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Chapter 416

The night has come, and two Range Rovers with xenon lights were coming hurriedly .


"No, they are here . " Wu Weiling glanced at the rearview mirror: "You must get rid of them first . " 


On the dilapidated highway, the Mercedes-Benz G 65 was driving wildly, and the two Range Rovers behind followed aggressively like a cheetah pursuing prey . In the two Range Rovers, the sunroof slowly opened, and two foreign men, half of their bodies were exposed from the roofs of the two cars, and they were digging out assault rifles from the inside of the car .


"Hang on his bottom inexorably ~ how can you stay in the shadows like a fly-haunted grandmother?"


"Old cow kill them . " 


The Mercedes-Benz G 65 also drove wildly and extremely stable . The large-size sunroof on the top was quickly opened backward after being specially modified . Juli, who was sitting in the back seat also stood up when the sunroof was fully opened, and the Vulcan Cannon fixed on the multi-angle rail was pushed out of the skylight with a sound of "Kang Dang~" .


The enemy in the Range Rovers had intended to aim at the tires where only a rifle could shoot the tires of a car at high speed . Of course, they had a good idea, but they had not opened the gun in the aiming position .


On the roof of the galloping Mercedes-Benz in front of them, there was something that made them feel dreadful a mini-gun Vulcan Cannon! Whether in the movie or in the game, the appearance of the Vulcan Cannon often represented the absolute firepower and he won the end of the battle easily .


In fact, the Vulcan Cannon was true . The representative six ammunition boxes machine gun was currently the preferred configuration of various countries for near-air defense fire coverage and a shipboard interception .


The Vulcan Cannon just came out of the car and the two Range Rovers that had been clinging to Ye Qing's line like a cheetah had reversed 180 degrees and braked in horror as a cheetah when he sees a saber-toothed tiger .


The harsh braking sound lasted for a long time, but there was a sound that was hidden and could not be heard, but it did exist . That was the rotating sound of the Vulcan Cannon's motor .


"Da da da da da da . . . " 


The Vulcan Cannon started to activate as soon as it was pushed out . A second later, when the six ammunition boxes were rotated to the standard speed, a dazzling fire burst out from the front . The fire of the Vulcan Cannon was in a line, and there was no rest . Under the night, the bullet shells rolled in the air, and a fiery red ray swept across the two Range Rovers .


At this moment, the air seemed to be burnt red by the bullets . The moment the two Range Rovers were swept by the flaming rays, the tires burst, the hood fell apart and the glass shattered . What plastic, metal, glass, firelight, smoke . . . The goddess of flowers had burst from the Range Rovers .  


Ten seconds later, Juli sat back in his seat . The Vulcan cannon above his head kept blowing smoke, the six standard ammunition boxes were empty, and there were only two non-stop smoking iron racks on the side of the road in the rearview mirror .


"Is this over?"


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Wu Weiling, who was chased by that group of enemies, could only hide in embarrassment and almost lost her life . She couldn't believe that what happened in front of her was real . An elite team that has undergone long-term professional training and each member had the ability to perform tasks individually . In less than ten seconds, they were all wiped out . . .


It was very a layman and ridiculous to count on advanced heavy firepower to destroy powerful enemies, she thought . Not to mention anything else, if the brawny man was hit by someone as soon as he showed his head, no matter how good the weapon is, it was no use . This was showing that this reticent brawny man had an astonishing fighting ability like Lao Jin .


The number of enemies did not exceed ten, and she had resolved one before and two had been resolved in the hospital . Then those in the two Range Rovers, which were in the process of tracking them down and which have been sieved by now, it should be all they had left .


Although a small team has been smashed into the highway, the enemy would inevitably send more teams frantically to wash away this humiliation by all means . But now the locator has been cleared, and the enemy's knowledge of their location has been faulted .


As long as the disguise was done, there was a high chance of returning home . All of this was the result of the old man, she thought it was a good life that was too crooked and came to Nigeria to find a thrilling son brother . After he had saved her life, he tried to turn the tide .


Wu Weiling, who inhaled gunpowder smoke, wanted to cough, but had no energy to cough, turned his gaze and looked innocently and unexpectedly at Ye Qing .


In the eyes of this man of her age, she saw a trace of unsuitable but no fearful eyes, which was normal and not normal . After all, China was not a turbulent Nigeria where most of the young people there had not even heard gunshots . Now her bodyguard had wiped out a small group of people cleanly, so of course, his heart would not feel good . It was possible to be not afraid, which was definitely not a fear that ordinary people could restrain . She was full of curiosity about Ye Qing, but now that time was running out, she had to shift her attention to more important things .


Reso, who was seated in the co-pilot's seat, was responsible for leading the way toward the slum area to pick up the important item that Wu Weiling had brought home .


The thing was hidden in a sewer by Wu Weiling . According to her position, Juli worked hard to put out the important item . When he returned to the car and removed the sealed plastic bag, Ye Qing found that the thing she bothered to protect was a small metal suitcase . The workmanship of the box was very good, and he didn't know what was inside . The inside of the box was designed with a lock structure . It should be something very important .

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Her passport was also here . After receiving the documents, Wu Weiling suggested to leave the airport city first, find a reliable place to hide and wait for her companion to arrange transportation to return home .


It was certainly not allowed to stay at the airport, and they had to wait for the arrival of the flight to get there . At that time, the second wave of the enemy should be here for a long time, and it was inevitable that they would monitor the airport without even thinking about it .


Even if they were so stupid not to monitor the airport, they might be surrounded by heavily armed local soldiers as soon as they entered the airport . Nigeria was in chaos, but at least the airport city with the best security needed to be maintained, right?


"Explain in advance that you can arrange transportation, but I don't have an ocean freighter . " 


The Mercedes-Benz G 65 had already rushed out of the city and entered the vast and dark nightclub . Ye Qing completely relaxed took out the iced Coke from the car refrigerator and took a sip: "I have more than one billion businesses a day and I will return to China tomorrow . I won't stay in this ruined place . "


"But . . . but can't by plane . We can take the giant ship first, and wait until the next time the giant ship arrives in Hong Kong before changing to another mode of transportation . " 


Wu Weiling could only take care of the savior playing a big card, and by the way, she kept looking at the Coke in Ye Qing's hand . She could speak soberly now, was not easy, as for drinking water after 12 hours .


"Then I will arrange transportation . " 

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Ye Qing shook his hand with a drink: "You can imagine it by taking a boat . The sea waves are so big . Be careful to open your wounds . "


"Then tells me how to get back, how to drive back to China . . . " Speaking of the wound, Wu Weiling suddenly felt that all her strength was drained, and she felt a pain in her lower abdomen .


"I'm optimistic . "


Ye Qing picked up the satellite phone and called back to the domestic company .


"Contact a foreign commercial airline and charter an international airliner on behalf of a corporate charter flight and fly to the airport in Benin Airport, which bears the same name as the neighboring country of Nigeria . "


"I want an international passenger plane from a large airline . I want it by noon tomorrow at the latest . I saw a passenger plane parked at Benin Airport . "


"Are you going to hire an international plane?"


Wu Weiling felt that her wound was about to split open: "My God, you're kidding, how much does it cost?"

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