between his fingers, Ye Qing, who was sitting in the car, couldn't help smiling triumphantly .

She has to work overtime for two weeks, which is 14 days . Then one day later, his private jet will arrive, it was at the agreed time . . .

"Haha . . . "

"Wait a minute, the ace pilot of the private jet and the gorgeous, flower-pretty stewardess seemed to have no problem . " Ye Qing suddenly thought of something, a key question .

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The stewardess was easy to hire, no matter from major aviation universities or airlines, it could choose carefully at will . Pilots could be more troublesome . Commercial airliner pilots needed at least several years of training before they can obtain a flying license . Pilots were the treasures of major airlines because the selection of personnel was demanding and training is long . Both domestic and foreign airlines liked to recruit retired military aircraft pilots, and then spend a lot of money to train them to obtain commercial airliner pilot licenses . In this way, they couldn't drive the plane directly . They should sit up with the captain as a deputy captain and experience several years .

Ye Qing understood that a high salary could dig into an airplane pilot, but no matter how powerful a pilot was, it seemed that the monsters didn't feel relieved to fly the airplane .

To let the monsters acquire the license for commercial airliners . The first thing they should master is English, which is the common language for communication between aircraft and ground towers . If they didn’t use it fluently and if they didn’t master these professional English when they leave abroad, they might not even be able to touch the track . If monsters couldn't learn English, they couldn't get a driver's license if they did not know English .

After thinking about it, Ye Qing decided to recruit two drivers first, and then let the Master Metal Expert also go to the cockpit and learn driving skills . Then he will become a mechanic by sitting in the cockpit . The task of recruiting pilots and flight attendants was naturally handed over to the company . In addition, it was necessary to report to the air traffic control department to rent long-term venues at the airport, which was also handed over to the company .

Ye Qing saw the Longxitan factory after a few days away again . In the brightly lit factory, dozens of brand-new machines have been re-established . The high seas port site also had two types of X mechanical Colossi which were backed by dazzling spotlights, it was the chaos . Entering the office, he first called the Master Craftsman and asked him to go to Shanghai TV station to help see if the secret room over there was worth repairing .

"Don't slaughter them this time . " Ye Qing touched his chin: "Well, repair it if it is worth repairing . I will send the materials . "

After explaining to the Master Craftsman, Ye Qing saw that he was all set to have the opportunity to recruit Electrocrystalline and inside the office, a white mist rose . Like an electric crystal made of lightning, stayed motionless in the white mist, Ye Qing called it and he didn't move . Detouring in front of the sparkling electric crystal, Ye Qing tapped his forehead lightly with his fingers: "Hey, what's wrong with you Tianjin?"

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The Electrocrystalline still remained motionless, and his diamond-like eyes drooped down .

Ye Qing scratched his head and thought: "Is it hungry?" What natural single crystal mineral body is in the factory, whose he should first use it to supplement the physical strength of the Electrocrystalline .

"I don't want to care about you and am angry . "

Electrocrystalline silently turned his head and pointed the hazy back of his head at Ye Qing .

"Why are you . . . why are you angry?" Ye Qing with a waterfall in sweat: "Tianjin, you have to understand those ordinary people will be very curious when you are seen by them . "

"I didn't say hello to you last time because of an emergency . So, I sent you back to the monster factory . " Ye Qing moved forward to it .

"Anyway, I am angry, unless you buy me a cell phone . "

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