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Chapter 401

The Lord Battleship has a maximum deep-diving capacity of 600 meters and a maximum of four crew members . It has an independent luggage compartment and can hold 500 tonnes of goods . Depending on the hidden processing arm, various underwater industrial processes can be performed . During the working period, ten gold coins are consumed per minute . When the Lord chariot is collected into the system, the cargo can be collected in the cargo hold .


After reading the introduction, Ye Qing jumped into the Lord Battleship for the first time and then opened a scissors door quietly in the front cockpit . Sitting in the cockpit, he seemed to be sitting in a small interstellar spacecraft of the 22nd century . A high-tech seat that we couldn't tell the material properties, but sits ten times more comfortable than memory foam . The front cabin observation glass directly displays various working parameters and even has night vision and infrared observation switching functions . Her speed a seventy knots per hour on the surface and fifty knots per hour on the underwater . This degree of navigation has already surpassed all commercial and military ships . Only some high-speed boats can achieve this degree . This is not the point; many oars are faster than that . But the point is it has a cargo compartment and can hold 500 tons of cargo . And can dive 600 meters deepest, which is great .


Thinking of this, Ye Qing fastened his seat belt and pushed the flight from zero to seventy .




The four water-jet propulsion systems of the Lord Battleship exploded instantaneously, and the water flow was pushed back by unimaginable forces, which made Ye Qing experience a back push feeling stronger than when the Lagonda roared . The tranquil sea was split by a turbulent wave . Soon after, this giant beast moving in the waves was plunged into the blue sea .


The sea and the seabed are two completely different natural landscapes .


Today, the seabed of Longxi Beach has become a top diving sanctuary that can make diving enthusiasts crazy . The clean seabed is unobstructed, and countless fish and marine plants thrive here . When the Lord Battleship dived into the seabed, even in the white sand beaches, there were swarms of creatures . Ye Qing played until noon, and then he went to the office with some words .


At this point, in Nigeria on the African side, it was just early morning . Ye Qing first called Li Huaxing's half-copper mining area to find Qiao Pingxu, who is familiar with him and asked him to tell him about General Mopu . After half an hour, he would call him to discuss matters . If he would call now, General Mopu will be as scared as a bird by the surprise, he might first let the mining area say hello . Otherwise, if an international phone call was made here, General Mopu would never answer .


Nigeria's Anute District, which is 22,000 miles away from Shanghai City, is a poor and economically dominated area with mineral exports . On its 20,000 square kilometers of land, a total of two million people live, and the local government agencies are virtually useless . The real power holder is General Mopu, who has 5,000 military police . Unlike the brutal and stupid African warlords like in some movies, General Mopu, who has ruled the Anute District since his grandfather . Not only is it popular among the local people, but he is also a very motivated and capable person in power . This can be seen from his attitude towards foreign businessmen .


The China market opened a mine there, General Mopu only offered very reasonable protection fees and sent guards to protect the mine very carefully . The site was still a modern security company . Once the gang of security companies took office, there were no more thefts of materials in the mining area .


General Mopu, who had studied in Europe, paid special attention to those experts and technicians . Before the metal expert, who was renamed Jin helped him repair those heavy arms, General Mopu not only gave a valuable diamond as a reward but also took out his car and sent a capable expert to escort the Master Craftsman to the airport .


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Everything is going in the right direction . General Mopu in the border dispute with Nsukka over a diamond mine, he had bought a lot of weapons and he had chased General Pablo from the Nsukka district from the disputed area and obtained ownership of the diamond mines this which now makes him feel his territory has paved the way for Tengda . This small diamond mine completely gave General Mopu a rich and stable source of economic foundations .


Find diamonds in diamond mining was luckier . Unlike those metal mines, which need a whole set of mining equipment with skyrocketing prices, plus there must be a large amount of professional staff who know how to smelt and purify metals .


When the stone is smashed, diamonds can be found directly and if there is no diamond, continue smashed .


General Mopu, who had mined many small diamonds and sold them for a large sum of US dollars was preparing to build up his territory and annex the territory of Pablo, who had been beaten like a dog .


When a rare diamond was found from the mining area General Mopu directly was flown over by the surprise from the swimming pool and quickly led the heavy soldiers to the mining area to transport the rare diamond in the world to his mansion . But the surprise became a panic because the news of this rare diamond was spread, now the whole area around Anute was full of jealous "hyenas" .


As a diamond mine should be defended and operated for a long time as long as they grasp it, and because they plucked a big diamond, they can become rich nationwide and fight for less than a few generations .

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There was no airport in Anute District and if Mopu wanted to transport the diamond he had to take six 4x4 cars for all-terrain except for helicopters . The problem is that the guys outside even dare to shoot down the helicopter and the 4x4 cars for all-terrain are exposing to the gun .


Now the guys didn't join together to fight in, because the distribution of benefits has yet been unnegotiated, or because there are a large number of people . They have partnered to eat meat instead of soup .  


Of course, no doubt the longer the time delay, the more he will drag himself into the abyss . It is only when the diamond is released as soon as possible and when the US dollar is deposited in a foreign bank, then how is it spent or where is it spent that these guys can only watch .


The news of the diamond had pierced Europe, and then the online news spread over the world . But the gang of international jewelers was not a fool . Who wanted to risk being robbed and come here to trade with him?


In the mansion guarded by heavy soldiers, General Mopu was at a loss, and the phone for external contact suddenly rang . After the phone hung up, General Mopu was stunned for two minutes . The president of Monster Heavy Industry, which is 20,000 miles away, will call him after half an hour .


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General Mopu, who had studied in Europe, had a piece of certain knowledge about Monster Heavy Industry, knowing it was a large industrial company with very, very powerful industrial technology . Because there were now more than a dozen Mechanical Colossus Type I in the mining area, where mining operations were taking place .


The ability of the Mechanical Colossus Type I was almost too much to say and even General Mopu had often bought this equipment to help him build . Last month he bought a Mechanical Colossus Type I to help him open the ditch . He was also ambushed by rockets from the people on the side of General Pablo . As a result, when the Monster Heavy Industry sent Master Craftsman to repair it, he thoroughly showed what a top mechanical expert is . Even the step chariot passed down by his father's generation was rejuvenated in the hands of the expert .


Originally, he planned to be well-off, so he entrusted the mine area to order two Mechanical Colossus Type I models . By the way, to help train the drivers to maintain them daily .


Now, the president of Monster Heavy Industries wants to call him personally to discuss something? That can only be a matter of diamonds .


After much hard thinking and meditation, General Mopu couldn't figure out why the Monster Heavy Industry was interested in a diamond .


Then the phone rang, it was the international number

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