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Meeting the ‘Glacier’ Again [4]

“Don’t worry, Senior Jun You. I’ll be fine.” Climbing out from here, to Moya was a piece of cake….. “But, I’m going to wait until he gets out first.” If she climbs out first then the ‘glacier’ goes to kick the car door, then there’s nothing she can do… “Right, ‘ glacier’? ~” Moya looked at Jin Ming Xian and revealed a ‘glamorous’ smile.

Jin Ming Xian didn’t know why seeing Moya’s smile caused him to get goosebumps. He looked at the narrow and broken window. Then he did the first and most shameful thing in his life.

All the surrounding girl’s eyes and mouth formed an ‘o’ shape…their fencing prince, that millennium ‘glacier’, climbed out from the car window!!

“Oh my god, he actually climbed out from there!” Even Shi Lin widened her eyes in surprise.

“Are you okay?” Hao Jun You walked up to clap on Jin Ming Xian’s back.

“….” Jin Ming Xian scrunched his eyebrows not responding.

“Be careful ah~!” Moya tried her best to climb out of the window. But~ something wasn’t right. When she almost succeeded, something caught her feet. As a result…

“Kuang Tang!” A loud noise.


Followed by the gasps of the students, their hearts were about to jump out of their throats.

“Sorry ah…” Moya felt a bit embarrassed. “I didn’t mean to fall on top of you.” When her face was about to make contact with the ground, out of instinct she grabbed the first person in front of her. Who would’ve guessed that it would be Jin Ming Xian?

“Go away!” Jin Ming Xian pushed Moya out of the way and stood up.

“Are you hurt?” Hao Jun You walked to her side.

“I’m fine.” Moya tried straightening her back. With her height being around 5 feet 7 inches, she still barely managed to reach the shoulders of the two men in front! Plus their figures look so good ah~! God always preferred a small group of people.

“Moya…” Jin Ming Xian quietly recited the name. “I’ll remember it.”

“Um..your car…” Moya pointed at the Ferrari which stopped smoking.

“Leave it up to you.” Jin Ming Xian just left without looking back.

Moya stood at Hao Jun You’s side not understanding why Jin Ming Xian was so angry. “Senior Jun You, did I do something wrong?” Moya stared at Jun You with innocent eyes.

“No, that’s just how Ming Xian is. Don’t take it to heart Moya.” Hao Jun You placed his hands on Moya’s head, patting her hair as if he’s patting a little kitten. “Moya…”


“Did anyone tell you, that you look like a cat?” Hao Jun You started laughing.

“What are you saying ah, Senior Jun You!” Moya pretended to angrily push Jun You’s hands away.

A few of the girls couldn’t take the shock and fell unconscious… (Or maybe because of the sun)

“Could it happen to be that they knew each other from before?”

“Yea! Otherwise, why would the girl called Moya move to Qingtan at this time?!”

“How could she!!”

After intensive discussion, everyone became to spread out…

“Jun You and Moya really knew each other from before?” Shi Lin doubted because they acted so familiar with each other.

“No.” Moya frantically tried to explain.

“I don’t know.” Hao Jun You smiles. “Maybe we saw each other somewhere else.”

Moya looked at Shi Lin’s face. That beautiful face seemed to be a bit lonely at the moment…

“Aren’t we going to eat? I’m going to starve to death~!” Moya grabbed Shi Lin and You Mei’s hands. “Senior Jun You, don’t forget you’re the one treating us!”

“Is Jin Ming Xian handsome?” You Mei didn’t move. Instead asked Moya a question.

“Not handsome~!” Even though she was speaking against her consciousness, Moya didn’t like cold and indifferent people. Those types of people are hard to get along with~!

“Is that so?” You Mei’s expression eased. “Come on, let’s go eat!”

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